Calendar of Events, Classes & Workshops with Astrological/Astronomical Information


April 2

Sunday, 4/20 – Shop open 11am

~     Wicca 101 for Young People, Lesson 1
~     Noon to 6pm, House Capuchin Project Day – historical reenactment

Monday, 4/21, 6pm – Wicca 101, Lesson 1

Tuesday 4/22 – Waning Quarter Moon 12:52am
~     5pm – Ursula Le Guin – Dallas Public Library

Wednesday 4/23 – Esbat, 7pm

wind&waveFriday 4/25-4/27 - 16 Years of Music by the Sea – Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop, Saturday through Monday, Faculty concert Friday evening, April 25. Locations are beautiful Sitka Center for the workshop, and St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church for the concert.

Saturday, April 26 - OCPPG Staff meeting, 1pm, Ancient Light (may be shifting to Sunday)
~    Shop opens 10am
~    No workshops this week, Anja is teaching Holbein Embroidery in the Salem area today!

Sunday, 4/27 – Shop open 11am
~     Wicca 101 for Young People, No class today
~     Noon to 6pm, House Capuchin Project Day – historical reenactment

Monday, 4/28, 6pm – Wicca 101, Lesson 1
Monday, April 28 – Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 11:14pm PDT – Not Visible in US
New Moon at 11:14pm



May Psychic Fair – TBA

Friday May 2 – Open Circle for the Beltane Sabbat!

Saturday 5/3 - Shop opens 10am
~    Herbs Indoors, 11am
~    Crystals Workshop, Noon
~    Sewing Workshop, 3pm – BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) & ?

Wednesday 5/14 – Full Flower Moon
Esbat, 7pm

Memorial Day weekend! 5/24-26 - Special Workshops!

Wednesday 5/28 – New Moon
Esbat, 7pm


June 3June Psychic Fair – TBA

June 1 - OCPPG Staff meeting, 1pm, Ancient Light

Wednesday, 6/11, Esbat, 7pm

Thursday, 6/12 – Full Sun Moon

Friday 6/20 – Open Circle for the Litha Sabbat, 7pm

Wednesday, 6/25 – Esbat, 7pm

New Moon 27th

June 29 - OCPPG Staff meeting, 1pm, Ancient Light


Calendar JulyJuly Psychic Fair – TBA

Wednesday, 7/9 – Esbat, 7pm

Blessing Moon 12th

Wednesday, 7/23 – Esbat, 7pm

New Moon 26th

July 27 - OCPPG Staff meeting, 1pm, Ancient Light


Calendar August 2August Psychic Fair – TBA

Aug 31  - OCPPG Staff meeting, 1pm, Ancient Light, (Last one before event to get the last of the details out of the way)

Lughnessad 1st

Wednesday, 8/6 – Esbat, 7pm

Corn Moon 10th

New Moon 25th

Wednesday, 8/27 – Esbat, 7pm


Calendar September

September Psychic Fair – TBA

Harvest Moon 8th

Wednesday, 9/10 – Esbat, 7pm

Sept 18-21 – Open Ways Fall Equinox Festival,


Mabon 19th

New Moon 23rd

Wednesday, 9/24 – Esbat, 7pm


Calendar October 2

October Psychic Fair – TBA

Blood Moon 8th

Wednesday, 10/8 – Esbat, 7pm


10/8 Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus at 3:55am PDT

OCPPG Logo 2014Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering 2014 - Friday, October 10-Sunday, 10/12 – 3 days of gatherings, rituals, excursions, talk, workshops and classes and fun! For up-to-date info look here:

Wednesday, 10/22 – Esbat, 7pm

10/23 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 2:45pm PDT

New Moon 23rd

Samhain 31st


Calendar November

November Psychic Fair – TBA

Wednesday, 11/5- Esbat, 7pm

Mourning Moon 6th

Wednesday, 11/19 – Esbat, 7pm

New Moon 22nd


Calendar December 2

December Psychic Fair – TBA*

Wednesday, 12/3 – Esbat, 7pm

Long Nights Moon 6th

Yule 19th



January/February – No Psychic Fair – TBA

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(C)2014 M. Bartlett, Page created 6/12

Last update 4/20/14

2 Responses to Calendar

  1. Michael says:

    Hello all you Light Worker Witches. . .
    My Name is Michael and I live in Oakridge, an hour drive East of Eugene. . .
    I am wanting to attend for the whole weekend but my funds are very low. . .

    Elan from Eugene is a friend of mine and she said we can set up a tent there. . .
    Please let me know as soon as possible if that is accurate so I can finish planning my trip there.
    I will be bringing canopies for Elan also. . .

    Also, I am willing to donate myself to share some Energy Practices with those that find need to partake of them {note: not a class, but working with group and or individuals. . .}
    ie. Pranic Healing Reiki, Breema, essential oils, positive intentions, etc.}

    Thank you,
    May You All Be Happy and Well,
    Peace-n-Love-n-Light To Us All,
    Michael and his Cat Harley The Bed Hogg

    P.S. Harley Cat will not be coming along. . . he is a scardie cat and lazy bum

    • Elan and Grace have a place to stay indoors, although the canopies will be welcome for the classes hat could be held outdoors. I’m not sure about using a tent outside, though. We’re very short on space for that, since we can’t camp out at Laura’s Studio. There’s one family that’s staying out at Canal Creek in the Forest Service lands…. well, we’ll find you a place to sleep, even if it’s in the shop…. There’ve been requests for Reiki, so I’m glad to see you’ll get here!

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