Daily Stuff 7-21-12

Update 4pm – We’re in process of shifting the moving sewing machine table so that I can work on those projects and still see out the front door. That’s been a problem for a while. We’ve had a lot of people in browsing today, out walking in the nice weather and stopping by for a chat!

Update 2:50pm – He got that done and then finished hanging the sample board for the feather eyelashes. We’ve been doing various chores of that sort all day. The sky is a lovely clear blue.

Update 12:30pm – Herbs are processed and since no one came in for Crystals, we haven’t started that yet. Tempus is back out working on the pole socket since we got thoroughly distracted. Darwinia stopped by to tell us about her ducks and about her trip to Russia!

Update 11am – Shop’s open. Sun’s out! Tempus is outside making tippy-tappy noises as he puts up the pole for the open flag…finally! Herbs Workshop starts right now! He’s not working today after all.

Hi, folks!

Herbs Workshop at 11am, Crystals at Noon, Sewing at 3!

Yes, Mary! The Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan page is up!

It’s dim and cool again, although a lot brighter than it’s been. I was lying in bed, waking up, watching the roses on the fence, just enjoying the color.

They’re talking about fog today. The cloud layer is at 500 feet, so you can’t see the Coast Range at all. It’s 58F and supposed to get to 68. That would be nice, but if it’s foggy it’ll feel sticky….

The yarrow seems to be glowing. There’s something about the contrast of the fully bloomed flowers with all the green around it. I’m starting to see pearly everlastings growing around, too, along the roads. Time to take a hike down to park to see what’s harvestable?

The pink rose by the north steps is fully in bloom. Those are pretty petals! I think I’ll grab some for the class table.

Yesterday morning we headed for the shop forgoing any harvesting, because it was so darned soggy, only snagging the dark roses that were blooming right by the path. Tempus dug the “tow board” (more on that, farther down) out of the garage and we got it down to the shop and I walked into Looneytunes®! Tempus co-worker (Tempus is driving today) was here almost before we got open and even before we got the lights on, a customer walked in!

Tempus got the tow board into the shop and was gone well before 10:30. …and they had to run up to the house after the cell phone, which we had forgotten in the rush. …and the sun started trying to come out.

Just after he left a man from the News-Times came in and we got the shop signed up to do some ads for the next couple of months and I got a working e-address to get press releases to…. since they haven’t been even getting the ones that I’ve sent out over the last 4 months for some darned reason.

Ok, tow board….. The “tow board” is a piece that my Daddy built from left-over mahogany from their boat, back in the 50’s. Those were the days when you could still get it legally and it wasn’t yet endangered. Much of what Daddy bought was purchased right after WWII, and I do still have a few pieces that haven’t been worked. Yes, I know what a treasure those are….

So, the “tow board”…. in the 50’s when folks were doing a lot of water-skiing there was an accommodation made for folks who were too weak, too small, or otherwise unable to get up on the darned things…which includes me, now, and did when I was a pre-teen. We had a boat that my Daddy designed and built back right after he and Mom got married. It was a cabin cruiser, not a speedboat. You couldn’t water-ski behind it, but it *could* pull a tow board….and did. When I was small it got used during the winter for a kid gate to keep me out of places that I didn’t belong, but when I was trustable on it, probably at about age 7, I loved being on that thing, towed behind the boat, getting away from my pesky kid brother and my Mom’s demands about behavior. I got splashed a lot, mostly with water, but the occasional jelly-fish would come up in a wave, especially later in the summer (ow….). I loved watching the waves and the birds and the other boats, and the occasional wave that would dump me and I would swim and splash until they figured out I was missing and come back for me. I lived in a life-jacket, btw, so I wasn’t in any danger, except for my dignity, which at that age I didn’t give a hoot about. Later, we had a dinghy that I could get towed in, but it wasn’t quite the same, so that’s when I learned to sail small boats and sailboards, but that’s another story…..

So, the tow board is going to have another life as a table (it has the hats on it in the shop. We’ve been needing one in the north window for displaying hats and such and I started on that after getting most of the computer work taken care of. It originally looked like a really tall gravestone in the window…

I got some roses packed and then settled down to getting ads out. After that I did some updates for the website and blog and got the OCPPG page finished enough to get it published!

 It got fairly busy in the shop. The sun was still struggling to come out and the wind picked up enough that even with the back door closed, stuff kept blowing off of the bulletin board.

Late in the afternoon two young ladies came in with posters. We’ve got the information for the Beloved Festival! It’s August 10-13, this year and you can go to http://www.belovedfestival for more info! The little hand posters are really cute. Come pick one up while I’ve got ’em! Beloved is right up 34 from Waldport every year. I also got some of the hand posters for the Gaia Festival which is August 3-5 in Laytonville, CA.

I got a lot done during the day! Tempus got in around 6:30 and started in cutting business cards.

…and if you think the newsletter disappeared and re-appeared, you’re right… Not sure what I did…

On the way home we stopped and got a few blue screen pix to use as foregrounds in the green screen portraits… that sounds odd… You use a blue screen on plants….

So today is all of the workshops. Herbs will be on storing dried herbs, maybe processing yarrow. Crystals will be setting up the new rock tumbler. Sewing is bring a project. I’ll be sewing on some Yule stuff. Tempus is going to be gone most of the day, so this might get interesting.

The shop opens at 10am. Summer hours, 10am-7pm, Wednesday through Monday. If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open!

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar
The Moon is in Diana’s Bow. Waxing Moon Magick – The waxing moon is  for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Diana’s Bow – On the 3rd day after the new moon you can (weather permitting) see the tiny crescent in the sky, the New Moon holding the Old Moon in her arms. Begin on your goals for the next month. A good time for job interviews or starting a project. Take a concrete step! Phase ends on Monday at 9:24am.

Draco the Dragon arches his back over the Little Dipper in the north at this time of year. With your scope, search out the Cat’s Eye Nebula, some interesting double stars and galaxies, and (if your scope is big enough) a quasar with a look-back time of 8.6 billion years — using Sue French’s “Deep Sky Wonders” column and charts in the July Sky & Telescope, page 56.

Venus and Jupiter (magnitudes –4.6 and –2.1) shine dramatically in the east before and during dawn. They’ve widened to about 10° or 12° apart now, with Jupiter higher. Look for Aldebaran, much fainter, below or lower right of Jupiter. Also in Jupiter’s starry background are the Hyades, and above it are the Pleiades. The asteroids Ceres and Vesta, magnitudes 9.1 and 8.4, are in the area too! See article Predawn Treats for Early Risers for the naked-eye aspect, and to find the asteroids, Ceres and Vesta: July 2012 – April 2013.

Celtic Tree Month of Tinne  Holly  Jul 8Aug 4
Goddess Month of Kerea runs from 7/11 – 8/8
Runic half-month of Ur, 7/14-28
According to Pennick (Pennick, Nigel, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992)Ur represents primal strength, a time of collective action. A good time for beginnings.
Sun in Cancer
Moon in Leo enters Virgo 10:24am
Mercury, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde
Color: Blue


©2012 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Tides for Alsea Bay
~Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                   Visible
~Sa  21     High   2:03 AM     7.5   5:52 AM    Rise  8:48 AM      3
~      21      Low   8:49 AM    -1.0   8:53 PM     Set  9:57 PM
~       21     High   3:16 PM     6.9
~       21      Low   9:02 PM     1.6


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Be happy, happiness brings balance and peace in world. It is part of the medicine Earth Mother needs to heal.


Journal Prompt – Describe – Describe the best Halloween costume you have ever worn (or seen).


~   Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes. – Unknown
~   The door to happiness opens outward. – Soren Kierkegaard
~   The freer that women become, the freer men will be. Because when you enslave someone, you are enslaved. – Louise Nevelson (1889-1988) Russian artist
~   The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. – Michelangelo

What is there in the jar that isn’t also in the river?
What can you find in the house that is not in the city?
This world is the jar, the Heart the river;
This world is the house, the Heart the city of miracles.– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi (Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)


Magick – Recipes

Saint Phanourios Cake – August 27th, 2007
Color of the day: Gray  – Incense of the day: Basil
This special cake is baked in honor of Saint Phanourios, a kindly saint who helps lovers find one another and is called upon to locate missing objects. Before you bake the cake, say:
Saint Phanourios, may your mother be blessed with eternal peace as you come to my aid.

The recipe:
1 cup sugar
1 cup oil
2 cups orange juice
1 tsp. baking soda
4 cups flour
3/4 cup raisins
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
Beat oil and sugar for 10 minutes or until creamy. In a separate bowl dissolve baking soda in orange juice (this has a tendency to foam over). Add flour, raisins, and nuts. Pour in an ungreased bundt pan or 9×13 cake pan. Bake 45 minutes at 350º F or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
By: Lily Gardner

Apple Bread
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 cups sliced apples
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups sugar
3 cups flour
1 cup oil
4 eggs

Combine all ingredients and mix well with an electric mixer or blender.
Put into 2 greased floured pans.
Bake at 300 degrees for 1-1/2 hours.
Good for freezing.

Lemon blueberry Pancakes
2 Teaspoons Grated Lemon Rind
1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup Fresh Blueberries
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
3/4 Cup Milk
1 Cup Flour
1 Egg

Beat egg until fluffy
Beat in remaining ingredients except blueberries just until smooth.
Stir in blueberries.
Grease heated griddle.

For each pancake, pour about 3 tablespoons of batter from a large spoon or from pitcher onto hot griddle.
Cook pancakes until puffed and dry around edges.
Turn and cook other side until golden brown.



Silliness – GCF: Overdue Bill

A lawyer sent an overdue bill to a client. A note was attached that stated: “This bill is one year old.”

By return mail the lawyer had his bill back. To it was attached a card which read: “Happy Birthday.”

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