Daily Stuff 3-13-13 extra Circle Play Day

Hi, folks!

Trip 02 flowering currantThis is being posted out of date order and without the usual adds, because it’s an account of the road trip we went on this day! A couple of times a year the Rose of the Sea Teaching Circle plans a “Play Day”, just ‘cuz! I put the plant pix out of chronological order, but the rest of them go with the text.

<<<<<< A flowering currant in Wheeler <<

It seems that there’s always some kind of chaos getting ready to head out on some kind of “expedition”. There really was Wednesday Trip 10 Bells of Irelandmorning as I tried to find all the pieces of what we needed for the day, only about 20% of which even got used!

<<<<<<<< Bells of Ireland <<<<<<<

We had set up a picnic of Tempus’ good bread, ready-sliced, two spreads (onion and tuna, both in a cream cheese base), chicken and ham lunch meat, cheese, grapes, snow peas, carrots, olives, pickled beets and Trip 11 Crocustwisters and a really nice Airlee Winery rose, plus a couple of big bottles of iced tea, one a cherry green tea and the other a lemon zinger black, and of course, the mustard/mayo type stuff. We got to use a carrier that I got for Tempus several years ago, that’s specifically for carrying a wine bottle for two. It’s a whole set of glasses, napkins, un-corker and re-corker.

Cat picked us and stuff up and we headed up to Rowan and Marius’. Rowan wasn’t feeling well, so it ended up just being four of us.

I think we must have talked all day! We’re a chattery bunch and just went through all kinds of topics, but I really remember calling attention to the birds on the way up: Trip 47 shroom2 bald eagles on the Seal Rocks, another in a dead tree, hawks galore, an egret in the Siletz Bay….

The only real stop we made as we headed north was for gas and to change drivers, but we did a loop back around in Beaver so that I could see the “tree house” that everyone else had noticed while I was watching a bird. It was an interesting structure 25 or 30 feet up, but neither on a single post, nor on 4, but 4 all coming together at a point at the bottom. You would think it would tip over!

Trip 13 neahkanieWhen we got to Wheeler, having pretty much just rolled on through, I went straight down to the water (well, that’s me….) and out onto the floating docks. I was listening to bird calls and looking for them. There were a lot of geese, honking. A heron flew past, settled on a snag and then later flew back north. I could hear red-wing blackbirds, that I have to assume were on the island, and a bunch of others that I couldn’t identify. I watched the water flowing and the gulls were sitting all over the rickety floating docks.

Trip 04 rock thingAfter a bit we headed up toward the parking lot, then across the street into a couple of antique shops. Mostly I was looking at the prices, since I know that I don’t price things well. Research! Marius says that the Antique Malls in Newport should get lessons from the ones we visited up there! I saw a flower cart that I’m lusting after for the shop….but where would we put it?

When we all met back up we hauled out the food and had our picnic. I stuffed myself. There were some sculptures along the edge of the park, one of which was a bunch of slices of rock balanced on a post. There was one that was made to imitate a bird’s nest, but was large sliced branches and one of driftwood that we kept calling Trip 03 housethe beaver lodge with a snake!

We were wondering about the “Wheeler Moment”, an insight or good luck that seems to happen to folks when they are there. There’s a clump of energy up in the hills behind it, but I didn’t get much other than that and Marius didn’t pull out his dowsing rods there.

From there we drove back south to Tillamook and went to the Cheese Factory. It’s fascinating. I love squeaky cheese! Marius and Cat had ice cream. Trip 17 WorkingI was too full of cheese after those sandwiches!

<<< The two blurs in the middle of all that yellow are two ladies packing cheese. <<<

Trip 19 Loaf LoveDriving west from Tillamook we certainly saw a *lot* of cows…and ewes with their lambs and goats….

<< Tempus & Me in the Loaf Love Van <<<

Eventually we got to the Cape Meares lighthouse. I didn’t go down to the light… a little far for me without a walker, Trip 20 Cape Mearesbut I sat under a tree and meditated after exploring a little. There are a *lot* of deer in that park…more deer poop, but also raccoon prints…and poop. <grin>

I picked up some witch moss, plus some bark with moss on for the terrarium, and some pine cones.

< The light (house) at the end of the tunnel <

I was doing the tree meditation and feeling Trip 41 methe mist with my needles was a sensation I brought back from that. Of course, Tempus *had* to take a picture…. I was toasty warm in my poncho, the alpaca wool one that Grandma bought me for my birthday, years ago, and the air was refreshingly cool on my face. I could hear the ocean, but just a distant roar. The wind in the trees overwhelmed the sound. Seagulls were crying and I heard what I’m pretty sure was an eagle, and an awful lot of crows. One might have been a raven, because the sound was more of a “qwonk”, but the rest were definitely a whole murder of crows….

Trip 31 LightI didn’t get but a glimpse of the Octopus Tree. I thought it was a Sitka Spruce and didn’t know more than that until I got home and looked it up. I should have made more of an effort there.

I fell asleep on the way home, hardly waking when we changed drivers, and we got home 8-ish. I ate and went to bed while Tempus talked to Amor…the loonies were awake until 2am!

What a day!


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