Daily Stuff 7-1-13 Nag Panchami

Hi, folks!

weather Part SunIt’s only 54F this morning, a lot cooler than for several days! Once the sun breaks through the two layers of mist that are right over us it’ll warm up, though.

Yesterday was a long, long day. Tempus started right after he finished his paper route and I was up and moving by 8am and at the shop just after 9am. The young folks were just a touch late, but Brea came in and did her class. There won’t be a class next week since most of the young folks are out on their summer break. I sat in on the 2nd half of her class, but was running in and out during the first part.

motif plant flower holiday cactusAfter the youngsters headed out I started sorting things in back. I couldn’t go around to the cabinet because I might not hear someone out front, but I worked in the middle of the back. I got the sofa cleaned off and pulled the cover and then set down to work on it. It took hours to repair the rip. I had to find a decent fabric, first, for a patch and then stitch it down straight, and just as I was finishing the rough repair there was a clunk and my sewing machine was out of adjustment. Argh! So, the cover’s back on the sofa with only a rough repair, but at least it has that much. The sofa was in way worse shape than I knew. It had been allowed to get really filthy, while the one set of renters had it.

motif plant flower dandelion herbDuring the afternoon we had a lot of customers. I also did quite a bit of talking with people on various metaphysical topics, including telling one guy. “Of course crystals are alive!” I’m so used to it that I didn’t realize how shocking a concept that might be. Practical Craft didn’t have anyone yesterday.

motif plant flower pansies purpleTempus brought a load of stuff for the shop at around 4pm and another around 6pm and we just loaded most of that stuff in, hoping to sort it this morning.

After it got late enough that no one was likely to come in, I started doing some more sorting into the dresser, pulling drawers and filling, but after I had two done I had to wait for Tempus.

motif plant flower pink petuniasIt had gone up to 73F during the afternoon with just enough of a breeze to make it a perfect temperature, unless I was trying to work. By 9:15 the beach fog had walked up over town and it had dropped to 63F, with a glowing streak of sky beyond the mist by the horizon.

motif plant flower pink cyclamenTempus rolled in with a last load and 10pm and we just loaded it into the shop, headed home and dropped.

Today the first thing we have to do is to get some of the stuff that’s out front in the shop put away. I doubt we’ll get a lot done beyond that.

Did you realize, since it only just occurred to me, that we’re past the 1 year anniversary of this blog and the newsletter’s 8th!

225px-Naag_poojaToday’s feast is Nag Panchami, in honor of the Nagas. It is celebrated with sweets. swinging on swings, sisters doing nice things for brothers and snake worship. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naga_Panchami

Today’s Plant is Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris. One of the Nine Herbs of the old Anglo-Saxon charm, this herb has many different uses from insect-repelling to flavoring beer. It’s a bad one for pregnant women to mugwort Artemisia_vulgaris_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-016ingest since it can induce abortion, since it’s a mild poison, but it’s used as a medicinal for various complaints and as a food. Some of the traditional folk uses are: magical protection, to repel insects, especially moths, from gardens., as a remedy against fatigue,  to protect travelers against evil spirits and wild animals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_Herbs_Charm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MugwortFeminine, Venus, Air/Earth – Magical uses: Clairvoyance, psychic dreams, astral projection, protection, strength. Place in the shoes for protection and to prevent fatigue on long journeys. The fresh leaves rubbed on a magick mirror or crystal ball will strengthen divinatory abilities. Mugwort is perhaps the most widely used Witches’ herb of all time.

Magick lughnasadh wheelThe shop opens at 11am. Spring hours are 11am-7pm Thursday through Monday. If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light or call the shop at 541-563-7154.

Love & Light, 


Today’s Astro & Calendar –

Waning Crescent MoonThe Moon is a Waning Crescent. Waning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Tide Change occurs on 7/8 at 12:14am. Waning Crescent Moon – Best time for beginning introspective magicks that are more long term. Phase ends on 7/3 at 12:14pm.

Goddess Month of Rosea runs from 6/13 – 7/10

Celtic Tree month of Duir/ Oak – Jun 10 – Jul 7 – The oak of myth and legend is the common oak (Quercus robur L.).
Rune Runic Month 13 Feoh FehuRunic New Year and half-month of Fehu/ Feoh, 6/29-7/13 Important in the runic year cycle, today marks beginning of the first rune, Feoh, sacred to Frey and Freya (Freyja), the lord and lady often worshipped in modern Wicca. It is the half-month of wealth and success. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992

Sun in CancerSun in Cancer
Moon in AriesMoon in Aries enters Taurus at 2:43pm
Mercury, Chiron, Juno, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn Retrograde
Color: Silver

Harvest 6/29-7/1


©2013 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


motif, tree celtic duir Lone_oakDuir  Oak – Jun 10 – Jul 7 – The oak of myth and legend is the common oak (Quercus robur L.). It is sometimes called the great oak, which is a translation of its Latin name (robur is the root of the English word “robust”). It grows with ash and beech in the lowland forests, and can reach a height of 150 feet and age of 800 years. Along with ashes, oaks were heavily logged throughout recent millennia, so that the remaining giant oaks in many parts of Europe are but a remnant of forests past. Like most other central and northern European trees, common oaks are deciduous, losing their leaves before Samhain and growing new leaves in the spring so that the trees are fully clothed by Bealltaine. Common oaks are occasionally cultivated in North America, as are the similar native white oak, valley oak, and Oregon oak. Oaks are members of the Beech family (Fagaceae). Curtis Clark

Duir – Oak Ogam letter correspondences
Month: May
Color: Black and Dark Brown
Class: Chieftain
Letter: D
Meaning: Security; Strength

motif tree celtic month eadha white poplar Populus_alba_trunkto study this month – Eadha – White Poplar or Aspen Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Silver White
Class: Shrub
Letter: E
Meaning: Problems; Doubts; Fears.


WavesTides for Alsea Bay
Day        High       Tide    Height   Sunrise     Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low       Time      Feet    Sunset                                  Visible
M    1      Low   2:18 AM     1.0   5:36 AM    Rise  1:18 AM      43
~     1     High   8:09 AM     4.9   9:04 PM     Set  3:18 PM
~     1      Low   1:48 PM     1.8
~     1     High   8:16 PM     7.4


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – When you have the choice of two exciting things, choose the one you have never done.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – Expository – What talents do you have?



~   Reason can wrestle and overthrow terror. – Euripides
~   Saying no can be the ultimate self-care. – Claudia Black
~   Shifting from Knight to Master is shifting from “this is what I do with our stuff” to “this is my stuff” – Kerr Cuhulain
~   Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that to-day is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity. – William Howard Taft (1857-1930) US President

Craft Therapy
In the silken darkness of the new moon’s night
there is a shadow that burns with obsidian fire
A light that casts its darkness
and illuminates all that is behind the sun

I can feel its velvet warmth caress me
and melt into the deep recesses of my soul
touching that which is hidden and ignored within me
incinerating my walls and coaxing all my faces to the surface
bringing everything into acknowledgment

I stand naked with my selves bared
no concealment afforded in this blinding brightlessness
I must make love with the demons as well as the angels that I am
to absorb my parts and make a whole

So the fire dance begins as I honor my countenances
embracing each as they inspire
in love, tears, anger, hate, violent or peace
but all in acceptance
till this orgy of becoming is but dieing embers
and I stand alone in the ashes
renewed and complete – Copyright May 3, 2004, Tressa Lee Breen


Sabbat LughnasadhMagick – Lughnasadh Correspondences

Incense – Sandalwood, Rose, Aloes, Chamomile, Passionflower, Frankincense

HERBS to use in your magic at Lughnasadh: goldenrod, peony, nasturtium, clover blossom, yarrow, heliotrope, boneset, vervain, Queen Anne’s lace, myrtle, rose, sunflower, poppy, milkweed, Irish moss, mushroom, wheat, corn, rye, oat, barley, rice, garlic, onion, basil, mint, aloe, acacia, meadowsweet, apple leaf, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, bilberry leaf, blueberry leaf, mugwort, hops, holly, comfrey, marigold, grape vine, ivy, hazelnut, blackthorn, elder, bee pollen. Acacia, all grains, blackberry, calendula, frankincense, grape, heather, mistletoe, oak, rose, sandalwood, sunflower, Grapes, heather, crabapple, pear

STONES: Cat’s-eye, citrine, aventurine, golden topaz, obsidian, moss agate, rhodochrosite, clear quartz, marble, slate, granite, lodestone. Aventurine, Citrine, Peridot, Sardonyx

Foods appropriate for Lammas are breads, berries, crab apples, and any locally ripe produce. Breads, Cornbread, Cider, Blackberry pies and jellies, Rice, Meadowsweet tea, Berries, Nuts, Turnips, Oats, Elderberry wine, Rice cakes, Wheat crackers, Corn muffins, Oat cakes, Beer/mead, Rice milk

Decorations – Corn dollies, any wheat weaving crafts, Shafts of grain, Sunflowers, Indian corn, Bread

Colors: Pumpkin orange, sunny yellow, muted brown and sage green Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Red Colors are Golden Yellow, Orange, Green, and Light Brown.

flowers sacred to Lammas:
goldenrod, peony, nasturtium, clover blossom, yarrow, heliotrope, boneset, vervain, Queen Anne’s lace, myrtle, rose, sunflower, poppy, milkweed, mushroom, wheat, corn, rye, oat, barley, rice, basil, mint, meadowsweet, apple leaf, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, bilberry leaf, blueberry leaf, mugwort, hops, holly, comfrey, marigold, grape vine, ivy.
Offerings: Bread, Cider, Cakes

Spellwork – Spells for prosperity, Abundance, Good fortune, Connectedness, Career, Health, Financial gain

God/desses – Hermes/Mercury, Thoth, Frey, Lugh, Macha.

The Goddess manifests as Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother, and other agricultural Goddesses.

The God manifests as Lugh, John Barleycorn, and vegetation Gods.


connectedness, career, health, and financial gain. Spells for abundance are completely appropriate now. As the sun is growing weaker, it is a good time to do grounding and sun meditations, then use the golden rays of the sun (gathered during meditation) in spellcasting.

«  middle of Summer

«  beginning of the harvest

«  Canning goes into full swing

«  magickal cabinets are stocked with herbs

«  prepare your household for fall and the upcoming Winter months.

«  first of three harvest festivals

«  associated with ripening grain

«  fruits of the harvest

«  be aware that summer is passing and winter is on its way.

«  It is a festival of plenty and prosperity.


«  Decorate the altar and house with grains such as barley, oats and wheat — also fruits and veggies.

«  Begin gathering and drying herbs, flower, grains or seeds for spellworking in the next year.

«  Make magickal oils now with fresh herbs.

«  Braid onion and garlic charms.

«  Onion is sacred to the sun — because of its shape, and its dye is a golden amber to burnt apricot. When the onion is cut, it reveals the symbolism of the moon.

«  Garlic, too, is sacred to the moon — the crescent shape of the cloves. It exorcises evil and protects.

«  Collect rain and storm water for use in spellwork or to empower objects, add dried mugwort and store in glass bottles.

«  Make a corn wheel.

«  Bake a loaf of bread on Lammas. If you’ve never made bread before, this is a good time to start. Honor the source of the flour as you work with it: remember it was once a plant growing on the mother Earth. If you have a garden, add something you’ve harvested–herbs or onion or corn–to your bread. If you don’t feel up to making wheat bread, make corn bread.

«  Corn Dolly -Another way to honor the Grain Goddess is to make a corn doll. This is a fun project to do with kids. . She’s your visual representation of the harvest. As you work on her, think about what you harvested this year. Give your corn dolly a name, perhaps one of the names of the Grain Goddess or one that symbolizes your personal harvest. Dress her in a skirt, apron and bonnet and give her a special place in your house. She is all yours till the spring when you will plant her with the new corn, returning to the Earth that which She has given to you. Make a corn dolly to save for next Imbolc.

«  This is the perfect holiday to honor the prosperity and generosity of Mother Earth. It is a season to throw away useless thoughts and habits and to form new ideas which bring renewed strength. Reflect on these topics alone in the privacy of your journal or share them with others around a fire. Lughnasad is one of the great Celtic fire-festivals, so if at all possible, have your feast around a bonfire.


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – 62731_10151266425552084_1247290783_n

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