Daily Stuff 9-26-13 OCPPG Weather

Hi, folks!

This doesn’t look nearly as nice as even yesterday’s weather forecast. http://www.wunderground.com/US/OR/002.html#SPE It’s a weather advisory for wind and wet. Dress for the weather this weekend! Granted, at least 1/2 of these advisories peter out, but I don’t want anyone soaked and chilled because you weren’t warned!


If you’ve never been to the coast during wet weather before, don’t bring an umbrella, plan on a coat. It doesn’t get particularly cold, but windy and soggy. Umbrellas get junked.

If you were planning on camping, the KOA does have cabins that are not horribly expensive and you can go to my place to shower and get warm, although the house is rather wrecked at the moment…..

We’re going to have hot drinkables available at Laura’s Studio and at Ancient Light and I have a washer and dryer if everything gets soaked.

If it *all* goes sideways, we’ll fit everyone indoors somehow!

Love & Light,


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