Daily Stuff 11-29-13 Extra Small Business Saturday

Hi, folks!

moon button PentacleThe shop opens at 11am for Small Business Saturday! Look for specials are special workshops!

moon button PentacleSpecial #1 – If you have made any purchases from one of our peripheral sites:
Ancient Light’s Cafe Press store – 
CoastalAnja’s Spoonflower Fabric Designs – http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/coastalanja?filter_action=collection&info_action=&nav_action=all&shop_selection=all_collection&sub_action=new_profile
Mab’s Creations blog at http://mabscreations.wordpress.com/ ! This is where the embroidery products and projects are featured!

Bring your receipt in for an additional 10% off any purchase made in our brick and mortar store from 11/29 -12/1. (Sorry, this offer not good for online purchases…)

moon button PentacleSpecial #2 – We’re having a drawing at the shop. Put an entry in the bucket to win our Orca candle and incense gift basket!

moon button PentacleSpecial #3 – We’re also having a drawing online! Any order (over $10) made before 5pm on Sunday 12-1 will go into another bucket for another (and different) Orca candle and incense gift basket

moon button PentacleSpecial #4 – Online customers only! With any order over $10, get a handmade ornament free!

moon button PentacleWorkshop Schedule for Saturday 11/30
11am – Make an herbal bath salt. $5 pays for materials and handout.  (kid-friendly)
12 Noon – Care and feeding of a rock tumbler. One is on final polish round, one on coarse grit and we’ll be starting a load of obsidian!
1pm – Make a fused bead ornament for the season! (or a keychain) $3 pays for materials  (kid-friendly)
2pm – Symbols of the Season (talk) Free!
3pm – Hand-stitched pillow ornaments or pincushions ($3 for pincushion filling materials) 

moon button PentacleWorkshop/Class Schedule for Sunday 12/1
9:30 – Wicca 101 for Young Folks
Noon – Make a Sunwheel Jingle or fabric ornament! ($1 for materials) (kid-friendly)
1pm – Make an herbal sachet. ($1 pays for materials)
2pm – Seminar – The season of rest and renewal: practices and rituals. Free!

Love & Light,

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