Daily Stuff 3-24-14 Brittania

Hi, folks!

weather Partly Sunny48F and no frost. That’s a little warmer that it’s been! But it is a harbinger of wet weather coming, since this is the last day of forecast dry and the damp should roll in this evening.

Yesterday was a marvelous day! It was long, but that was ok. The weather was glorious, if chilly, getting up to 55. 

blackwork 032414Tempus did some shopping before coming home, but with two cars I got to the shop in plenty of time. Tempus had come in, sorted a few things out and ran home to put the groceries away. Morning classes went well, even though Job Corps is cutting the time short again. Tempus was back in time to open and then I went into the back to sew and he helped me clean up some things that needed to be put away.

inkle 032314When Rowan got there we started in right away on the sewing machines. A lot of it was pulling lint out of places that I didn’t know how to get into and oiling things up, but there was a lot of adjusting and tweaking that got one after the other up and running. The old Brother machine is going, so students have something to learn on, and the heavy-stitching Kenmore that I do leather pouches on, is also working. Not only that, but the old treadle machine, a New England Queen, that hasn’t been usable for years is working. It needs a plate that’s gone missing, but it actually will sew now, the tension has been adjusted and I know how to fill the bobbins!

squid hat 032414I had been sewing during much of the time that Rowan was working on the machines, and my big house robe is almost done. I have another “foot pocket” to make and to stitch on the belt, but otherwise its just about there. I ought to be able to finish that today.

At that point some of the other folks got there and we went on into warping an inkle loom (which was gifted to the instructor), finishing up the sanding on another and a short blackwork class, plus a lot of sharing of funny and/or weird stories. There was a bit talking about armor requirements, too. …and I made a “squid hat”. 🙂

motif bird PelicanAt 8:30, when I was rolling up the hill towards home, there was still plenty of light. The west was still illuminated with those beautiful shades of blue that we see in the spring twilight. Tempus and I were finally closed up and home by 9pm, ate supper and went to bed.

motif bird pelican swimToday is another long one because of class tonight. It should be Sam’s last lesson for the 101 course. I’ll be sewing during the early part of the day, finishing that robe, but mostly working on altar cloths to try to refill that display. We also have to get the machines folded up and put back and the back re-set. The rest of the day depends on whether Tempus stays at the shop, in which case we need to get another chunk of the inventory done, or heads home to work on his shop and do yardwork while it’s dry, in which case I’ll be sewing.

motif plant flower dandelion herb

Dandelions are today’s plant. The new leaves are a yummy addition to spring salads. The dried and ground roots make a coffee substitute and the flowers make an excellent wine. In our area don’t mistake hawkweed or cat’s paw for them, both are very not-good-for-the-tummy. True dandelions have no fur on the leaves which are deeply “toothed”, hence the name dant-de-lion, tooth of the lion. – Masculine, Jupiter Air, Hecate – Blow the seed head and the seeds left are the years left in your life. dandelionBlow the seed head 3 times and the number of seeds left are the hour. To send a message blow the seed head in the direction of the person and visualize your message. Bury a dried root by the corner of your house to bring favorable winds. Dried flower/leaves are used for energy, calling spirits  and health. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandelion

feast 0324 Brittania 1910 pennyToday’s Feast is in honor of Brittania, the personification of the British Isles. She wasn’t worshiped as a goddess as far as anyone can prove, but she has become one over time, much as Marianne of France, or our personification of Liberty.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brittania

wheel of the yearThe shop opens at 11am! Spring hours are 11am-6pm Thursday through Monday, although closing time is drifting later with the longer days. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar

Waning Crescent MoonThe Moon is a Waning Crescent. Waning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 3/30 at 11:45am. Waning Crescent Moon –Best time for beginning introspective magicks that are more long term (full year cycle) A good time for beginning knot magicks to “bind up” addictions and illness (finish just before the Tide Change of Dark to New) and “tying up loose ends” God/dess aspects – Demeter weeping for her Daughter, Mabon, Arachne Tyr. Phase ends on 3/25 at 11:45pm. 

Astro marsBy 10 or 11 p.m. Mars and Spica are well up in the southeast. Look almost two fists at arm’s length to their right for the four-star pattern of Corvus, the Crow. Astro Constellation Virgo SpicaNormally the Crow eyes Spica in Virgo’s hand. Now he may be more interested in the brighter shiny right close by.
Astro mercuryMercury (magnitude 0.0) is very low above the east-southeast horizon a half hour before sunrise. It’s moving a little lower each day. Look for it about 20° lower left of bright Venus. Binoculars will help.

zodiacal light astro

Tuesday, March 18 – Tuesday, Apr. 1, after evening twilight – Zodiacal Light– The faint glow of the zodiacal light, reflected from millions of tiny interplanetary particles, will be visible from northern latitudes in the western sky right after evening twilight ends. Fainter than the Milky Way, this is only visible in really dark skies. The Milky Way arches from southwest to northwest, while the zodiacal light rises straight up from the western horizon underneath Jupiter.

Goddess Month of Columbina runs from 3/20 – 4/17
Celtic Tree Month of Fearn/Alder, 
Mar 18 – Apr 14. Fern (FAIR-n) Alder
Rune Runic Month 06 Berkana BeorcRunic half-month of Berkana/ Beorc, 3/14-29 
Half-month ruled by the goddess of the birch tree; a time of purification for rebirth and new beginnings.

Sun in AriesSun in Aries
Moon in CapricornMoon in Capricorn
Saturn, Mars, Vesta,  and Ceres Retrograde
Color: Grey


©2014 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Plant Tree Celtic Month FearnAlderCeltic Tree Month of Fearn/Alder, Mar 18 – Apr 14. Fern (FAIR-n) Alder – The common alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertner) is common along lowland rivers, where it grows with aspens, poplars, and willows. Like willows, alders sprout from stumps. This allows them to regenerate after heavy flooding. In protect sites they may grow to 20 m (65 feet) tall. Their leaves are more blunt-tipped than most North American alders, which look more like the grey alder (A. incana (L.) Moench). This species is more common in the mountains of Europe, and is not restricted to moist soils. Like ashes, European alders are not widely cultivated in North American (they are often sold as black alders), but several native species are. Alder wood is said to resist rotting when it is wet, and was the wood of choice for pilings in many regions. Alders are members of the Birch family (Betulaceae).
fearn alder Alnus-viridis-leavesFearn – Alder Ogam letter correspondences
Month: January
Color: Crimson
Class: Cheiftain
Letter: F, V
Meaning: Help in making choices; spiritual guidance and protection.
fearn silver fir ailim Abies_albaOgam letter correspondences to study this month– Ailim – Silver Fir
Month: None
Color: Light Blue
Class: Shrub
Letter: A
Meaning: Learning from past mistakes; Take care in choices.


WavesTides for Alsea Bay
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                    Visible
M   24      Low  12:33 AM     3.2   7:12 AM    Rise  3:00 AM      52
~    24     High   6:37 AM     7.3   7:34 PM     Set 12:53 PM
~    24      Low   1:52 PM     0.5
~    24     High   8:31 PM     5.9


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Don’t look back, they might be gaining on you.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What? – What are some rules you have to follow at home?



~  Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery. – Dr. Wayne Dyer
~  Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy. – Marshall Field
~  The limit of your present understanding is not the limit of your possibilities. – Guy Finley
~  Well done is better than well said. – Benjamin Franklin

It is a miracle:

It is a miracle.
in the heavens is the sun,
in her chamber the sun.
In the heavens the moon,
in her chamber the moon.
In the heavens the stars,
in their chambers the stars,
in the heavens the dawn,
in her chamber the dawn,
and all the beauty beneath the skies. ~Fifteenth-Century Russian Folksong


Pentacle of ElementsMagick

The Burning Times – ARTIST: Charlie Murphy, TITLE: Burning Times, Lyrics and Chords

In the cool of the evening, they used to gather
‘Neath the stars in the meadow circling an old oak tree
At the times appointed by the seasons
Of the earth and the phases of the moon
/ Am – – – / G – Am – / :

In the center, stood a woman
Equal with the others and respected for her worth
One of the many we call the witches
The healers and the teachers of the wisdom of the earth

And the people grew through the knowledge she gave them
Herbs to heal their bodies, spells to make their spirits whole
Can’t you hear them chanting healing incantations
Calling forth the wise ones, celebrating in dance and song

{Refrain} Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana (3x)
/ Am G Am GAm / :

There were those who came to power, through domination
And they were bonded in their worship of a dead man on a cross
They sought control of the common people
By demanding allegiance to the church of Rome

And the Pope declared an inquisition
It was a war against the women, whose power they feared
In the holocaust against the nature people
Nine million European women died

And the tale is told of those, who by the hundreds
Holding together chose their death in the sea
While chanting the praises of the Mother Goddess
A refusal of betrayal, women were dying to be free


Now the Earth is a witch, and the men still burn her
Stripping her down with mining, and the poisons of their wars
Still to us the Earth is a healer, a teacher, a mother
The weaver of a web of life that keeps us all alive
She gives us the vision to see through the chaos
She gives us the courage, it is our will to survive



motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – funny 16

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