Daily Stuff 12-4-14 St Barbara

Hi, folks!

Waves tide Minus tide at 5:13pm of -0.7 feet. This one isn’t all that steep, but it’s in twilight. Be careful to keep an eye on the ocean.

Rain Hat & UmbrellaIt’s 56F, drippy and fairly breezy. Tree branches are waving pretty vehemently although the computer is only talking about gusts at 12 mph.

…and wow… is this coming out late…. the disturbed sleep last night didn’t help, and then for some reason, I never woke up until Tempus came in with coffee at around 10:30….

weather cloud layerYesterday I kept plugging away at newsletter stuff during the day and by 3pm, finally got the most of it done. It didn’t stay sunny. The clouds closed in and it got more chilly and damper as the day went on.

motif animal cat windowI had my window open through the late morning into the late afternoon, but after it dropped below 50F, I closed it, since my toes were getting cold, no matter how wonderful the air smelled.

There’s an interesting article about how the earthquake fault offshore may have locked up, which doesn’t bode well. Got your emergency supplies in order? http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/12/03/3521573/eerie-quiet-at-nw-fault-where.html?sp=%2F99%2F289%2F&ihp=1

animal kitty motif sleep on faceBy 4:30 I was awfully sleepy, so I went to get a bath, and I was smelling baking bread. I got my bath and then Rowan was online to talk about the esbat, since there were going to be just a few of us. We decided to have it at at the house and save most of us the gas.

We got the Yule Ritual worked out. The frame is the same as the Gifting Goddesses ritual that we did several years ago, but we’re going to do a different “work”.

motif transpo carWe went to bed at a reasonable time, but the phone rang a bit after 3. A friend with a flat tire needed rescuing, so Tempus headed down there only to find that a rescue wasn’t needed after all. He crawled back into bed, but the whole thing woke me, so I was still up at 5:30 watching the Orion Launch on NASA TV. …and it scrubbed at about 6:30. <sigh>So, I went back to bed, expecting that the 10am radio would wake me at the worst…. nope.

coffeeI must have been really groggy because I actually don’t remember anything before me sitting up with coffee in my hands and Tempus saying he wished he had a video camera… He did finally get out the door. I’m still groggy even now and hoping this isn’t too incoherent.

sewingI found out last night that today’s Sewing Time (3pm) isn’t happening unless someone new shows up. Tempus can come back up and get me, if I’m needed, but otherwise I’m going to be home doing updates. He’s got some paperwork and filing to do and then hopefully he’ll be getting back to work on boxes.

book orn 113A couple of years ago as a Yule Gift to all of you I wrote up a description of how I make ornaments out of small books. These are a fun craft. If you start with a small book that suits the person you’re making it for (try bookstores, but the pharmacy across the street from us has ‘em in the gift section!) or one with special nostalgic significance, you can have an inexpensive gift (or 6!)  in an afternoon. Go to this page: https://ancientlightshop.wordpress.com/our-gift-to-you-tutorials/ Look for this picture and click on the link below the picture (clicking the title will do nothing, clicking the pic will take you only to the pic!)

220px-Delphinium_pavonaceumThe local larkspurs, delphinium trollifolium, and delphinium pavonaceum (which the Wiki article says is confined to the Valley, but I’ve collected out here….) are pretty flowers in shade of white, blue and purple. They’re called delphiniums after the shape of the nectary. More here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delphinium_trolliifoliumand here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delphinium_pavonaceum Other names are Larksheal and Staggerweed – Feminine, Venus, Water – The flowers frighten away venomous creatures and ghosts. Sprinkle between your eyes and a Litha fire to keep your sight clear. Use in rituals to call upon Dolphin energy.

St-barbaraToday is the feast of St. Barbara. This Virgin, & Martyr was born in the mid third century somewhere in the Roman Empire and died in early fourth century to late third century, executed by her father for becoming a Christian. Her feast, on December 4 is no longer on Roman Catholic calendar, because they can’t prove she existed. Her symbols are  a three-windowed tower, a palm branch,  a chalice, or lightning. She is the Patron Saint of prisoners, architects, artillerymen and mathematicians. At various points in history her stories have probably been confused with pagan deities. In many of the Central European countries today, each family member will cut a twig from a tree that blooms and/or fruits. (My grandparents did this every year.) These are put in water in a warm place and the number of blossoms foretell the winter’s weather. The person whose twig blooms the most is said to be the favorite of the Goddess (usually listed as Mary….) More here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Barbara

Mine - Yule PentacleThe shop opens at 11am! Fall hours are 11am-6pm Thursday through Monday, although the time that we’re there is drifting earlier with the shorter days. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Waxing Gibbous MoonWaxing Moon Magick – The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends on 12/6 at 4:27am. Waxing Gibbous Moon – From seven to fourteen days after the new moon. For spells that need concentrated work over a ¼ moon cycle this is the best time for constructive workings. Aim to do the last working on the day of the Full moon, before the turn. Keywords for the Gibbous phase are: analyze, prepare, trust. It is the time in a cycle to process the results of the actions taken during the First Quarter. During this phase you are gathering information. Give up making judgments; it will only lead to worry. Your knowledge is incomplete. Laugh. Analyze and filter. LOOK WITHIN. God/dess aspect: Maiden/Youth, but in the uncommitted phase, the Warriors Associated God/desses: Dion, Dionysius, Venus, Thor. Phase ends on 12/4 at 7:27pm. Full Moon – The day of the day before and day after the true Full Moon. “And better it be when the moon is full!”! Prime time for rituals for prophecy, for spells to come to fruition, infusing health and wholeness, etc. A good time for invoking deity. FRUITION Manifesting goals, nurturing, passion, healing, strength, power. Workings on this day are for protection, divination. “extra power”, job hunting, healing serious conditions Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. God/dess Aspect: Mother/Abundance/Kingship – Associated God/desses: Danu, Cerridwen, Gaia, Aphrodite, Isis, Jupiter, Amon-Ra. Phase ends on 12/7 at 7:27pm. 

weather beach sunsetToday brings the year’s earliest end of evening twilight (if you’re near 40° north latitude): at 6:11 p.m. if you live right on your time zone’s standard meridian at that latitude. But the difference from day to day right now is very slight.
Astro marsMars (magnitude 1.0) still glows in the southwest during and after twilight. It sets around 8 p.m. local time.

Goddess Month of Astrea runs from 11/28 – 12/25
Celtic Tree Month of Ruis/Elder, Nov 25 – Dec 22
Rune Runic Month 23 Is IsaRunic half-month of Isa/ Is November 28-12 Literally, ‘ice’: a static period. The time of waiting before birth. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992

Sun in SagittariusSun in Sagittarius
MOon in TaurusMoon in Taurus
Uranus (12/21) Retrograde
Color: White

Planting 12/3-4


©2014 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


elderberry flower RuisRuis/Elder – Nov 25 – Dec 22 – Ruis – (RWEESH), elder – Celtic tree month of Ruis (Elder) commences (Nov 25 – Dec 22) – Like other Iron Age Europeans, the Celts were a polytheistic people prior to their conversion to (Celtic) Christianity. The Celts divided the year into 13 lunar cycles (months or moons). These were linked to specific sacred trees which gave each moon its name. Today commences the Celtic tree month of Elder.
Elder or Elderberry (Sambucus) is a genus of fast-growing shrubs or small trees in the family Caprifoliaceae. They bear bunches of small white or cream coloured flowers in the Spring, that are followed by bunches of small red, bluish or black berries. The berries are a very valuable food resource for many birds.
Common North American species include American Elder, Sambucus canadensis, in the east, and Blueberry Elder, Sambucus glauca, in the west; both have blue-black berries.
The common European species is the Common or Black Elder, Sambucus nigra, with black berries.
plant red elderberry RuisThe common elder (Sambucus nigra L.) is a shrub growing to 10 m (33 feet) in damp clearings, along the edge of woods, and especially near habitations. Elders are grown for their blackish berries, which are used for preserves and wine. The leaf scars have the shape of a crescent moon. Elder branches have a broad spongy pith in their centers, much like the marrow of long bones, and an elder branch stripped of its bark is very bone-like. The red elder (S. racemosa L.) is a similar plant at higher elevations; it grows to 5 m (15 feet). Red elder extends its native range to northern North America, and it is cultivated along with other native species, but common elders are seldom seen in cultivation. Elders are in the Honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae).
plant motif Elderberry RuisRuis – Elder Ogam letter correspondences
Month: Makeup days of the thirteenth Moon
Color: Red
Class: Shrub
Letter: R
Meaning: End of a cycle or problem.
elder month Husband_and_wife_trees - Blackthorn Ruisto study this month Straif – Blackthorn Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Purple
Class: Chieftain
Letter: SS, Z, ST
Meaning: Resentment; Confusion; Refusing to see the truth


Waves tide Tides for Alsea Bay
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                    Visible
Th   4      Low   4:10 AM     2.4   7:36 AM     Set  5:28 AM      91
~     4     High  10:14 AM     9.0   4:37 PM    Rise  3:47 PM
~     4      Low   5:13 PM    -0.7
~     4     High  11:36 PM     7.0


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – I do my best to help create a loving, harmonious world.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – Auto-Biographical narrative – Did you grow up with lots of money or very little? How much money (give numbers it makes things interesting)?



~  Superstition is the religion of feeble minds. – Edmund Burke, British statesman
~  Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. – Joseph Campbell
~  One can pass on responsibility, but not the discretion that goes with it. – Benvenuto Cellini, Italian goldsmith and sculptor, in his autobiography
~  Science fiction does not remain fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet. – Vinton Cerf


When at night I go to sleep,
Fourteen angels watch do keep:
Two my head are guarding,
Two my feet are guiding,
Two are on my right hand,
Two are on my left hand,
Two who warmly cover,
Two who o’er me hover,
Two to whom ’tis given
To guide my steps to heaven. – Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921), German composer


Yule Log 122413Yule Magick – Recipes (freeze-ahead)

Sour Cream Chocolate Muffins
5 ounces Semisweet Chocolate
2 Baking Chocolate Squares
1/3 cup Butter or Margarine
3/4 cup Sour Cream
2/3 cup Brown Sugar – packed
1/4 cup Light Corn Syrup
1 Egg
2 teaspoons Vanilla
1 1/2 cups Flour
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1/2 cup Chocolate Chips – semi-sweet or milk

  1. Mix semisweet chocolate, baking chocolate, and butter together, then melt
    carefully in microwave or over simmering water in double boiler.
  2. Allow to cool to lukewarm.
  3. Mix sour cream, sugar, corn syrup, egg and vanilla.
  4. Blend with melted chocolates.
  5. Blend flour, soda and salt, then add to the chocolate mixture and blend very well.
  6. Add the chocolate chips.
  7. Pour batter into 12 paper-lined or greased muffin tins.
  8. Bake in preheated 400 degree F oven for about 20 minutes.
  9. Remove from muffin tins and allow to cool on wire racks.

Note 1 – When freezing, cool completely, then freeze in individual baggies, removing
as much air as possible from each baggie before sealing.

Note 2 – This can also make a sliceable loaf or 4 mini-loaves which freeze even better than the muffins. Serve slices with strawberry or raspberry jam or orange marmalade.

French Toast Sticks
2 eggs
1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
8 slices white bread — cut into 4 strips each
3 tablespoons butter – divided

  1. In a shallow dish, beat together the eggs, sugar, milk, maple syrup and cinnamon with a fork until well blended.
  2. Dip each bread strip into the egg mixture, coating completely.
  3. In a large skillet, melt 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat.
  4. Cook the bread strips a few at a time for 2-3 minutes per side.
  5. Add more butter as needed.
  6. Flash freeze on a cookie sheet and then store in a Ziploc bag.
  7. To reheat: reheat in toaster for 3-5 minutes or microwave for 2 minutes (but toaster makes them more crisp).
  8. Makes 32 strips

Note – Recipe can be doubled or tripled to stock up.

(NOTE FROM RUTHEE: I make these in huge batches, flash freeze and then put 4 in a bag, making easy-to-grab packs in the AM for the kids.

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
1 cup of onions, diced
1 cup green bell peppers, diced
½ pound mushrooms
¼ cup butter
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 pound cheddar cheese, shredded
2 cups chicken, cooked and diced
1 can tomatoes with green chiles [Anja uses Italian seasoned diced peeled….]
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons chili powder [Anja uses horseradish powder]
1 tablespoon chicken broth
12 chicken tortilla – cut into quarters

  1. In a large pan, sauté onion, pepper and mushrooms in butter.
  2. Add soups, tomatoes & chiles, garlic, chili powder and chicken broth.
  3. Line bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with pieces of tortillas.
  4. Spread half of the chicken over the tortillas and top with half of the sauce then half of the cheese.
  5. Cover with another layer of corn tortillas and repeat the chicken, sauce and cheese layers.
  6. (If freezing, freeze at this point, prior to baking.)
  7. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until bubbly.

Note – This recipe can be doubled or tripled to make 2 or 3 pans of casserole. I usually make 3 – one for that night, and two for the freezer.
(NOTE FROM RUTHEE: when creating this to freeze, line your pans with aluminum so you can pull the casserole when it is fully frozen and place it in Ziplocs, thus freeing up your casserole pans). [Anja’s note – Or go to Cash n Carry and get foil steam pans with lids!]



The recent announcement that Donner and Blitzen have elected to take the early reindeer retirement package has triggered a good deal of concern about whether they will be replaced, and about other restructuring decisions at the North Pole. Streamlining was necessary due to the North Pole’s loss of dominance of the season’s gift distribution business. Home shopping channels and mail order catalogs have diminished Santa’s market share. He could not sit idly by and permit further erosion of the profit picture.

The reindeer downsizing was made possible through the purchase of a late model Japanese sled for the CEO’s annual trip. Improved productivity from Dasher and Dancer, who summered at the Harvard Business School, is anticipated. Reduction in reindeer will also lessen airborne environmental emissions for which the North Pole has received unfavorable press. I am pleased to inform you that Rudolph’s role will not be disturbed. Tradition still counts for something at the North Pole. Management denies, in the strongest possible language, the earlier leak that Rudolph’s nose got that way, not from the cold, but from substance abuse. Calling Rudolph “a lush who was into the sauce and never did pull his share of the load” was an unfortunate comment, made by one of Santa’s helpers and taken out of context at a time of year when he is known to be under executive stress.

As a further restructuring, today’s global challenges require the North Pole to continue to look for better, more competitive steps. Effective immediately, the following economy measures are to take place in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” subsidiary:

The partridge will be retained, but the pear tree never turned out to be the cash crop forecasted. It will be replaced by a plastic hanging plant, providing considerable savings in maintenance;

The two turtle doves represent a redundancy that is simply not cost effective. In addition, their romance during working hours could not be condoned. The positions are therefore eliminated;

The three French hens will remain intact. After all, everyone loves the French;

The four calling birds were replaced by an automated voice mail system, with a call waiting option. An analysis is underway to determine who the birds have been calling, how often and how long they talked;

The five golden rings have been put on hold by the Board of Directors. Maintaining a portfolio based on one commodity could have negative implications for institutional investors. Diversification into other precious metals as well as a mix of T-bills and high technology stocks appear to be in order;

The six geese-a-laying constitutes a luxury which can no longer be afforded. It has long been felt that the production rate of one egg per goose per day is an example of the decline in productivity. Three geese will be let go, and an upgrading in the selection procedure by personnel will assure management that from now on every goose it gets will be a good one;

The seven swans-a-swimming is obviously a number chosen in better times. The function is primarily decorative. Mechanical swans are on order. The current swans will be retrained to learn some new strokes and therefore enhance their outplacement;

As you know, the eight maids-a-milking concept has been under heavy scrutiny by the EEOC. A male/female balance in the workforce is being sought. The more militant maids consider this a dead-end job with no upward mobility. Automation of the process may permit the maids to try a-mending, a-mentoring or a-mulching;

Nine ladies dancing has always been an odd number. This function will be phased out as these individuals grow older and can no longer do the steps; Ten Lords-a-leaping is overkill. The high cost of Lords plus the expense of international air travel prompted the Compensation Committee to suggest replacing this group with ten out-of-work congressmen. While leaping ability may be somewhat sacrificed, the savings are significant because we expect an oversupply of unemployed congressmen this year;

Eleven pipers piping and twelve drummers drumming is a simple case of the band getting too big. A substitution with a string quartet, a cutback on new music and no uniforms will produce savings which will drop right down to the bottom line;

We can expect a substantial reduction in assorted people, fowl, animals, and other expenses. Though incomplete, studies indicate that stretching deliveries over twelve days is inefficient. If we can drop ship in one day, service levels will be improved. Regarding the lawsuit filed by the attorney’s association seeking expansion to include the legal profession (“thirteen lawyers-a-suing) action is pending.

Lastly, it is not beyond consideration that deeper cuts may be necessary in the future to stay competitive. Should that happen, the Board will request management to scrutinize the Snow White Division to see if seven dwarfs is the right number.
Pastor Tim’s CleanLaugh List

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