Daily Stuff 2-11-15 Bernadette

Hi, folks!

Header ancient-light buttonAnnouncements – Two big ones this week. #1, Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of opening our first brick and mortar store, up in Seal Rock! #2, there are no classes this weekend as Anja is away and then Ancient Light will be closed this coming Sunday, so that Tempus can also go. We’ll re-open on Monday at the usual time.

weather Partly SunnyIt’s 62F and sunny part of the time. It’s also rather dry considering the amount of rain that we had for several days, down to 70% humidity. There’s occasional zephyr that stirs the leaves, but it’s just nicely quiet.

motif food cupcakeWe got moving rather later than usual yesterday and then again this morning. With all the stuff that’s been going, we slept in and then didn’t move fast even once started.

Hatch and I spent most of the afternoon setting up various kinds of pickles and then I made a chicken and rice casserole for supper. He went on in the evening making some of the cooked mushrooms for the mushroom pasties.

motif food veg BeetMarius was there for awhile in the evening, talking over some business with Tempus, but he went home early and I worked on the computer for awhile and so did Tempus.

Today Tempus is helping our elderly friend and Hatch and I are cooking.

A birthday card for me from Cat!

020915 Card Cat

blueberryC 041313Today’s Plant is the Blueberry, Vaccinium Cyanococcus (many species/varieties)! This is a fruiting bush that is related to cranberries, huckleberries and bilberries, has many species within the genus and many varieties within the species. Many fruits are called blueberries, when they’re not Vaccinium. Widely cultivated across the world, the fruit is high in iron and lot of micronutrients and even has resveratrol like red grapes. It may have effects on brain health, reducing strokemagic 031313 blueberry ginger crumbledamage in experimental animals and memory retention in the aged. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueberry – Put blueberries under the doormat to keep people you don’t want out of the house or plant them along the property line or next to the front walk to keep them entirely off your property. Blossoms can be dried and carried in an amulet, or wear fresh ones in your hair for protection from negative psychic energy near you. Eat blueberries and/or make blueberry pie or tea or jam to get the protection from psychic attack inside you, especially if the effects are leading to headaches and fatigue. 

feast 0211 VirgendeLourdesToday is the anniversary of the date in 1858 when Bernadette Soubirous first saw an apparition of the Goddess, appearing as the Virgin Mary, in the grotto of Lourdes, which has been a shire of Kore/Persephone for a long, long while. More here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Lourdes I learned a new word today, “mantic”. It means related to divination or prophecy. The spring at Lourdes was described as “mantic” in the article. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mantic


wheel of the yearThe shop is closed on Tuesday/Wednesday. Winter hours are 11am-5pm Thursday through Monday, although they’re drifting longer into the evening as sunset does. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Waning Quarter moonWaning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 2/18 at 3:47pm. Waning Gibbous Moon Best time for draining the energy behind illness, habits or addictions. Magicks of this sort, started now, should be ended before the phase change to the New Moon. , Associated God/dess: Hera/Hero, Cybele, Zeus the Conqueror, Mars/Martius, Anansi, Prometheus. Phase ends at the Quarter on 2/11 at 7:50pm. Waning Crescent Moon –Best time for beginning introspective magicks that are more long term (full year cycle) A good time for beginning knot magicks to “bind up” addictions and illness (finish just before the Tide Change of Dark to New) and “tying up loose ends” God/dess aspects – Demeter weeping for her Daughter, Mabon, Arachne Tyr. Phase ends on 2/14 at 3:47am. 

Waning Quarter moonWednesday, Feb. 11, 10:50 p.m. EST – Last Quarter Moon – The Last Quarter Moon rises around 1:15 a.m. and sets around 11:45 a.m. It is most easily seen just after sunrise in the southern sky.

If you’re awake for these frigid dawns, watch the waning Moon walking above “summer” constellations now making their morning appearance. In early dawn on Thursday morning the 12th, the last-quarter Moon guides the way to Saturn and Antares to the Moon’s lower left, as shown below:

021115 astro moonThis is a fine time of year to look for the zodiacal light at nightfall, if you live in the mid-northern latitudes. From a clear, clean, dark site, look west at the end of twilight for a vague but huge, tall pyramid of pearly light. It’s tilted left to align along the constellations of the zodiac. What you’re seeing is sunlit interplanetary dust orbiting the Sun near the ecliptic plane. Article: How to See and Shoot the Zodiacal Light.
Believe it or not, seen from interstellar distances this would be the solar system’s brightest feature in total after the Sun itself. The “zodiacal lights” of dust around other stars may be a serious obstacle to someday seeing their small, terrestrial planets.

zodiacal 020615Friday, Feb. 6–Friday, Feb. 20, after evening twilight. Look to the south of west, just above Venus and Mars, for the faint zodiacal light, reflected from interplanetary matter along the ecliptic (marked by green line). Don’t confuse it with the brighter Milky Way to the northwest.
Credit: Starry Night software

Astro neptuneNeptune is lost in the sunset.

Goddess Month of of Bridhe, runs from 1/23 – 2/19
Celtic Tree Month of Luis/Rowan, Jan 21-Feb 17
Rune Runic Month 03 Elhaz AlgizRunic half-month of Elhaz/Algiz, from 1/28-2/11. This half month: optimistic power, protection and sanctuary. Runic half-month of Sowulo/ Sigel, 2/12-26 It represents the power of the force of good throughout the world and is the harbinger of victory and ascendancy over darkness.

Sun in AquariusSun in Aquarius
Moon in ScorpioMoon in Scorpio (4th Quarter exact at 7:50pm)
Mercury Direct at 6:57am
Juno and Jupiter (4/8/15) Retrograde
Color: Yellow

Planting 2/10-11

©2015 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright.


Celtic Tree Month Rowan berries, LuisCeltic Tree Month of Luis/Rowan, Jan 21-Feb 17, Luis (LWEESH)/rowan – The rowan, or mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia L.) is related to servceberries. The red berries were historically used to lure birds into traps, and the specific epithet aucuparia comes from words meaning “to catch a bird”. Birds are also responsible for dispersing the seeds. Rowans thrive in poor soils and colonize disturbed areas. In some parts of Europe they are most common around ancient settlements, either because of their weedy nature or because they were planted. Rowans flower in May. They grow to 15 m (50 feet) and are members of the Rose family (Rosaceae). They are cultivated in North America, especially in the northeast.
Celtic Tree Month Rowan Luis Rowan Sitka Sorbus_sitchensisLuis – Rowan Ogam letter correspondences
Month: December
Color: Grey and Red
Class: Peasant
Letter: L
Meaning: Controlling your life; Protection against control by others.
Plant Tree Apple Quert LuisQuert – Apple Ogam letter correspondences to study this month
Month: None
Color: Green
Class: Shrub
Letter: Q
Meaning: A choice must be made


Waves tide


Tides for Alsea Bay
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                    Visible
W   11     High   4:53 AM     7.3   7:22 AM    Rise 12:31 AM      63
~    11      Low  11:48 AM     1.8   5:39 PM     Set 10:59 AM
~    11     High   5:46 PM     5.4
~    11      Low  11:12 PM     2.9


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – The best way to  get even is to forget..


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What is your ? – What is your greatest fear and how often do you think about it?



~  Real change is uncomfortable. If it’s not feeling that way, you’ve probably just adopted new words. – Seth Godin
~  What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? – Vincent van Gogh
~  Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels. – Goya
~  Heaven is full of answers to prayer for which no one bothered to ask. – Billy Graham (submitted by Rebecca Shirley)

Last night was a most unusual night;
I woke up because I was so cold
And could hear whistling air around me.
I started to roll over and pull up covers
But then my eyes popped wide open…
I was up in the air!
If I rolled over, I would fall straight down.

Very carefully, I became aware
Of the things that were surrounding me.
I felt the softness of feathers,
But not my pillow.
I heard the sound of a lute or veena,
But it was not the radio by my bed…
And I was on back of a giant white swan.

The soft music was the Goddess Sarasvati,
Who was playing on her stringed veena.
She did not speak but sang to me
And all my fear left me,
Replaced by peace and relaxation.
We moved to lower and warmer altitudes
And the music and movement of wings
Lulled me back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was back in my bed
But with an embroidered blanket around me,
The sound of flapping wings in my ears
And the sounds of the veena.
I remember the beauty of the starry sky,
With the goddess’s hair floating around Her…
And never again will I feel unloved.

I still have the blanket that She wrapped me in
Like a cocoon of warmth and safety,
I have never seen another like it for beauty.
On the floor by my bed was a huge white feather
That I put in my bridal chest,
And a carved gold ring that I wear still.

Sometimes in dreams (if they are only dreams)
I feel that I am again flying in the night sky
With the sound of her music and singing,

And the sweet smile she gave me
When she kissed me goodnight. © Copyright 2/10/08, Beth Clare Johnson (Mystic Raven)


Pentacle of ElementsMagick – Crafts

Money Spell Bottle – You will need: 5 old pennies, 5 dimes, 5 quarters, 5 kernels of dried corn, 5 sesame seeds, 5 cinnamon sticks, 5 cloves, 5 whole allspice, 5 pecans. Place each item into a thin, tall bottle, such as a spice bottle. Cap it tightly. Shake the bottle with your projective hand for five minutes while chanting these or similar words: Herbs and silver, Copper and grain; Work to increase My money gain. Place the money spell bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your purse, pocketbook, wallet and/or checkbook near the bottle when at home. Allow money to come into your life. It is done.


Scented Beads

Mix 1Tbsp Acacia Gum powder (Arabic) (or Tragacanth Gum powder)  with 3Tbsp water or oil, add essential oils, roll into beads, pierce,  dry.

Brought to you by AromaThyme.com – http://www.aromathyme.com

[Anja’s note: If you string these beads on wire to let them dry you’ll end up with beads of a uniform hole size.]

Scented Beeswax Heart

Scent a room with this decorative accent. Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart shape from
a sheet of natural beeswax. Wrap the heart in cheesecloth and infuse it with a few drops
of Rose Otto or other essential oil. Place the wrapped heart in a plastic bag for a week.

Remove and discard the cloth and glue a ribbon hanger to the back of the heart.

You can even decorate it with dried flowers and a bow. Hang it in the kitchen or even the bath!!

Brought to you by AromaThyme.com – http://www.aromathyme.com


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – Race Horses

Several racehorses are in a stable. One on them starts boasting about his track record. “Of my last 15 races,” he says, “I’ve won eight.”
Another horse breaks in, ” Well I’ve won 19 of my last 27!”
“That’s good, but I’ve taken 28 of 36, ” says another, flicking his tail.
At this point, a greyhound who’s been sitting nearby listening says, “I don’t mean to boast, but of my last 90 races, I’ve won 88.”
The horses are clearly amazed. “WOW,” says one horse after a prolonged silence, “a talking dog!”

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