Daily Stuff 12-11-15 Muybridge

Hi, folks!

Waves tide Minus Tide at 6:46 PM of -0.7 feet

motif yule holiday lightsLighted House Count 165+6

weather RaindropsIt’s only 46F, very gloomy and drippy with wind in the teens and the occasional startling gust. The porch eaves are dripping steadily. There are layers of clouds above us and it’s supposed to keep right on raining. We got only two tenths of an inch yesterday, but 4 tenths already today.

weather WindyWe certainly had some wild weather yesterday! It was not quite as crazy with the rain, but we got a lot of hail and a “cap full o’ wind”. I was over at the Duckmeister’s, baking, when at 4pm we starting seeing low fluffs of cloud that were all lighted up, then the sunshine bathed the north end of Alsea Bay and then it went out, but we saw it for once. Water was up and over at high tide in a lot of places. The usual meadows are flooded by the combo of minus/plus tides, lotsa water coming down the river and a couple of feet of storm surge. It’s making for misery in spots.

motif bird Cardinal redI had a good day, baking. I made a bunch of stuffed rolls, first, then started in on shortbread. 5 pounds of it oughta hold us awhile! I had a good time chatting with the Duckmeister and a couple of her friends and raiding her cookbook library ‘tween times! I also spent a good while being entertained by her cats and dog. The poor dog is terrified of lightning and thunder, so his life has been interesting for the last couple of days.

peacock bird motif medievalTempus said yesterday was slow at the shop. He got a bunch of stuff done, but it was mostly small stuff. Not very many people were in, shopping. His paper run during the night was *very* late for some reason, but not too bad as far as driving.

Today I’m packing for the weekend and I’ll have to go get some things printed, too. I’m planning on getting the newsletters out, but it might be interesting since WiFi and internet are odd in some places. I’ll be in Grants Pass over the weekend.

A pic by Ken Gagne from yesterday, just south of the Adobe Resort along the 804 trail of seagulls and flying foam.

121015 Ken Gagne 804 trail

Another of the fun ornaments, this one a lace & bead wreath with a little wooden tree in the center

Orns 01 014

plant pic coltsfoot herb Petasites_frigidus_1030Today’s Plant is Coltsfoot, Petasites frigidus var. palmatus.One of the best cough remedies out there, this is often smoked to help cases of chronic bronchitis and asthma. It is also made into cough syrups often combined with horehound. This is another plant where the medicinal and magickal uses seem to go together. Feminine, Venus, water– Add to love sachets and use in spell of peace and tranquility. The leaves, when smoked, can cause visions, and aid with breathing problems. .More here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petasites_frigidus

Boys_playing_Leapfrog Muybridge 12-11Eadweard Muybridge was one of the first to do “motion studies” using photography, some of which are still being used. He made it possible to see these in his “zoopraxiscope” (wow, what a name!) His first famous one seems to have been on a bet to prove that at one point in its stride a trotting horse has all four feet off of the ground. More here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eadweard_Muybridge …where you can find moving images of the ‘scope, the horse and a bison!

Mine - Yule PentacleThe shop opens at 11am . Winter hours are 11am-5pm, Thursday through Monday. Please note that the shop will be closed on 12/25 for Christmas and 1/1 for New Years. We will be open on Wednesday 12/23 and Thursday, 12/24 for last-minute shoppers. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


New MoonWaning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 12/11 at 2:29am. Dark of the Moon, End of the cycle In the time leading up to the “New Moon” you may do banishings and other baneful magicks and healings that require blasting a disease away, as well as using the time for introspection and self-work. Do scrying, now. Good for reversing circumstances. God/dess Aspect: The One Beyond, the Watchers in the Outer Dark, psychopomps – Associated God/desses: Hecate, Kali, Arianhrod, Anja, Kore in the Underworld, Ereshkigal who was Inanna, Set/Seth, Hades, Osiris. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 12/11 at 2:29am. New Moon – The beginning of a new cycle. Keywords for the New phase are: beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action. During this phase the new cycle is being seeded by your vision, inner and outer. Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. VISUALIZE your goals for the 29.6-day cycle ahead. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting. God/dess aspect: Infancy, the Cosmic Egg, Eyes-Wide-Open – Associated God/dess: Inanna who was Ereshkigal. Phase ends on 12/12 at 2:29pm. Waxing Moon Magick – The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 12/25 at 3:12am. 

New MoonFriday, Dec. 11, 5:29 a.m. EST – New Moon – The moon is not visible on the date of New Moon because it is too close to the sun, but can be seen low in the east as a narrow crescent a morning or two before, just before sunrise. It is visible low in the west an evening or two after New Moon.
Astro Constellation Orion Sirius BetelgeuseSirius is, famously, the brightest star in the night sky. Have you ever tried to catch Sirius actually rising? If you can find a good view down to the east-southeast horizon, watch for Sirius emerging into view. It’s about two fists at arm’s length below Orion’s Belt. Sirius rises around 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. now, depending on where you live. When a star is very low, it tends to twinkle quite slowly and often in vivid colors. Sirius is bright enough to show these effects especially well.
081815 astro comet catalinaComet Catalina (C/2013 US10) is running about a magnitude fainter than predicted now that it’s emerging into view low in the east at dawn. So it’s on track to glow at 6th magnitude, not 5th, as it climbs high into the predawn eastern sky through December and January. See the December Sky & Telescope, page 45, or Get a Predawn Peek of Comet Catalina. With finder chart.
Astro uranusAstro neptuneUranus (magnitude +5.7, in Pisces) and Neptune (magnitude +7.9, in Aquarius) are high in the southern sky during early evening. Finder charts for Uranus and Neptune. – See more at: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/sky-at-a-glance/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glance-november-27-december-5/#sthash.VF5IQi5r.dpuf

Goddess Month of Astrea runs from 11/28 – 12/25
Celtic Tree Month of Ruis/Elder  Nov 25 – Dec 22

Rune Runic Month 23 Is IsaRunic half-month of Isa/ Is November 28-12 Literally, ‘ice’: a static period. The time of waiting before birth. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992 Runic half-month of Jera/ Jara 12/13-12/27 – Jara signifies the completion of natural cycles, such as fruition, and has a more transcendent meaning of mystic marriage of Earth and Cosmos. *Ø* Wilson’s Almanac free daily ezine | Book of Days | December 13

Sun in SagittariusSun in Sagittarius
Moon in SagittariusMoon in Sagittarius enters Capricorn at 10:46pm
Color: Pink


©2015 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright.


elderberry flower RuisRuis  Elder  Nov 25 – Dec 22 – Ruis – (RWEESH), elder – Celtic tree month of Ruis (Elder) commences (Nov 25 – Dec 22) – Like other Iron Age Europeans, the Celts were a polytheistic people prior to their conversion to (Celtic) Christianity. The Celts divided the year into 13 lunar cycles (months or moons). These were linked to specific sacred trees which gave each moon its name. Today commences the Celtic tree month of Elder.
Elder or Elderberry (Sambucus) is a genus of fast-growing shrubs or small trees in the family Caprifoliaceae. They bear bunches of small white or cream coloured flowers in the Spring, that are followed by bunches of small red, bluish or black berries. The berries are a very valuable food resource for many birds.
Common North American species include American Elder, Sambucus canadensis, in the east, and Blueberry Elder, Sambucus glauca, in the west; both have blue-black berries.
The common European species is the Common or Black Elder, Sambucus nigra, with black berries.
plant red elderberry RuisThe common elder (Sambucus nigra L.) is a shrub growing to 10 m (33 feet) in damp clearings, along the edge of woods, and especially near habitations. Elders are grown for their blackish berries, which are used for preserves and wine. The leaf scars have the shape of a crescent moon. Elder branches have a broad spongy pith in their centers, much like the marrow of long bones, and an elder branch stripped of its bark is very bone-like. The red elder (S. racemosa L.) is a similar plant at higher elevations; it grows to 5 m (15 feet). Red elder extends its native range to northern North America, and it is cultivated along with other native species, but common elders are seldom seen in cultivation. Elders are in the Honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae).
plant motif Elderberry RuisRuis – Elder Ogam letter correspondences
Month: Makeup days of the thirteenth Moon
Color: Red
Class: Shrub
Letter: R
Meaning: End of a cycle or problem.
elder month Husband_and_wife_trees - Blackthorn Ruisto study this month Straif – Blackthorn Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Purple
Class: Chieftain
Letter: SS, Z, ST
Meaning: Resentment; Confusion; Refusing to see the truth


Waves tide


Tides for Alsea Bay
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                    Visible
F   11     High  12:36 AM     6.8   7:42 AM    Rise  7:38 AM      0
11      Low   5:56 AM     3.1   4:37 PM     Set  5:25 PM
11     High  11:44 AM     8.6
11      Low   6:46 PM    -0.7


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What? – What four things are most important in your life?



~  Go out there and claim your dreams. Live them. Freedom is yours for the taking. Kerr Cuhulain
~  We need to teach our children how to debate the major life issues. Debate strengthens their beliefs and enables them to defend themselves against ideologies that are going to come their way. – Jim Rohn
~  Where there is great love, there are always miracles. – Willa Cather
~  The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

Chickpea to Cook

A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot
where it’s being boiled.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

The cook knocks him down with the ladle.

“Don’t you try to jump out.
You think I’m torturing you.
I’m giving you flavor,
so you can mix with spices and rice
and be the lovely vitality of a human being.

Remember when you drank rain in the garden.
That was for this.”

Grace first. Sexual pleasure,
then a boiling new life begins,
and the Friend has something good to eat.

Eventually the chickpea
will say to the cook,
“Boil me some more.
Hit me with the skimming spoon.
I can’t do this by myself.

I’m like an elephant that dreams of gardens
back in Hindustan and doesn’t pay attention
to his driver. You’re my cook, my driver,
my way into existence. I love your cooking.”

The cook says,
“I was once like you,
fresh from the ground. Then I boiled in time,
and boiled in the body, two fierce boilings.

My animal soul grew powerful.
I controlled it with practices,
and boiled some more, and boiled
once beyond that,
and became your teacher.” – Rumi, tr. Coleman Barks


Yule Log 122413Yule Magick – Spells

Household Holiday Protection – November 26th, 2007

Color of the day: Silver Incense of the day: Basil

You’ve already gotten your house ready for winter. The windows are insulated, drafts blocked, appropriate fuel laid in, and so forth. But you hear that cold, cold wind gnawing at the eaves, and you still shiver. So what can you do, magically, to make the house feel warmer? You’ll need a red candle, preferably scented with cinnamon. Light the candle and focus on its flame. Imagine a bubble of red light surrounding your home, and say:

Let the winds
of winter shout
As we shut
them safely out.
Let the winds
of winter wail
For this shield
will never fail.
Let the winds
of winter ride
While we all
stay safe inside.

Blow out the candle and keep it in a safe place through the season.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Snow Protection Spell

You will need:

  • one peppercorn
  • one pinch of salt
  • one pinch of powdered sugar
  • pinch of powdered ginger
  • pinch of powdered cloves
  • a small pinch of cayenne pepper
  • snow pattern cotton cloth square
  • small bowl

Put the sugar in the bowl, saying and visualizing: “Spirit of Snow, Spirit of Rain, Spirit of Storm and Stormy Sea, please add your power to this spell.”
Add the salt to the bowl, saying: “I charge you with stability.”
Place the peppercorn in bowl, saying: “I charge you with protection.”
Add the cayenne pepper, saying: “I charge you with warmth.”
Add the ginger, saying: “I charge you with protection.”
Add the cinnamon, saying “I charge you with the strength of the roof tree.”

Add the Add the cloves, saying: “I charge you with protection. “

Mix the assembled spices and salt with your fingers and visualize yourself having a safe, healthy,
and guarded time. Now transfer the herbs to the center of the cloth square. Fold in half and in half
again and sew up the ends. Carry this with you. Make a new charm ever snowy/rainy season.


YuleTide SpellsCapricorn Begins (Various Locations)Goddess Of The Day: AMALTHEIAThemes: Success; Humor; Reason; Devotion; ProvidenceSymbols: Goat; Cornucopia; Stars

About Amaltheia: In Greek Mythology, this she-goat goddess nourished Zeus as an infant. In later years, Zeus broke off one of her horns,which became the cornucopia, providing sustenance for all earth’s creatures. For her diligence and service, Amaltheia was transformed into the constellation Capricorn, where she remains.

To Do Today: This astrological sign begins on the first day of winter with the power of logic and reason to guide action, balanced by a keen sense of humor when the going gets rough. Those born under this sign strive tenaciously for success, like the stubborn goat that they are. To improve your personal tenacity, make a paper horn filled with fruit. From now until the end of the year, eat a piece of fruit each day named after the area of your life in which you need Amaltheia’s diligence. Take that energy with you each day so that by the end of the year you will achieve success. Other ways of emphasizing Amaltheia’s power include keeping the image of a goat (perhaps cut out of a magazine, or one

made of stone) on your altar or in another place of honor today, carrying fortitude-inspiring herbs like gingerroot and carnation, or tucking in your pocket for the day stones that inspire victory (like marble). By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess” 


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – Smart Joke # 2. A mathematician and an engineer decided they’d take part in an experiment. They were both put in a room and at the other end was a naked woman on a bed. The experimenter said that every 30 seconds they could travel half the distance between themselves and the woman. The mathematician stormed off, calling it pointless. The engineer was still in. The mathematician said “Don’t you see? You’ll never get close enough to actually reach her.” The engineer replied, “So? I’ll be close enough for all practical purposes.” – http://higherperspectives.com/jokes-for-intellectuals/?c=cleo&ts_pid=2&ts_pid=2

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