Daily Stuff 6-12-16 extra

Hi, folks!

I ope13435462_1239896962711669_6224573173627712799_nned my computer this morning to post today’s and yesterday’s newsletters and got slammed with the news about the Pulse mass shooting. I just can’t at the moment. I feel like someone kicked me in the gut and I still can’t quite breathe. Writing this I’m weeping again…. But I also want to say, please don’t start to hate. Get angry, yes! Ask the Goddess to take that righteous anger at wanton slaughter stemming from whipped up hate and fear and *use* it to fix the underpinnings of this mess we’re in. …but don’t hate, because that corrodes *you* from the inside out….

061216 John RhyneI’ll finish the newsletter once I can get my breath….

Yes, the shop is open today. Tempus went down there a bit late. He’ll put a sign up and come back for me once I stop going into hysterics….

…and this lovely photo and caption are what started to pull me out of the mess I was in.

“Seems like a fitting image today – beauty rising above bleeding hearts. Now to stop crying. 😦 ” – John Rhyne

Love & Light,

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