Daily Stuff 8-28-16 Dream Day

Hi, folks!

weather Cloud oceanThe clouds are low over the backbay hanging like a scalloped fringe below the tree level and the downbay has sprouted fishing poles all along it, both sides. Seagulls were flying in the mist there. It isn’t damp the way yesterday’s morning was, just very low cloud. 57F with almost no wind even down by the water.

082516 Flower8Yesterday was a little on the bonkers side…. We got started easily enough with our coffee, since we got the shop open early. Tempus headed out at around 11:20, planning to start the emptying/turning off/cleaning process on the fridge, since the kids figured on making it to Newport at around 11:30 and then they were going to have to get the truck from the rental place.

071116 flower5I spent some time on herbs and managed to find and prep all the dried oregano. That was a struggle. I got the herbs in the dryer re-stacked, so that the dryer can be moved. Not sure where it’s going, yet.

082516 Tree…and then I was the telephone operator, fielding phone calls and Facebook messages and passing them on to the folks converging on the piano.

070216 Flower10…and then processed oregano, then tangerine peel, then some lavendar, then basil. Wow! we were busy. I think from 1-1:45 we had about 40 people in and out and almost as many in the next 1/2 hour!

082616 Nasturs2By 3pm the piano and fridge were shifted. I paid the guys who helped. The kids stopped at the shop for Mom hugs and then took off with the piano. I also gave DD the unicorn potpourri holder that we had because she loves unicorns. Tempus and Jay headed back up to the house to work on the dining table, now that the fridge was down here. …and then we were busy some more!

071816 Flower13Eventually Tempus was back and then Stella and Amy and finally Marius showed up and we all talked, then went our separate ways. Marius took with him the stuff for the Coos Bay display.

072916 flower1Tempus went back up and got Jay and we took him to the China Restaurant for dinner because he helped with the moving of stuff. We had a yum dinner and Tempus and I have leftovers for today’s lunch, but there was a fridge in the way when I got back and I couldn’t put them in! Tempus had to.

071116 flower2We turned on the sunroom sprinkler when we got home and crashed, although I didn’t stay that way because the swishing of the water kept waking me. We set it for 2 hours, but I think it ran 4 and I finally got up and turned it off, myself.

We’re here early. Tempus has shifted things somewhat, but we’re not open for a bit, yet. I’m hoping to get the fridge into the back before we do. House Capuchin’s Project Day is today from Noon to 6pm. I’m planning to do pickled eggs this afternoon after the fridge is plugged in.

Great Blue Heron 6/12/15 photo by Ken Gagne, Yachats061215 Ken Gagne Heron Yachats

Today is the anniversary of the event in Washington DC where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. More info on Wikipedia
here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Have_a_Dream 


I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, ‘We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.’ I have a dream . . .”

“”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!”.

This speech stands among the greatest in our nation’s history. It shaped the conscience of my generation. It still makes me weep with the beauty of it. You can listen here: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkihaveadream.htm

lovageToday’s Plant is Lovage, levisticum officinale.It seems to have originated somewhere near the eastern Mediterranean and has been cultivated for a long while, being a very useful plant. It has a strong, long-lasting scent, that reminds a person of celery and parsley, but with the volume turned up. Harvested the day before, even after washing it’s still detectable on my hands! It’s great in salads, but chop it small and mix with other greens or it overpowers! Both leaf and seed are great in soups, especially seafood chowders and the roots can be eaten as a vegetable. I’ve drunk lovage cordial, which is tasty. It has a high flavonoid content, as well. Medicinally, a strong leaf tea, iced, is a good antiseptic, especially for extensive scrapes, where it takes down the sting and swelling very quickly and can be splashed on as often as needed. It can be used for mild cases of water retention, as well, and even with high blood pressure. – Masculine, Sun, Fire – This herb is often used in love magicks, but works best as a self-confidence enhancer. Take a bath with a sachet of the leaves, or make a strong tea that you toss into the bathwater before going out to meet new people or to start a new job. It also helps to small a sachet of the leaves if you’re having trouble concentrating on a task. Wiki has more:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovage

Mabon pentacleThe shop opens at 11am! Summer hours are 11am-7pm Thursday through Monday. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar

Hecate's Brooch MoonWaning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 9/1 at 2:03am. Hecate’s Brooch 3-5 days before New Moon – Best time for Releasing Rituals. It’s the last few days before the new moon, the time of Hecate’s Brooch. This is the time that if you’re going to throw something out, or sweep the floors, or take stuff to Good Will, do it! Rid yourself of negativity and work on the letting go process. Release the old, removing unwanted negative energies, addictions, or illness. Do physical and psychic cleansings. Good for wisdom & psychic ability. Goddess Aspect: Crone – Associated God/desses: Callieach, Banshee, Hecate, Baba Yaga, Ereshkigal, Thoth. Phase ends at the Dark on 8/30 at 2:03pm. 

Venus-Jupiter-27Aug2016_fCassiopeia astro constellationAstro Constellation Big Dipper PolarisYou can tell that summer’s days are numbered: when darkness falls, <<<Cassiopeia has risen about as high in the northeast as the Big Dipper >>>  has declined in the northwest.
Perseus astro constallation AlgolAlso, with August nearing its end, you can say hello to the Double Cluster in Perseus without having to stay up late. After dark, find the tilted W of Cassiopeia partway up the northeastern sky. Note the two stars of its lower-left segment (the faint end of the W). Using binoculars, aim at the midpoint between them and then drop down by a little more than the full width of the binocular’s view (for typical binoculars). Look for two little irregular cotton puffs, touching each other and tilted diagonally. With a dark enough sky you can even make them out with the unaided eye, as a distinct enhancement of the background Milky Way.
Astro venusAstro jupiterVenus and Jupiter are very low in bright twilight, shining at magnitudes –3.8 and –1.7 respectively. After their close conjunction on August 27th, Venus creeps a little higher each night and Jupiter sinks farther to Venus’s lower right. Their separation grows by 1° per day. Bring binoculars.

Goddess Month of Hesperus runs from 8/9 – 9/5
Celtic Tree Month of Coll/Hazel, Aug 5 – Sep 1, Coll (CULL)
Celtic Tree Month of Muin/Vine  Sep 2 – 29 – (MUHN, like “foot”), 

Rune Runic Month 16 Ansuz Os AsRunic half-month of Ansuz/ As /Os/, 8-13-8/29 – This time is sacred to the god/desses of Asgard and contains the time of the Ordeal of Odin and the festival of the Runes. This time is also referring to Yggdrasil, the Tree that give order to the Worlds. This is a time of stability and divine order visible in the world. Runic half-month of Raidho/Rad 8/29-9/12 – Denotes the channeling of energies in the correct manner to produce the desired results. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, p. 102

Sun in VirgoSun in Virgo
Moon in CancerMoon in Cancer
Pluto (9/26), Pallas (10/17), Neptune (11/19) Chiron (12/1) and Uranus (12/29) Retrograde
Color: Gold

Planting 8/27-8


©2016 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


from Wikimedia commons

from Wikimedia commons

Celtic Tree Month of Coll/Hazel, Aug 5 – Sep 1, Coll (CULL), hazel – The hazel (Corylus avellana L) is the source of hazelnuts. It forms a shrub up to 6 m (20 feet) tall, inhabiting open woodlands and scrubs, hedgerows, and the edges of forests. The filbert nut in North American groceries is Corylus maxima, a related species. The European hazelnut is cultivated in North America, primarily as an ornamental. Hazelnuts are in the Birch family (Betulaceae).

Hazel celtic tree month CollColl – Hazel Ogam letter correspondences
Month: July
Color: Brown
Class: Chieftain
Letter: C, K
Meaning: Creative energies for work or projects.


Waves tide

Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide    Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~            /Low      Time       Feet    Sunset                                  Visible
Su  28      Low   4:20 AM    -0.3   6:35 AM    Rise  2:48 AM      21
~    28     High  10:51 AM     6.1   7:59 PM     Set  5:44 PM
~    28      Low   4:19 PM     2.5
~    28     High  10:15 PM     7.7


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Waves are inspiring. Not because they rise and fall, but, because every time they fall, they always try to rise.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What would you? – What would you do if you would stay 25 forever?



~  Your body is your temple: Care for it! Do not engage in useless activity. Listen to the Goddess. Help thyself. You create your own reality. – (Order of Scathach Warrior’s Admonition)
~  A fool and his money are soon elected. – Will Rogers (1879-1935) US actor, humorist
~  As things are, and as fundamentally they must always be, poetry is not a career, but a mug’s game. No honest poet can ever feel quite sure of the permanent value of what he has written: He may have wasted his time and messed up his life for nothing. – Thomas Stearnes Eliot (1888-1965) US writer
~  The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher. – Chinese Proverb

Lady with no eyes,
Take this death
Into your chrysalis belly
The magic womb makes life
Come again,
In the rising
Spring morning – ~Starr Goode


Mabon2 divMabon Magick – Recipes

Pumpkin Pasties – Heather Dee – Posted on Facebook – September 11 at 8:20am

  • 2 ¼ cups all purpose flour
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ cup non hydrogenated shortening
  • ½ – ¾ cup cold water
  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar

Combine flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl. Add the shortening in small chunks and mix on low-med speed until the dough is crumbly and resembles pebbles. Add the vinegar to ½ a cup of the water and add slowly while the mixer is going or in batches if not using an electric mixer. The dough should form a ball. If it’s still crumbly add a little more water until it holds together. Form dough into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour. Prepare the pumpkin filling while dough is chilling

Pumpkin filling – You’ll probably have leftovers so go ahead and halve this if you want, or make a little pie with the leftovers.

  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • Water to blend cashews
  • 1 16 oz can pumpkin
  • 2 Tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¾ tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp ground ginger

Place cashews in a food processor, add ¼ cup water and mix on high speed until a paste has formed. Add more water 1 Tablespoon at a time if necessary. (You could also try soaking and draining the cashews before hand so not as much water will need to be added.)

Add pumpkin and cornstarch and blend again until smooth and no cashew chunks are visible. Add a little extra water if necessary. The key is to make sure the filling is thick enough so that it doesn’t ooze out of the little pies. Add in the sugar and spices and blend to combine.


Preheat oven to 400 F

Roll out dough to a little less than ¼ inch thick and cut into 3 ½ to 4 inch circles using a biscuit cutter or a drinking glass. Take one round and stretch it out a bit and then place about 2 tsps of filling in the center. Fold circle over into a half moon shape and press down the edges with a fork to close. Make a little slit in the top and sprinkle with a little sugar if you want. Transfer to greased or parchment covered baking sheet and bake for about 25 minutes until pasties are golden brown.

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
2 Tbsps. raw sesame seeds
1 Tbsp. unsalted butter
1/2 tsp. baking soda

  1. Lightly butter heavy baking sheet or line with silicone mat or parchment paper.
  2. In heavy 2- to 3-quart saucepan, gently stir together sugar, water and corn syrup.
  3. Using wet pastry brush, wash down sides of pan.
  4. Add salt.
  5. Bring to boil over medium-high heat and cook, undisturbed, occasionally washing down sides of pan, until sugar starts to color around edges.
  6. Gently swirl pan to even out color and stir frequently to prevent scorching.
  7. At first hint of amber color, remove pan from heat.
  8. Stir in seeds and butter.
  9. Wait a few seconds for most of butter to melt, then stir in baking soda; it will foam up.
  10. Stir again and quickly pour mixture onto prepared baking sheet.
  11. Using wooden spatula, spread and flatten mixture as much as possible.
  12. Let cool until edges can be handled, but mixture is still warm enough to be pliable.
  13.  Stretch or pull it out so that nuts are no more than 1 layer deep and you can see through candy in spots.
  14. Let cool completely, then break into large shards.
  15. May store in airtight container, layered with waxed paper, up to 2 weeks.

Makes 1 1/2 pounds.

Variations: Instead of seeds, use 2 cups (about 7 ounces) unsalted roasted cashews, toasted and skinned hazelnuts, fresh pecan pieces or halves, lightly toasted walnuts or unsalted dry-roasted peanuts.

Mabon Fresh Apple Pound Cake)0(

2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups vegetable oil
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 large eggs
3 cups firm apples, diced
3 cups plain flour
1 cup pecans or walnuts, chopped
1 teaspoon baking soda
Mix together sugar and oil.
Add eggs and beat well.
Combine flour, baking soda, and salt.
Add to oil mixture.
Stir in vanilla, apples, nuts, and mix well.
Pour batter into a greased 9 inch tube pan
Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until cake is done.

1 stick margarine
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 cup light brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Heat margarine and sugar together over low heat. Add milk and let
come to a full boil. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Drizzle over the cake.
From MOONCRAFTS online newsletter vol. 36


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – Classic Quips From Late Night – Has anybody seen the Al Gore movie about global warming and the environment? Well, the Bush administration has seen it and they are very annoyed about the whole thing. As a matter of fact, earlier today, Dick Cheney shot a projectionist. … One very dramatic scene in the Al Gore global warming movie is when a glacier melts and they find more Al Gore ballots from the election. – David Letterman

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