Daily Stuff 3-8-17 Shahnameh

Hi, folks!

The rain is steady and chill. It wasn’t coming down so hard a couple of hours ago when I was working on plants outside and then sitting in the Meditation Garden. 50F, gradually warming a little, which is *awfully* nice! The wind finally died down late in the day yesterday, so it’s quiet, now, even by the ocean it’s in the low teens. We got 4/5 of an inch yesterday and it’s gradually building up today again. Active Notice: Areal Flood Watch since there’s rain as well as snow melt going.

We got to the shop later than usual yesterday and it was a day marked mostly by wind and some rain. …and eggs…. which are cheap right now, so we had omelettes for brunch, then hardboiled a quantity to make pickled eggs, egg salad and to have for breakfasts during the week.

I was writing, mostly, and Tempus was wrassling paperwork. He left at around 8pm to get the shopping done and then start the paper route. I got a couple more pages put together on the blog. If you want to see some of the non-sanity that took us out of town a couple of weeks ago, check this page. http://wp.me/p8ngGY-bN  Amazing stuff!

The route went well last night. I got picked up around 2 as Tempus was offloading groceries from the shopping. It was quiet after the windy day, and still dry, although the clouds were thick. I saw lots of eyes last night, shining from the brush by the roads, and we spotted cats, possums, raccoons and a deer, after Tempus had seen a fawn earlier in the run. We got in before 6am and it was light enough that I dind’t need a flashlight on the path! The Wheel is Turning!

Speaking of which…. the next Open Circle is Friday, 3/24, for Ostara! We’ll be doing this as a Feast for the Child in each of us, so plan on getting a bit messy. 🙂

We took our time this morning, putting clean laundry away and cleaning up a little in the apartment and then I spent some time working outside, repotting a hyacinth bulb and some daffodils that were forced and need to rest now, doing a little weeding, harvesting more of the chickweed, and finally sitting in the Meditation Garden under the thick branches of a hemlock, watching the rain beginning to come down, with me sitting dry and warm in the llama wool poncho that Grandma bought me 12 years ago. Large drops would fall, having collected on the evergreens and make the leaves of the rhodys and salal bounce. Drops were falling into the pool and making tiny tinkling sounds. That was a lovely break!

I’m doing more writing today and going to try to do some cooking for the week, making a couple of sandwich spreads and setting up a pottage or a pot roast. Well, we’ll see what I manage to get done.

A Ken Gagne photo from yesterday’s wave action along the 804 trail in Yachats.

220px-Allium_cernuum_2853Today’s Plant is Nodding Onion, Allium cernuum. This is sometimes called Lady’s Leek. It’s an edible plant in the Allium family, but not particularly choice. (Yeah, personal experience…) It’s called “Nodding” because the inflorescences, the “flower”, tend to droop, unlike a lot of the alliums that end up with a ball on a stick. Most of the plants in this family are edible, but be careful! There are a few that are either disgusting or at least mildly poisonous and there are bulbs that *are* poisonous that are easy to mistake. Onions have been very important as a food/nutrition source for a long while and have even been worshiped at times. These are grown as ornamentals, mostly, but are found wild here on the coast. More here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allium_cernuum and on Alliums here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlliumMasculine, Mars, Fire, Isis – Cut and dry the flowers and add to a grapevine or rosemary wreath for a house protection spell. These are great for house blessings. Grown in pots indoors or in the garden they protect against evil and particularly against poisonous snakes. When you harvest in the fall, make a decorative braid of onions and hang over bedroom doors to prevent infections. Nodding onions are great for this purpose because, not being particularly great as food, you won’t mind replanting them in the spring as they start to sprout! Purify swords and athames after particularly heavy magicks, by rubbing the blade with a cut bulb, then wash with clear water and oil with rosemaryfeast 0308 Shahnameh-infused almond oil. Place the dried flowers in a vase at the head of the bed, or pack into a pillow sachet to help clarify prophetic dreams.

There is an epic poem that is 1003 years old today. The Shahnameh “The Book of Kings”) is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 and 1010 CE and is the national epic of the Iranian cultural continent. Consisting of some 60,000 verses, the Shahnameh tells mainly the mythical and to some extent the historical past of (Greater) Iran from the creation of the world until the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century. More here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahnameh and on the poet here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdowsi

Ostara PentacleThe shop is closed on Tuesday/Wednesday. Winter Hours are 11am-5pm Thursday through Monday, although we’re there a lot later most nights. Closing is drifting later with the sunset time, but it won’t be official until Spring Break. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar

Waxing Gibbous MoonWaxing Moon Magick – The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 3/12 at 7:54am. Waxing Gibbous Moon – From seven to fourteen days after the new moon. For spells that need concentrated work over a ¼ moon cycle this is the best time for constructive workings. Aim to do the last working on the day of the Full moon, before the turn. Keywords for the Gibbous phase are: analyze, prepare, trust. It is the time in a cycle to process the results of the actions taken during the First Quarter. During this phase you are gathering information. Give up making judgments; it will only lead to worry. Your knowledge is incomplete. Laugh. Analyze and filter. LOOK WITHIN. God/dess aspect: Maiden/Youth, but in the uncommitted phase, the Warriors – Associated God/desses: Dion, Dionysius, Venus, Thor. Phase ends at the Full on 3/10 at 7:54pm.

As the Moon waxes toward full (on the 12th), it shines under Leo.
Bright Sirius now stands due south on the meridian just as twilight fades away into night. Sirius is the bottom star of the equilateral Winter Triangle. The other two stars of the Tiangle are orange Betelgeuse to Sirius’s upper right (Orion’s shoulder) and Procyon to Sirius’s upper left. The waxing gibbous Moon shines higher to the Triangle’s upper left.
Saturn (magnitude +0.5, at the Ophiuchus-Sagittarius border) rises in the early morning hours. It glows well up in the south-southeast before and during dawn. Redder Antares (magnitude +1.0) twinkles 18° to Saturn’s right.

Goddess Month of Moura, runs from 2/20-3/19
Celtic Tree Month of Nuin/Nion/Ash, Feb 18 – Mar 17
Rune Runic Month 05 Tyr TiwazRunic half-month of Teiwaz/Tyr, 2/27-3/13 This is a time of positive regulation, sacrifice and hard work in order to progress. 
Sun in Pisces
Sun in Pisces
Moon in Cancer enters Leo at 8:45am.
Venus (4/15), Jupiter (6/9) Retrograde
Color: White


©2016 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


nuin celtic tree month plant tree AshCeltic Tree Month of Nuin/Nion/Ash, Feb 18 – Mar 17, Nion (NEE-uhn), ash – the common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) is a major tree of lowland forests in much of Europe, along with oaks and beeches. It grows to 40 m (130 feet) in open sites, with a broad crown reminiscent of American elm trees. Ash was and still is an important timber tree, and is a traditional material for the handle of a besom. The common ash is occasionally cultivated in North America, and similar native ash species are widely grown as street trees. Ashes are members of the Olive family (Oleaceae).

Nuin – Ash Ogam letter correspondences
Celtic tree month Ash NuinFraxinus_latifolia_JPG1FeMonth: March
Color: Glass Green
Class: Chieftain
Letter: N
Meaning: Locked into  chain of events; Feeling bound.

celtic tree month nuin oir spindleOgam letter correspondences to study this month Oir – Spindle Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: White
Class: Peasant
Letter: TH, OI
Meaning: Finish obligations and tasks or your life cannot move forward.


Waves tide

Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~              /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                    Visible
W    8      Low   2:48 AM     3.0   6:40 AM     Set  4:18 AM      75
~     8     High   8:44 AM     7.8   6:14 PM    Rise  2:20 PM
~     8      Low   3:47 PM    -0.1
~     8     High  10:19 PM     6.7

First Minus Tide of the cycle at 3:47 PM of -0.1 feet.


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Remember the blessings that come each day.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What is your ? – What is your most prized possession?



~  Let your awareness flow around you, feeling out the shape of the world. – Kerr Cuhulain
~  Must I fear what others fear? What abysmal nonsense is this? – Tao Te Ching
~  My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day. – Johnny Carson
~  Nature never goes out of style. – Author Unknown

San Martin xe anda’ in sofita
a trovar la so novissa
so novissa no ghe gera
San Martin xe anda’ par tera.

[St Martin went up to the attic
to visit his betrothed,
his betrothed wasn’t there,
San Martin fell on the floor.] – St Martin’s Day rhyme from Venice, Italy   (Source: Almaniac Sylvia de Vanna in correspondence to Wilson’s Almanac)


ostara sabbat egg dividerOstara Magick – Lore – 
Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring

The not-so-humble egg is inarguably the most pervasive symbol of the worlds spring festivals, Ostara included. Within its shell is contained all the archetypical connections humanity has ever held with life, death, and life renewed. This eternal cycle of rebirth at spring is a major theme in the spring holidays of virtually every one of the worlds religions, from the most ancient Pagan expressions of spirituality to the most modern sects of Christianity.

How did the egg particularly the chicken egg get appointed to this lofty position of symbolizing a universe full of new life? Like many of our modern holiday customs, the eggs place in spring spiritual rites is derived from the way our ancestors observed the natural world around them and honored their deities through these natural occurrences. With modern refrigeration, factory farming, and a fast-moving global marketplace making a variety of food abundant to us year round, its hard for us to fully comprehend that food was once a seasonal commodity that was impossible to obtain when the natural conditions allowing it to be produced were unavailable.

The eyes of a laying hen and the amount of light she receives are the components responsible for her ability to produce eggs. A hen lays eggs when the retina, the part of the eye that captures light and images, is stimulated for periods of twelve hours or more by sunlight. When that light stimulation ends, so does her laying cycle. Because fire, the only source of light for our ancestors, was not a strong enough light to fool the hens retina, there were no fresh eggs for a full six months out of every year.

Though the scientific connection between light stimulation and laying cycles would be not known for many more centuries, their laying pattern was still reliable. Hens could be counted on to begin producing fresh eggs at the spring equinox and cease producing them around the autumnal equinox, a holiday period associated with dying and death and imagery opposite that of Ostara. As the world bloomed and greened anew each Ostara, the abundance of fresh eggs made them a natural symbol of new life.

In Asia, red-colored eggs are on occasion offered at funerals and births to symbolize the natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth. In the Ukraine, eggs called krashanka: sometimes dyed in shades of bright yellow, are eaten to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. More elaborate eggs, called pysanky, are decorated to use as talismans of fertility, prosperity, and protection. In places as diverse as west-central Africa and the southern Appalachian Mountains of the United States, eggs are buried near cemeteries to encourage reincarnation.

Simple Egg Magic

  • Use a broom to sweep hard-boiled eggs from outside your home to the inside to bring in abundance and fertility.
  • Use brown eggs in magick to assist in animal husbandry or to ease a pet through giving birth.
  • Brown eggshells can be added to protective or healing magick for pets or livestock.
  • Paint half of a hard-boiled egg in a traditional God color such as red or gold, and the other half in a goddess color such as silver or blue, to represent the whole of creation. Let your own feelings about colors guide your final choices.
  • To ensure that there will be no shortage of food at your home during winter, and to help keep those living there safe, bury one egg at each of the four cardinal points of your property: east, south, west, and north.
  • Add well-washed eggshells to talismans for protection.
  • To assist a couple who is having trouble conceiving, decorate a plastic or wooden egg to give as a fertility talisman.
  • Decorated eggshells hanging from bushes and trees shed blessings of abundance on the land they surround.
  • Bury eggs in your garden before doing your spring planting.

~Excerpt: Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy~


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – Light Bulbs – Q: How many witches does it take to change a light bulb?
A: What do you want it changed into?

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