Daily Stuff 4-27-17 Tyi Wara

Hi, folks!

Sewing at 6pm.

Open Circle for Beltane at Ancient Light! Friday 4/28 at 7pm. Bring roses and a snack for the after-feast!

Minus Tide at 8:05 AM of -1.4 feet.

Go home Oregon, you’re drunk! While we were getting dressed at home, bright sunshine was pouring into the solarium. By the time I was up at the car, it had started sprinkling. When we were at the bank it was pouring, splashing knee-high on the street and now the sun is out again! 53F and the wind at 4mph, only over 10 on a couple of the beaches. We’re supposed to have a drier week ahead.

Yesterday started late, but I got a bunch of newsletter stuff and kitchen housekeeping done while Tempus ran errands. Ray’s was running a ground round special, so we got enough for burgers and to put by so I can set up some potluck pies.

I worked on newsletter files and more computer housekeeping. How did that get *so* out of hand? …and then I got the ritual for Friday night sorted out. I still have to print copies, but I can even do that on Friday.

Tempus made a delicious supper. Having that home-made mustard makes all the difference, according to him, because I made it. 🙂 Personally, I think he’s just a genius burger-maker! It wasn’t even a particularly high-quality meat, but yum….

…and then I realized I hadn’t made up my shampoo. I decided on rosemary this time. It doesn’t take very long, just mixing a “tea” with my shampoo base, but if I was going to do my hair I needed to get to it! …and then I had to find the bottle to put the “other 1/2” into. I *always* make too much! We got to visit with Jeanne for a bit, always a treat at the end of our weekend, then I got my hair done and we quit for the night.

We’ve already been to the bank to get some papers notarized and I’ve already been picking up some things. Tempus is going to bring in my new organizer drawers so that I can get some things picked up and put where they go instead of underfoot. Sewing is at 6pm tonight and then he has the paper route. I think I’m going to stay home and bake.

Whahoo! http://katu.com/news/local/seattle-crushes-rain-record-while-rival-portland-wet-too


mugwort Artemisia_vulgaris_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-016Today’s Plant is Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris. One of the Nine Herbs of the old Anglo-Saxon charm, this herb has many different uses from insect-repelling to flavoring beer. It’s a bad one for pregnant women to ingest since it can induce abortion, since it’s a mild poison, but it’s used as a medicinal for various complaints and as a food. Some of the traditionak folk uses are: magical protection, to repel insects, especially moths, from gardens., as a remedy against fatigue,  to protect travelers against evil spirits and wild animals.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_Herbs_Charmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MugwortFeminine, Venus, Air/Earth – Magical uses: Clairvoyance, psychic dreams, astral projection, protection, strength. Place in the shoes for protection and to prevent fatigue on long journeys. The fresh leaves rubbed on a magick mirror or crystal ball will strengthen divinatory abilities. Mugwort is perhaps the most widely used Witches’ herb of all time.

feast 0427 Dogon_maskThere aren’t a lot of feasts listed for today unless you want some more hacked up x-tian martyrs, but the Wicca Book of Days lists a dance of the Banbara people in honor of the Tyi Wara, a half-man/half-beast figure, that has cultural meaning for them.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bambara_people

The shop is open Thursday through Monday, although we’re there a lot later most nights. Need something off hours? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light, or call the shop.

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar

New Moon The beginning of a new cycle. Keywords for the New phase are: beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action. During this phase the new cycle is being seeded by your vision, inner and outer. Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. VISUALIZE your goals for the 29.6-day cycle ahead. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting. God/dess aspect: Infancy, the Cosmic Egg, Eyes-Wide-Open – Associated God/dess: Inanna who was Ereshkigal. Phase ends on 4/27 at 5:16pm. Waxing Moon Magick – The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 2:42pm. Diana’s Bow – On the 3rd day after the new moon you can (weather permitting) see the tiny crescent in the sky, the New Moon holding the Old Moon in her arms. Begin on your goals for the next month. A good time for job interviews or starting a project. Take a concrete step! God/dess aspect: Daughter/Son/Innocence – Associated God/dess: Vesta, Horus. Phase ends on 4/30 at 5:16pm.  

astro . . . and then the waxing crescent returns to the western evening sky. Can you detect the thin crescent Moon low after sunset? Look far below Aldebaran and Mars in the west-northwest in twilight, as shown above. The crescent is only about 1½ days old. Bring binoculars or a telescope!
Uranus is hidden behind the glare of the Sun.
Cassini is diving between Saturn and its Rings! Watch an artist’s representation of what it would look like from the spacecraft. https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/mission/saturn-tour/where-is-cassini-now/

Goddess Month of Maia runs from 4/18 – 5/15
Celtic Tree Month of Saille/Willow, Apr 15 – May 12
Runic half-month of Mannaz/ Man, April 14-28 A time when the archetypal reality of the human condition should be meditated upon. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992 Runic half-month of Laguz/ Lagu, 4/29-5/13 Representing the flowing and mutable forces of water, Lagu symbolizes life, growth and waxing power of this time of year. 

Sun in Taurus
Moon in Taurus enters Gemini at 6:39pm
Mercury (5/3), Jupiter (6/9), Saturn (8/25), Pluto (9/28) Retrograde
Color: Green

Planting 4/27


©2017 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Celtic Tree Month of Saille/Willow, Apr 15 – May 12 The Willow in the Tree alphabet stands for the female and lunar rhythms of life. She is water-seeking, thriving from preference on the damp margins of lakes and streams or across the low-lying water meadows. Water and the tidal movements of the sea are governed by the pull of the moon. The moon in its monthly rhythms is female, contrasting with the male sun’s daily and yearly turnings. In several ways, the Celts held women in higher regard than we do today. On the material level, women were property owners, and whoever controlled the property controlled the marriage. Women of all types and ages appeared in the Celtic pantheon, the spiritual strength and life-giving qualities given by both female and male recognized equally. There were colleges of Druidesses – learned women and teachers – respected equally for their gifts of see-ship, often expressed through dreams, or night visions.
Magical Associations: Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility, magic for women.

Saille – Willow Ogam letter correspondences
Month: February
Color: listed only as bright
Class: Peasant
Letter: S
Meaning: Gaining balance in your life

to study this month – Ohn – Furze Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Yellow Gold
Class: Chieftain
Letter: O
Meaning: Information that could change your life


Waves tide

Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~            /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                                     Visible
Th  27     High   1:22 AM     8.8   6:12 AM    Rise  7:26 AM      0
~    27      Low   8:05 AM    -1.4   8:16 PM     Set  9:58 PM    27
~              High   2:22 PM     7.5
~    27      Low   8:06 PM     1.3


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – You are richer today if you have laughed, given, and forgiven.


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What does this quote say to you? – Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society. — William Makepeace Thackeray



~  The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
~  The modern Warrior/Hero’s quest is to find herself, to find her soul. – Kerr Cuhulain
~  The people who influence you are the people who believe in you. – Henry Drummond
~  The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less. – Eldridge Cleaver

While the bright radient Sun in centre glows,
The Earth in annual motion ’round it goes;
At the same time on its own axis reels,
And gives us change of seasons as it wheels. –The 1793 Old Farmer’s Almanac


Beltane Magick – Recipes

Beltane Cream Pie (Makes 1 nine inch pie)

1 cup whole milk
1 cup rich cream
1/2 cup butter (NOT margarine)
3 tablespoons cornstarch
11/2 cups sugar
11/4 teaspoons vanilla
11/4 teaspoons ground nutmeg
1 prepared pie crust, baked

Melt the butter in a wide pan over medium heat. In a separate bowl slowly add the milk to the cornstarch, making sure it is fully dissolved and absorbed before adding more milk. When the cornstarch is fully blended, add this and all of the other ingredients, except the vanilla, to the cooking pan. Stir constantly over medium heat until the mixture becomes thick. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour the mixture into the waiting pie shell and sprinkle with nutmeg. The Pie may be eaten while it is still warm, as long as it has cooled enough to set. Or the pie may be chilled and eaten later.

Beltaine Bread – http://www.chroniclesofavalon.com/beltane2003print.html

Popular in Cornwall and Wales. A rich, sweet, light colored bread, with red flecks of saffron; the stamens of crocus flowers. Saffron is strongly associated with sex and fertility; red the color of passion and lust. Great for handfasting too.
2 cups warm milk
2 pkgs. yeast
2/3 cup honey
5-6 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup butter
2 pkgs. (1/2 tsp.) saffron

  1. Proof yeast in warm milk.
  2. Mix dry ingredients, cut in butter with pastry knife.
  3. Mix in yeast starter and eggs, knead and let rise until doubled.
  4. Punch down and divide into two buttered pans.
  5. Let rise, preheat oven to 350o.
  6. Bake for 40-50 minutes.


Strawberry Crisp – http://www.chroniclesofavalon.com/beltane2003print.html

1 c Uncooked Oatmeal
1 c All purpose Flour
1 c Brown Sugar
1/4 c Chopped Walnuts
1/2 c Butter or margarine
1/2 c Sugar
3 c Sliced fresh or frozen Strawberry

Mix together oatmeal, flour and brown sugar. Add nuts. Cut in butter or margarine until crumbly. In another bowl, mix strawberries and white sugar together. Grease an 8″ square pan. Spread half the crumb mixture on bottom. Cover with strawberries. Spread remaining crumb mixture over top. Bake at 350 deg F oven for 45 minutes. Serve warm or cold with whipped cream or topping.

ASPARAGUS WITH CHIVES AND BLOSSOMS – http://www.unc.edu/%7Ereddeer/recipe/rec_beltain.html

1 pound Asparagus, washed
1 Tablespoon Olive oil
1 Tablespoon Sesame Seeds
2 Tablespoons Fresh Chives, snipped
16 Chive Blossoms
1/2 teaspoon Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste

Blanch the asparagus in lightly salted boiling water for about 3 minutes or until crisp-tender; do not overcook. Refresh under very cold water and drain well. Remove the chive stalks to separate the flowers. In a skillet, heat the oil over medium heat and add the sesame seed. Stir for 1 minute, add the snipped chives, and stir for 1 minute more.
Add the asparagus and soy sauce to the skillet with a few pinches of salt and generous grindings of pepper; stir well, cover, and cook for a minute or so. Remove the lid, sprinkle the chive blooms over the asparagus, and cover for 1 to 2 minutes so that the chive blooms steam briefly.
Stir lightly and taste for seasoning. Serve hot.
Comments: Bright lavender chive blossoms begin to bloom in the garden about the time the asparagus bed is at its peak. Hence, this is a natural combination and a simply tasty dish. Since chive blossoms are so strong in flavor, add them at the last minute in this recipe.
Source: FLOWERS IN THE KITCHEN by Susan Belsinger (c)


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – Cauldron

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