Daily Stuff 5-5-17 extra

Hi, folks!

Sorry that I didn’t get the note in this morning. I wasn’t planning on doing the newspaper route with Tempus last night, but we found out late in the day that the meeting on the eclipse wasn’t in Newport, but in LC, so that threw plans into the ditch and I didn’t realize I was going to be staying at the shop until after he had already headed for Newport.

Yesterday morning’s lightning and thunder out here was exciting, but not damaging and went away fairly quickly. Some folks inland weren’t so lucky. There were tornado warnings that went out and folks had damaging hail and wind. It looks like no serious injuries, at least.

I spent most of yesterday working on updates to the various blogs. I’m finally starting to get back in the groove of updates. I’ve only been doing the most basic of them for months.

I also fell down a black hole doing some toys research. Honest-to-goodness I only *meant* to look up one picture! …and 2 hours later I had saved and sorted over 200 into picture files and blog pages… Oi…. This was all on the Anja’s Quest blog, which is some of the my personal Historical Recreation stuff.

I alternated ironing, reading and more blog stuff on into the night, as the rain picked up.

Tempus picked me up at 3:30 and we went on into Bayshore with him complaining off and on about getting “misted”, since the wind was just strong enough to blow stuff all the way into the car. It felt good, actually, not cold, just refreshing.

It was a quiet run, although last night there were a lot of animals. There were frogs still, a lot in Bayshore, but some out 34, as well. A couple of times there were rabbits along the road and one intrepid raccoon that dashed across a drive as we were turning around. Several times in the more remote parts I saw eyes gleaming in the brush and once a deer turned and looked at me from about 8 feet away. …and then Tempus was mock-griping about the birds as day dawned, “Twitter, twitter, cheep! Don’t they have anything better to do!”

The last encounter was almost at the end of the run. It was full daylight by then, nearly 6am, and we were pulling out of one of the small streets that feed into 101 across from Patterson Park. I said, “Is that a gull or a duck?” …as a large dark bird posed on the center line of the highway, first pointing one way and then another. Tempus said, “Gotta be a gull. They’re brave.” As we got closer, it started to waddle and I realized it was indeed a duck, a female mallard to be exact! We were pulling out into the highway when it finally realized we were serious and it quickly waddled to the shoulder, taking off for the last two feet with that funny, frantic flapping that ducks do.

It was 6:30 when we got home and fell into bed and we dragged ourselves to the shop to have me crash out on the sofa once we were here, and then Tempus after we finally had coffee and some lunch, to call things by their right names. We’re both still pretty wiped.

Love & Light,

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