Daily Stuff 7-5-17 extra

Tempus’ Teapot 

>>>>>>>> He found his beany-copter! >>>>>>>>

So ….. Since the afternoon seemed pretty slow at the shop Anja asked if I would go back to our little apartment and see if I could do something about the overburden of dishes that had accumulated in the sink. She thought she had heard muttering from that direction, which usually ends badly. I performed the normal ritual apology one should before dispatching another living thing and was pleasantly surprised when it replied, and assured me that I was not actually killing it, but rather freeing it to go out into the world, rather like a teenager after graduation. We actually had a quite interesting conversation, and I was quite impressed by its grasp of current affairs. It had apparently been listening to Anja and I talking, and was equally appalled by the election results, and referred to Trump as a “lower life form” ….. I’m fairly certain that as I finally sent it down the drain that I heard it humming “Bye bye American Pie”

Love and Light,

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