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Last Minus Tide of the cycle at 11:32 AM of -0.2 feet.

53F, wind at 1mph and it’s clearing. The fog is lifting (at 200 feet) and the marine layer has been pulling back since around 4am. It’s supposed to stay cloudy today and then completely burn off in the afternoon.

Yesterday started slowly. We didn’t get to the shop and get the newsletter out until past 1pm. I spent several hours after that sorting mail and doing computer housekeeping with the occasional foray into the back that would end up with me telling Tempus. “Ok, next is…. “. He got a lot done. Me, not so much. I mostly worked on getting canning jars ready to put away during the day.

Eventually, after we had some supper, I got a nap just before Tempus headed for Newport at around 8:30. He had gotten the books moved so that I could get at them. So, at ’em I went. I alternated with reading articles and moving canning jars and working on those shelves, still. I think that’s mostly done, actually. ….mostly…. so on to the next section. This is a spot where a lot of old herbs ended up, just piled in bags, so that’s going to need to be cleared…. Then I went back to books.

Tempus picked me up around 4am. He had said that the pavement was damp, early on, but it was dry by then. I was already pretty tired, but we were done, not long after 6am. It was already starting to get light as we were doing Bayshore, and the clouds, which had been thick, were clearing away. Mars was bright and we got some good long looks at it, but the last time we saw it was at about 5:30, because the trees are pretty tall in the upper part of Waldport and by the time we could see the western sky again, the Girdle of Venus was very plain and it must have washed out the light. That, or maybe it was just too foggy/cloudy along 101 at that point.

Today, we’re going to head home to sleep. We’ll probably be back at the shop in the evening, or late afternoon, since there’s still more to do!

A Ken Gagne photo from up the Yachats River on 7/17/15.

071715 Ken Gagne Yachats

220px-LuopanToday’s Feast is in honor of what may be a god named Lu Pan, but is usually referred to as a Feng Shui Wheel, or luopan. I don’t know how these really intersect, but Lu Pan is referred to in modern pagan literature as a Chinese god of carpenters and construction workers and the luopan is an instrument that determines how a house should be built. What is the connection? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_pan

flax flwrB 062813Today’s plant is New Zealand FlaxPhormium Tenax. This is a very different plant from common flax or linseed, Linum usitatissimum. It is used mostly as an ornamental in the northern hemisphere, but at one time sustained a lively trade as a fiber. We have a basket that was made of the leaves. While the two plants are very different, they have similar magickal properties. These days the fiber is mostly used by paper artisans. – Masculine, Mercury, Fire, Hulda – Money spells, add to coins and carry, flax in the shoe averts poverty. For protection while asleep, add to mustard seed, put both opposite cold water. Protection from evil entering, scatter with red pepper by door. Health and healing rituals, sprinkle altar with flaxseed. More here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phormium For the traditional uses of the plant fiberhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_flax

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Today’s Astro & Calendar

Waxing Moon MagickThe waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 7/27 at 1:20pm. Waxing Crescent phase – Keywords for the Crescent phase are: expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity. It is the time in a cycle that you gather the wisdom learned in the new phase and communicate your intention to move forward. Light a candle. Write or read an affirmation. LISTEN & ABSORB. Commit to your goal. God/dess aspect: Maiden/Youth, energy and enthusiasm – Associated God/dess: Artemis & Apollo, Mayet/Djehuti, Freya/Frey. Phase ends at the Quarter on 7/19 at 12:52pm. 

As the Moon passes through first quarter, it hangs with Spica and then Jupiter. The Moon at nightfall shines to the upper right of Spica. Look very high above the Moon for brighter Arcturus. Far to the right of Arcturus is the Big Dipper.
The Cygnus Milky Way is high in the east after dark and passes overhead late at night. The Heart Star of Cygnus, and the center of the Northern Cross, is 2nd-magnitude Sadr (Gamma Cygni), smack in the Milky Way’s midst. Binoculars will show the roughly heart-shaped ring of faint stars around and including it. Explore this area with Matt Wedel’s Binocular Highlight column and chart in the July Sky & Telescope, page 43.
This week offers a good opportunity for binocular users to track down one of summer’s finest open star clusters. NGC 6231 lies in the tail of Scorpius the Scorpion, just 0.5° north of the double star Zeta (ζ) Scorpii (which is another fine binocular sight). NGC 6231 shines at magnitude 2.6 and packs more than 100 stars into a region just 14′ in diameter. This part of Scorpius lies nearly due south after darkness falls, though it doesn’t climb high from mid-northern latitudes.
Vesta, the brightest asteroid, is still about magnitude 6.0 in southern Ophiuchus some 10° west of Saturn. Article and finder charts: Vesta Gets Close and Bright.

Old Farmer’s Almanac Sky Map for July 2018 https://www.almanac.com/content/sky-map-star-chart-july-2018
Goddess Month of Kerea runs from 7/11 – 8/8
Celtic Tree Month of Tinne/Holly, Jul 8 – Aug 4
Runic half-month of Uruz/ Ur, 7/14-28 According to Pennick Ur represents primal strength, a time of collective action. A good time for beginnings! Pennick, Nigel, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992

Sun in Cancer
Moon in Libra
Vesta (8/1), Mars (8/27), Saturn (9/6), Pluto (9/30), Neptune (11/24), Chiron (12/8) Retrograde
Color – Brown

©2018 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Celtic Tree Month of Tinne/Holly, Jul 8 – Aug 4, Tinne (CHIN-yuh), holly – The holly (Ilex aquifolium L.) is a shrub growing to 10 m (35 feet) in open woodlands and along clearings in forests. Hollies are evergreen, and stand out in winter among the bare branches of the deciduous forest trees that surround them. Hollies form red berries before Samhain which last until the birds finish eating them, often after Imbolc. The typical “holly leaf” is found on smaller plants, but toward the tops of taller plants the leaves have fewer spiny teeth. Hollies are members of the Holly family (Aquifoliaceae). The common holly is often cultivated in North America, as are hybrids between it and Asiatic holly species.
Graves (1966) and others are of the opinion that the original tinne was not the holly, but rather the holm oak, or holly oak (Quercus ilex L.). This is an evergreen oak of southern Europe that grows as a shrub, or as a tree to 25 m (80 feet). Like the holly, the holm oak has spiny-edged leaves on young growth. It does not have red berries, but it does have red leaf “galls” caused by the kermes scale insect; these are the source of natural scarlet dye. Holm oaks are occasionally cultivated in North America.

Tinne – Holly Ogam letter correspondences
Month: June
Color: Dark Grey
Class: Peasant
Letter: T
Meaning: Energy and guidance for problems to come

to study this month – Ioho – Yew Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Dark Green
Class: Chieftain
Letter: I, J, Y
Meaning: Complete change in life-direction or attitude.


Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~            /Low      Time    Feet     Sunset                                    Visible
W   18     High   5:03 AM     6.7   5:49 AM     Set 12:09 AM      28
~    18      Low  11:32 AM    -0.2   8:56 PM    Rise 12:32 PM
~    18     High   6:06 PM     7.4


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – High intention operates in the midst of mastery. Mastery operates in the midst of high intention.


Journal Prompt – Current Affairs – List the reasons why you think people get divorced.



~  We are here and it is now. Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine. – H. L. Mencken
~  We have a world for each one, but we do not have a world for all. – Antonio Porchia
~  When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere. – Francois de La Rochefoucauld
~  When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. – Helen Keller

Come ye into the summer woods;
There entereth no annoy;
All greenly wave the chestnut leaves,
And the earth is full of joy. – Mary Howitt (1799–1888)


Lughnasadh Magick – Crafts

Craft Ideas list for Lughnasadh

Shell crafts to honor the ocean or beach

  • Witch bottles a la Cunningham
  • Jewelry
  • Shell frames
  • Shell covered boxes or vases
  • Shell “flowers”
  • Floating candles

Herb Crafts to honor the earth

  • Press and dry perfect leaves from various trees, vines, shrubs and herbs and make into placemats, bookmarks or pictures.
  • Dry herbs
  • Make simple wooden planters from 3 boards (bottom and sides) and two rocks (ends)

Crafts to honor the air

  • Perfect time to make a hummingbird feeder
  • Bird feeders
  • Pinwheels and other spinners
  • Wind chimes

Cookouts are the perfect Lughnasadh “craft”.

  • Learn how to build a fire, properly.

Create and bury a Witch’s Bottle – Activities taken from “Green Witchcraft” by Anne Moura (Aoumiel)

This is a glass jar with sharp pointy things inside to keep away harm. You can use needles, pins, thorns, thistles, nails, and bits of broken glass; it’s a good way to dispose of broken crockery, old sewing equipment, and the pins that come in new clothes. Bury it near the entry to the house (like next to the driveway or the front door), or inside a large planter.

Corn Magnets (Anja ©2013 M. Bartlett)

 Sculpey or other oven-bake clay, in green, yellow, gold/ochre and brown. If you’re going to include other representations of the God you’ll also need blue and black.

Rolling pin or flat-sided bottle
Cookie cutters, presses, clay tools or just a small knife and a ruler
Baking sheet
Something to poke a hole with… a skewer, an awl, a ball-point pen…..
craft magnets, the heavy-duty ones (AS&S has them http://www.sciplus.com/ http://www.sciplus.com/s/c_13/sf_125)
Glue that will stick both metal and plastic, like E-6000.

To make an ear of corn (maize)

  • roll a small “worm” about 2 inches long of yellow.
  • Partially flatten it, maybe I should say “squash down” instead of flatten?
  • Squash one end flat, shoving it back up into the worm. This is the bottom of your “ear”
  • Use your knife to make lines (just press down) longways and then widthways to make it resemble kernels on a cob.
  • Roll out a flat sheet of green and cut two leaf shapes, no longer than your “worm”.
  • Place them on the worm so that they meet on the bottom of the ear and cover the sides, but not the front.
  • Roll the edges back, particularly at the top, to make it look like the leaves.
  • Squish the bottom of the green together to make it look like the start of a stem.
  • You may be done at this point, but it you want to go a little farther with it, take a tiny bit of the ochre and add a bit at the top shaped to look like the silk.
  • Bake on the cookie sheet according to clay directions (they’re different for different brands!)
  • When cool use the glue to stick the magnet to the back of the ear and let dry.

You can make wheat with this process, as well.

  • Roll out a flat irregular sheet of green about 2 x2 inches
  • Roll a very skinny worm of the ochre(less than 1/16 inch and two inches long) and place along the longest part of the green.
  • Trim the green to an egg shape with the worm aligned along the axis. The large end is the bottom.
  • Roll a 1/16 diameter ball of the ochre and put it about ½ inch in from the edge on the long worm. Squash flat.
  • Now, you’re going to make the grains. You’re going to make worms and balls for these. Each worm is the length from the original worm to the edge the green. Roll the tip very small with your finger, measure and then cut.
  • Roll a ball and smash it onto the worm, so that it just is a touch longer than the measurement.
  • Lay these alternating, starting near the top and slightly overlapping the center worm. The worms are the “beards” and the balls are the “grains”.
  • When you get to the bottom make one last ball, squash and add to just cover the bottom of the “worm”.
  • Bake on the cookie sheet according to directions.
  • Let cool.
  • Glue a magnet to the back as before.

You can make many more shapes for these. If you have red or orange, you can make poppies, for instance, brown for bread loaves, etc.

To add the Youth and the Sage to the Grain God, take the original shape before baking. Make two 1 inch flat circles and place them under and to either side of the ear. Make sure they adhere to the original ear before baking.


Silliness – 

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