Ancient Light Daily Stuff Addendum 3-4-2019; Tempus’ Teapot Revisited

It would appear that I mistook my Lady’s intent yesterday regarding the weather.  I thought she just wanted me to put up a link, but in reality she wanted a first hand eyewitness report.  So, for those of you interested, I would like you to know that the weather yesterday was very much like the weather today, and that today’s weather promises to be much like yesterdays, only more of the same.  There is a bright blue empty sky, except for one worn spot where the cosmic fire behind it is leaking through, and is spraying phlogiston all over the place, although the phone company sign is still only showing 51 degrees. There is a light breeze carrying away most of the phlogiston, but I can’t reach the hole.  I’m probably going to have to call maintenance.

Not quite sure what to write for today.  I ran out of string bits for the ball, so I haven’t been meditating today.  I’ve actually been thinking a little more along the science lines of thought today.  Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be all magical and mystical, and that kind of stuff, but you know, magic is just science that we haven’t understood yet, and just because we think we DO understand something  doesn’t make it any less magical.  It’s really a false dichotomy.  So I’m pretty excited about the latest SpaceX launch that has finally sent up The Dragon Crew capsule to the ISS.  No humans on board, yet, but very soon.  I am so glad that someone is finally serious about getting us off of this rock, while I’m still alive to see it.  This should have been happening 40 years ago, after the first Moon landings, if we hadn’t had people in charge that had no soul or spirit.  This is one of those Mohammed and the Mountain things, going into space.  But here the situation is that the Mountain, on occasion, HAS come to visit Mohammed, and it didn’t end well for Mohammed.  Just ask the dinosaurs.  Oh, right, we can’t, can we …. because they’re all DEAD.  One big space rock, and we’re all goners.  Far better to go meet the Mountain out in space, where even if we can’t do something about it, we can at least duck.  It’s never been a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, but til now one basket is all we had.  Maybe now we’ve got a better chance.  And it’ll be good for us, beyond increasing our survival chances.  Any time there has been a real new frontier, there has been a huge flowering of human society in all fields, arts, sciences, you name it, because the really creative people, who can think new thoughts and invent new ways of living, also tend to make make the ones invested in the status quo get itchy trigger fingers, or they start looking for firewood.  Having someplace to escape to to DO all these things is important, and at least in this case, there won’t be any indigenous populations that are made to suffer for our sins.  And having that option of escape also helps to rein in the excesses of the status quoers (I’ve made a new word!) because they know that given the chance people tend to vote with their feet.  Everything we need is already out there …. energy, materials, elbow room …. lots and lots of elbow room.  And it’s all easily accessible, once we manage to climb out of this gravity well we’ve been entombed in for the last, um, well, forever.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if Elon Musk can pull this off, he is going to go down as the most important human to have ever walked on this planet, and yes I’m including you-know-who, because Musk wants us to be able to get out there while we’re still alive.  Ascending to Heaven on a pillar of fire of our own making …. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty magical and mystical.

Son of a gun, I guess I DID have something to write about ……

Oh, and a weather link ….


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