Daily Stuff 7-7-19 extra

Reflections On A Pancake On An Uncomfortably Quiet Sunday Afternoon

It should be said upfront that it is difficult to get a good reflection on a pancake unless it is very, very smooth, and a high quality fry pan is essential. Even for nonspecular grade pancakes, however, I have seen a lot of recipes for various types of cake, and they seem to have one thing in common, They all omit the fact that they are irrelevant. It does not matter how you dress up a pancake batter if you refuse to recognize its true function in the universe.

It is a edible sponge designed to facilitate the consumption of syrup and melted butter.

Much like salad, invented because of salad dressings well known propensity for dripping off of a fork before you can get it to your mouth, serves as a vehicle for such a thing, so pancakes serve to carry the syrup/butter, and to absorb the last dregs from your plate that even a spoon would have difficulty collecting. Yes, I know, you could lick your plate, but in some circles of society, this is considered gauche. This is a pancakes real function, and all other features are of secondary importance at best.

Which begs the follow-up question; Just how hungry WAS the first person who thought of sucking the sap out of trees, and do trees consider us to be vampires?…… It’s been a VERY slow day ……

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