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Featured photo by Jamie Marie. Minus Tide at 8:24 AM of -1.1 feet. The shop is closed for the duration.

Clear and calm with a beautiful Moon! 42F, wind at 0mph, AQI41, UV6. 10% chance of rain today and 20% tomorrow. We’re looking at cloudy, but dry, for 10 days out.

Yesterday I got up fairly early, for me, around 9am. I caught up on mail and saved a bunch of recipes that I was looking at last night. …and then crawled back in next to Tempus. We didn’t really get moving until well past 3.

The folks next to the shop, the tearoom that never seemed to be open, are apparently moving out. They piled stuff into our trash cans and onto our fire escape (after they had a screaming tizzy that we dared to have trash cans between the buildings, and what they called “trash”, i.e. my herb buckets…. )

It was warm enough to open the doors and let the shop air. The highway is so quiet…. It’s at about the level of the middle of January, or late evening. Tempus started painting our plant buckets…. he tried, anyway. The spray paint he had must just have been too old, so he went and got another can. I think they’re going to look ok. At least they’ll disappear against the building. I took the camera and started getting some process pix on some of the other projects.

Tempus headed over to gas up the car just after 6:30. I was in a class on posaments at that point. He worked in back after that. I did some writing, once class was done, and then got a nap after supper. He was supposed to get the end of the table clear, so that I could do pie dough. Didn’t manage it. He headed out around 2.

Today, I’m hoping I’ll have the energy to get going on the pie dough in the morning. I just didn’t tonight, not with having to finish clearing things. I did find places for some more equipment. Tempus is going to have to work on sanding the drawer edges so we can get them open and shut more easily.

Trilliums by Jamie Marie from Girl in Water photography on 4/2/19

220px-NZflaxPiha02Today’s plant is New Zealand FlaxPhormium Tenax. This is a very different plant from common flax or linseed, Linum usitatissimum. It is used mostly as an ornamental in the northern hemisphere, but at one time sustained a lively trade as a fiber. While the two plants are very different, they have similar magickal properties. These days the fiber is mostly used by paper artisans. – Masculine, Mercury, Fire, Hulda – Money spells, add to coins and carry, flax in the shoe averts poverty. For protection while asleep, add to mustard seed, put both opposite cold water. Protection from evil entering, scatter with red pepper by door. Health and healing rituals, sprinkle altar with flaxseed. More here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phormium For the traditional uses of the plant fiber http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_flax

feast 0409 Statue_of_Mazu, is the patron of fishermen and sailors. One of those odd little stories that come out of the Orient, she is worshiped all over Asia, either as a deified human or as an incarnation of Kuan Yin. She was born Lin Moniang in about 960CE. There are a lot of legends about her standing on the shore in all weathers wearing red to help the fishermen make it back to shore and about going into a trance to save her father and brothers, but she because the protector of many of the Asian peoples. Today is her feast in the Portuguese section of Macao. A-Ma, means “grandmother”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-Ma#Person

The shop is closed for the duration. Need something? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org We should be able to accommodate requests and even allow a little shopping, one person at a time.

Love & Light,


Today’s Astro & Calendar

Full MoonThe day of, the day before, and day after the true Full Moon. “And better it be when the moon is full!”! Prime time for rituals for prophecy, for spells to come to fruition, infusing health and wholeness, etc. A good time for invoking deity. FRUITION Manifesting goals, nurturing, passion, healing, strength, power. Workings on this day are for protection, divination. “extra power”, job hunting, healing serious conditions Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. God/dess Aspect: Mother/Abundance/Kingship – – Associated God/desses: Danu, Cerridwen, Gaia, Aphrodite, Isis, Jupiter, Amon-Ra. Phase ends on 4/9 at 7:35am. Waning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 4/22 at 7:26pm. Waning Gibbous Moon – Best time for draining the energy behind illness, habits or addictions. Magicks of this sort, started now, should be ended before the phase change to the New Moon. – Associated God/dess: Hera/Hero, Cybele, Zeus the Conqueror, Mars/Martius, Anansi, Prometheus. Phase ends at the Quarter on 4/14 at 4:47pm. 

A triple delight before dawn – The three bright morning planets spread out a bit in April, with Saturn perching midway between Jupiter and Mars on the 9th. – Astronomy: Rick Johnso

Saturn sits halfway between Mars and Jupiter in this morning’s sky. By 4 A.M. local time all three planets have risen; an hour later, Mars (the lowest) is 13° above the southeastern horizon. The trio appears just east of the famous teapot asterism comprising Sagittarius’ brightest stars. In the following days and weeks, closer and faster-moving Mars will track away from the giant planets, heading deeper into Capricornus and then passing into Aquarius early next month.

Ursa Major, Ursa Minor – Copyright 1995 Jerry Lodriguss, 24mm f.2 Nikkor working at f/3.5, 20 minute exposure, hypered Kodak Royal Gold 400, 3:17 am May 27, 1995, Massai Point, AZ

This is the time of year when, as the last of twilight fades away, the bowl of the dim Little Dipper extends straight to the right of Polaris. High above the end-stars of the Little Dipper’s bowl, you’ll find the end-stars of the Big Dipper’s bowl.
Mercury is buried in the glow of sunrise.

Old Farmer’s Almanac April Sky Map! – https://www.almanac.com/night-sky-map-april-minor-constellations
Goddess Month of Columbina runs from 3/20 – 4/17
Celtic Tree Month of Fearn (FAIR-n) /Alder, Mar 18 – Apr 14
Celtic Tree Month of Saille  Willow  Apr 15May 12
Runic half-month of Ehwaz, 3/30-4/13 – Ehwaz, the horse; time of partnership between humans and Nature, as between rider and horse. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, p. 55  Runic half-month of Mannaz/ Man, April 14-28 A time when the archetypal reality of the human condition should be meditated upon. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992

Sun in Aries
Moon in Scorpio
Color: Crimson

©2020 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Celtic Tree Month of Fearn/Alder, Mar 18 – Apr 14. Fern (FAIR-n) Alder – The common alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertner) is common along lowland rivers, where it grows with aspens, poplars, and willows. Like willows, alders sprout from stumps. This allows them to regenerate after heavy flooding. In protect sites they may grow to 20 m (65 feet) tall. Their leaves are more blunt-tipped than most North American alders, which look more like the grey alder (A. incana (L.) Moench). This species is more common in the mountains of Europe, and is not restricted to moist soils. Like ashes, European alders are not widely cultivated in North American (they are often sold as black alders), but several native species are. Alder wood is said to resist rotting when it is wet, and was the wood of choice for pilings in many regions. Alders are members of the Birch family (Betulaceae).

Fearn – Alder Ogam letter correspondences
Month: January
Color: Crimson
Class: Cheiftain
Letter: F, V
Meaning: Help in making choices; spiritual guidance and protection.

Ogam letter correspondences to study this month – Ailim – Silver Fir
Month: None
Color: Light Blue
Class: Shrub
Letter: A
Meaning: Learning from past mistakes; Take care in choices.


Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~            /Low      Time    Feet     Sunset                                    Visible
Th   9     High   1:50 AM     8.8   6:42 AM     Set  7:57 AM      99
~     9      Low   8:24 AM    -1.1   7:54 PM    Rise 10:18 PM
~     9     High   2:35 PM     7.8
~     9      Low   8:28 PM     0.9


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret”


Journal Prompt – Personal Interests and Experiences – Invent the best dessert in the whole world.



~   Where there is great love, there are always miracles. – Willa Cather
~   We cannot control the evil tongues of others, but a good life enables us to disregard them. – Cato the Elder
~   Experience is how life catches up with us and teaches us to love and forgive each other. – Judy Collins
~   Colors are the smiles of nature. – Leigh Hunt (1784-1859) English writer

April the Beautiful, with streaming eyes,
Weeps o’er the havoc that rude March has made. –John Askham (1825–94)


Beltane Magick – Lore – Integrating Energies: Masculine and Feminine – http://www.chroniclesofavalon.com/beltane2003print.html by Nyraia

At Yule, we saw the re-birth of the God At Imbolc, we saw the Goddess come into her own, so to speak and at Ostara, the God began his courtship of the Goddess. Two maturing beings, whole in their Selves, yet part of One destined to be re-united. Such is the case with everyone of us, their children, in more ways than one.

Our world revolves around duality Light and Dark Our body and our Spirit the mind and the Heart Masculine and Feminine One of the main lessons we must learn, I feel, is to find balance within a world where duality exists. As our dear Rain so aptly put it in the Ostara issue, its all about finding a middle ground. Such is the case where the masculine and feminine energies encompassed within are concerned. By finding balance between the two, we are propelled upon the path of enlightenment, the integration of our Higher Self.

It is within the right side of our brain that those aspects of our self that we consider to be feminine are found. It is said that within this area of our brain the psychic and emotional aspects of our being live. This is the part which is said to be aware of our connection to the Oneness of the Universe. This is not, however, the case with the so-called masculine part of our selves.

The masculine part is, naturally, a mirror image of the feminine. Residing in the left side of our brain, it is difficult for the masculine to recognize the Oneness of the Universe. With its more analytical and logical tendencies, all it sees is separation and division, making integration and balance difficult things to achieve.

How do we begin to achieve this balance? Growing up in our society, our left brains tend to become much stronger, for many of us, than our right the Masculine dominates the Feminine. We are taught to view the world through analytical eyes and taught that if something is not visible if we cannot view it with our physical eyes then it must not exist. Things of the real world are highly encouraged, while more times than not, imagination is relegated to fantasy make believe and is reduced in worth, it seems. A stock broker on Wall Street, in general, tends to make a great deal more money than the majority of artists. It is through the use of our imaginations Through meditation (quieting the left brain), visualization, and creativity that we are able to strengthen our right brains, the Feminine side of our Selves, and begin to gain balance.

With Beltane, too, our minds and hearts turn to the subject of love the physical manifestation of Masculine and Feminine. So many I know are looking for that one person their equal in all things Eros (romantic love), filios (brotherly love), and agape (the connection at a soul level). Everyone seems to be searching for her/his soul mate. The One that will complete them.

The words soul mate have virtually buzz words within our society, used, more times than not, as a word to describe an individuals perfect partner. What many don’t realize, though, is that there are believed to be two types of soul mates. One type is generally known as a soul mate or a companion soul mate and the other known as a twin flame.

A companion soul mate can be described as an individual that we have spent prior incarnations with. It is usually this category that we tend to associate with love (Eros) relationships. In all actuality, this term can be associated with anyone that we have some sort of soul connection to, including siblings, parents, good friends, teachers, Anyone that has agreed, prior to incarnation, to assist us in learning a lesson or lessons that are necessary in our own souls development or those that we have incurred some sort of karmic tie to that still needs to be balanced. When you connect with a close soul mate in a loving relationship, it is said that you have, in effect, found your perfect mate for where you are currently in your development as a soul.

It is a twin flame, however, that is believed to be our true other half. They are, essentially, our Selves in another body (if he/she is currently incarnated on the physical plane). It is said by some that the explanation for Twin Flames is that when we as One soul decided to descend into physicality, we were split into masculine and feminine aspects. It is believed, too, that when we first descended, that we were together, but later went on our own separate ways to experience as many diverse situations and stimuli as possible. We each grow in our Selves lifetime after lifetime in experience and wisdom, sometimes gaining brief glimpses or encounters with our Flame until the time that we are ready to break free from the bonds of physicality and mortality. It is at that point in our souls evolution that we are given the opportunity to be re-united with our other half.

Said of Twin Flames

The chances are that we meet our Twin Flame briefly in many lifetimes, but one or both of us are not ready for the intensity of this connection. When both halves of the whole are ready to come back together and meet they will discover that in that lifetime they have lead almost parallel lives. The events of their lives will mirror each other almost exactly. They may have come from very similar families and family dynamics. They may have had similar schooling or lack thereof. They may have almost identical careers. They may even have previous marriages and divorces within weeks of each other. When Twin Flames get to know each other, they will feel as if the other is reading their life script.

Once in relationship, the bond between Twin Flames can only be compared to the bond between identical twins. They are aware of each others thoughts, feelings, desires and needs at a level that is hard to imagine. The depth of Love is such that to be apart even for a day is a hardship. What is meant by that is that their hearts literally hurt when they are separated from each other. Even if only for the work day. It is this depth of Love that reminds them of the Oneness of Light to which they are returning. By anchoring this Love in the physical, not only are they preparing for their own ascension, but they are also leaving an imprint for others to follow in time for their own. http://www.uou.to/soulmates.htm

Keep in mind, though, this is not to say that one cannot have a wonderful and rewarding, loving relationship with a soul mate because its entirely possible. All relationships should be honored and appreciated for what is offered and the growth one is able to achieve through it. By gaining balance within ourselves, not only between the Dark and Light as we saw last issue, but through the masculine and feminine within, we prepare our Selves more, taking a step closer to the ultimate re-union that we all hope to achieve this lifetime the re-union with our own other half.

A blessed Beltane to you All,


Silliness – Punny Business Slogan –At a Car Dealership: “The best way to get back on your feet – miss a car payment.”

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