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Featured photo by girlinwaterphotography. Minus Tide at 10:29 AM of -1.2 feet. The shop is open, limited hours, 1-5pm, Thursday through Monday.

Look at the UV! 9 for today! Yesterday started cloudy and they just got thicker. It actually looked like it was going to rain around dark, but it never did. The clouds have thinned a little, but no star-gazing tonight! 57F, wind at 2mph, AQI31, UV9. 10% chance of rain today and tonight. Yesterday was probably the warmest day we’ll see. Temps are in the low 60’s and then dropping to the upper 50’s later in the week. It does look like showers on Sunday, still, and there’s a slight chance on Tuesday, otherwise the 10-day looks mostly sunny. There’s a swirl off the Aleutians, but it’s dragging a huge high over most of the Gulf of Alaska and over N CA, OR and WA, almost to Alaska.

Yesterday started late and I screwed up because I had intended to go over to Family Fabrics before she closes out completely. <sigh> So did mail, checked on the status of various packages, caught up on messages and then Tempus and I started talking about a meal. We ended up with rice, “hummingbird tongues”, cacik and carrots. Tasty!

He went out to “trim the verge”, which is what he calls the base of the sidewalk where it meets to parking lot and tends to grow things…. I went back to catching up on messages for a bit. Eventually, I went in back and worked on sorting books again and cleaning as I went. Oof. It took me a couple of hours. Tempus and I talked awhile and then he took off for the paper route.

I read for awhile and did a little embroidery, but got really caught up in a book I haven’t read for a decade, at least. I startled myself out of the book around four and got to work on this for today.

Today we’ll be open at 1pm. I do still have to go over to Family Fabrics and we have packages at the Post Office. I also need to call in for jury duty. They finally called me back.

Photo from 6/24/17 of a Juvenile Red Rock crab by Jamie Marie@girlinwaterphotography Perfect for the Sun in Cancer! (used with permission)

Rainbow_flag_and_blue_skiesToday’s feast is in honor of the day that the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag first flew in 1978. It has a history and the color order is that of the spectrum. It may have been used in he 60′s as a diversity symbol but this is the first one associated with a large Gay Pride day.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_flag_(LGBT_movement)

220px-Heracleum_lanatum_07269Today’s Plant is Cow parsnipHeracleum lanatum, or Indian CeleryGrowing in every damp place along the roads out here, this is easily confused with seacoast angelica, and other plants, and even dangerously with water hemlock, if you don’t look carefully, or dig it up to check the root. It’s a huge plant (over 6 feet tall) with leaves large enough to make a hat from! Local peoples used it as a poultice plant for bruises and sores. The young stems and leaf stalks can be peeled and eaten in spring. The root makes a nice yellow dye. – Feminine, Water, Moon, Hathor – The flowers glow in the moonlight and I have used this as a plant of sacrifice to Bona Dea or the Great Mother in one of her many aspects as it is a symbol of the plenty of spring. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heracleum_lanatum

The shop is open, limited hours, 1-5pm, Thursday through Monday. Need something? Give us a call at 541-563-7154 or Facebook or email at ancientlight@peak.org We should be able to accommodate requests and even allow a little shopping, one person at a time.

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Today’s Astro & Calendar

Waxing Moon MagickThe waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or healthy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 7/4 at 9:44pm. Diana’s Bow – On the 3rd day after the new moon you can (weather permitting) see the tiny crescent in the sky, the New Moon holding the Old Moon in her arms. Begin on your goals for the next month. A good time for job interviews or starting a project. Take a concrete step! God/dess aspect: Daughter/Son/Innocence – Associated God/dess: Vesta, Horus. Phase ends on 6/25 at 11:02am.  Waxing Crescent phase – Keywords for the Crescent phase are: expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity. It is the time in a cycle that you gather the wisdom learned in the new phase and communicate your intention to move forward. Light a candle. Write or read an affirmation. LISTEN & ABSORB. Commit to your goal. God/dess aspect: Maiden/Youth, energy and enthusiasm – Associated God/dess: Artemis & Apollo, Mayet/Djehuti, Freya/Frey. Phase ends at the Quarter on 6/28 at 1:16am. 

The thickening crescent moves past Regulus between Wednesday and Thursday evenings for North America.

Now spot Regulus to the Moon’s lower right, as shown above.

How soon after sunset can you see the big Summer Triangle? Face southeast and look high. There’s Altair, currently the triangle’s bottom point. Vega, the Triangle’s brightest star, is nearly at the zenith (as seen from mid-northern latitudes). Deneb is a bit farther to Altair’s upper left.

As evening grows late, even the lowest star of the big Summer Triangle shines fairly high in the east-southeast. That’s Altair, a good three or four fists at arm’s length below or lower right of Vega.

Delphinus the Dolphin – Of the five stars that make up tiny Delphinus, one (Gamma) is an easily split double. – Astronomy: Roen Kelly

Look left or lower left of Altair, by hardly more than one fist, for the compact little constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin. Delphinus the Dolphin swims high through the southern sky this morning in the hours between midnight and sunrise. Made up of five 4th-magnitude stars, Delphinus lies between the much larger constellations of Pegasus and Aquila. Four stars form the Dolphin’s diamond-shaped body, with Gamma [γ] Delphini as his nose, while the fifth (Epsilon [ε] Delphini) marks the end of his tail. As a bonus, Gamma is actually a double star with a separation of about 9′. It’s easy to split with a modest telescope. The fainter star, Gamma-1, is actually hotter than its brighter companion, Gamma-2. As a result, Gamma-1 often appears white, while Gamma-2 takes on a yellow-orange hue. Gamma-2 is cooler but brighter because it has both a slightly higher mass than Gamma-1 and because it is farther along in its stellar life cycle. No longer fusing hydrogen in its core, Gamma-2 is approaching its giant phase, which has caused it to brighten.
And by that time, look for Jupiter and Saturn very low three fists to Altair’s lower right. Jupiter and Saturn (magnitudes –2.7, and +0.3, respectively) now rise around the end of twilight: Jupiter first, then dimmer Saturn following about 20 minutes behind, lower left of Jupiter. They’re 5½° apart. Farther to Jupiter’s right, the Sagittarius Teapot rests upright.  The two giant planets shine at their highest and telescopic best around 2 or 3 a.m. daylight-saving time. They straddle the border of Sagittarius and Capricornus. Jupiter will reach opposition on the night of July 13th, Saturn on July 20th.  Keep up with the telescopic interplay of Jupiter’s moons and their shadows, and the transit times of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, with the June Sky & Telescope, page 50.

Old Farmer’s Almanac June Sky Map – https://www.almanac.com/night-sky-map-june-2020-see-stars-move
Goddess Month of Rosea runs from 6/13 – 7/10
Celtic Tree Month of Duir/Oak, Jun 10 – Jul 7 –
Runic half-month of Dagaz/ Dag, 6/14-6/28. – Beneficial rune of light, health, prosperity and openings, signifying the high point of the day and the high point of the year when in light and warmth all things are possible. Runic New Year’s Eve, final day of the runic year June 28. Runic New Year and half-month of Fehu/ Feoh, 6/29-7/13 Important in the runic year cycle, today marks beginning of the first rune, Feoh, sacred to Frey and Freya (Freyja), the lord and lady often worshipped in modern Wicca. It is the half-month of wealth and success. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, 1992

Sun in Gemini
Moon in Leo enters Virgo at 10:05am.
Venus (6/25), Mercury  (7/12), Jupiter (9/12), Saturn (9/29), Neptune (11/28), Pluto (10/4) Retrograde

Color: Turquoise

©2020 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


Celtic Tree Month of Duir/Oak, Jun 10 – Jul 7 – The oak of myth and legend is the common oak (Quercus robur L.). It is sometimes called the great oak, which is a translation of its Latin name (robur is the root of the English word “robust”). It grows with ash and beech in the lowland forests, and can reach a height of 150 feet and age of 800 years. Along with ashes, oaks were heavily logged throughout recent millennia, so that the remaining giant oaks in many parts of Europe are but a remnant of forests past. Like most other central and northern European trees, common oaks are deciduous, losing their leaves before Samhain and growing new leaves in the spring so that the trees are fully clothed by Bealltaine. Common oaks are occasionally cultivated in North America, as are the similar native white oak, valley oak, and Oregon oak. Oaks are members of the Beech family (Fagaceae). Curtis Clark

Duir – Oak Ogam letter correspondences
Month: May
Color: Black and Dark Brown
Class: Chieftain
Letter: D
Meaning: Security; Strength

to study this month – Eadha – White Poplar or Aspen Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Silver White
Class: Shrub
Letter: E
Meaning: Problems; Doubts; Fears.


Tides for Alsea Bay

Th  25     High   3:22 AM     7.4   5:33 AM     Set 12:04 AM      13
~    25      Low  10:29 AM    -1.2   9:05 PM    Rise 10:11 AM
~    25     High   5:14 PM     6.5
~    25      Low  10:43 PM     2.7


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – For this is wisdom, to love and live, to take what fate or what we may give!


Journal Prompt – What is? – What is the meaning of “He laughs best who laughs last”?



~   Never speak more clearly than you can think. – Jeremy Bernstein
~   Old age is not for sissies.- Bette Davis
~   Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself but talent instantly recognizes genius. – Arthur Conan Doyle
~   Does bouncing count? – Silk, The Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings

All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay
Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimneys, it was air
And playing, lovely and watery
And fire green as grass. And nightly under the simple stars
As I rode to sleep the owls were bearing the farm away,
All the moon long I heard, blessed among stables, the nightjars
Flying with the ricks, and the horses
Flashing into the dark. – Dylan Thomas (1914–53)


Litha Magick – A Pyrate Perspective – The thoughts and feelings of a Pirate Wiccan on Pagan issues and community. – The Ordeal – Posted by Lauren DeVoe on Saturday, 27 July 2013 in Culture Blogs

“…And you will earn the right of return, and all the moons you can swallow” ~Tea With Witches, Kate Chadbourne

Right before I left for Sirius Rising, I came across one of Star Foster’s blogs about her experience with her own initiation, Considering Consent: Initiation, Baptism, and Other Religious Milestones. This blog left me with a lot to chew over, since my own initiation was nothing like Star’s experience and I was preparing to assist in elevating two of my students.

In the blog Star says, “I told my initiator afterwards that had I had an understanding of what the ritual would entail, I would never have requested an initiation. I would have remained a ‘friend of the house.’ To be perfectly honest, had I been given a paper copy of the ritual to peruse ahead of time, my response would have likely been ‘Oh HELL NO!’”

A required reading in my tradition is “What Witches Do” by Stewart Farrar. The very first chapter of the book is about initiation and describes a man going through it. I didn’t read it before I took initiation exactly because I didn’t want to know what would happen during an initiation. I have read the book since and am glad that I made the choice not to do so beforehand. For me, going through initiation was partly about proving to myself that even without knowing exactly what was going to happen, I was ready enough to handle it without any forewarning. That I could blindly take what was done and have the knowledge to handle anything thrown at me. While initiation is an undertaking that you’re given by others, my initiation was a test I had also set for myself.

Walking into my initiation, I was fairly nervous. While I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, I was trained well enough to have a good idea of what to expect. While I didn’t read other accounts of initiation before hand, my priest and priestess didn’t send me into things blindly. I didn’t walk into my initiation expecting a “positive, loving experience” as some of the people that Star talked to told her about, I walked into my initiation knowing that I would be facing my Gods face to face and was bolstered by the knowledge that my initiators deemed me ready to handle whatever came next. I expected to be uncomfortable, I expected to be tested. I expected to swear serious vows and to be asked uncomfortable questions. My tradition made sure to equip me with the tools I needed to get through my initiation healthy, happy and whole.

Initiation was not something I expected to be pleasant, it was something I expected, in some ways, to survive. It is about the death of an old life and the start of a new one. I didn’t expect this to be a happy experience. I expected this to be an ordeal.

Initiations and elevations are supposed to be ordeals. Jason Mankey, Pagan scholar and blogger (he has a blog over at Patheos called Raise the Horns and he will soon have a new column here at Witches and Pagans, go check it out!) and also a dear friend and Gardnerian was discussing initiation with me at Sirius Rising. Jason used that word, ordeal. And I think “ordeal” sums up everything about initiation beautifully.

During Sirius Rising, I assisted with two elevations. They were the first elevations that I have been the acting priestess for. While they were outer court elevations, they were elevations that are about the acceptance of taking the path to initiation.

What surprised me about leading others through this elevation was that it was not just an ordeal for the ones undertaking to elevate. This was also an ordeal for myself and my priest as well. In some ways, getting ready for this ritual was harder for myself and my partner than it was for those who were elevating. They just had to show up and get through it, we had to memorize several pages of lines, find a place, have all the tools, get the right objects needed, provide some things for after and facilitate the ritual, the ritual that was more draining for us performing it and channeling deity than it was for those undertaking it!

It took us several days to get ready and that was after all the time spent making sure our students were taught and properly prepared to handle the elevation. I stood anxiously throughout the ritual, after having done my part of it, waiting to see if our students stood up to the tests provided, hoping that I had prepared them enough and had judged correctly that they were ready. In many ways, their elevation was as much a test for me as it was for them, it was a test of my role as teacher.

This definitely changed my perspective on the act of initiation. I don’t know if I would have understood how an initiation or elevation could be an ordeal for those giving it without experiencing both sides of the coin first, but initiation is an ordeal for everyone involved. And I have a feeling that if it isn’t, you aren’t doing it right.

Also during Sirius Rising I took part in Jason Mankey’s Morrison ritual and was initiated into the Morrison Clan. If you ever have the opportunity to go to one, it is a heck of a lot of fun. The Morrison clan embraces the idea that Jim Morrison of the Doors fame was an incarnation of Dionysius, the ritual celebrates excess and all that life has to offer with music by the Doors playing in the background. Once again I had to prove myself deserving initiation. This time, initiation was a lot more fun, but that apprehension was still there. This time around, the things I did to “prove” myself were a lot more fun, but they were still trials, they were still an ordeal. I was still aware that we were in a Circle with the Gods and that my life would be changed forever by that act.

I hope that for my students now and in the future, I will not misjudge and I will continue to provide all the knowledge and support needed to get them to that place where they are ready to handle their initiation without feeling that they didn’t consent to what happens during one. I would hate to think that I had left someone with as a bad a taste for the Craft the way that it seems Star was. I hope to remember initiation is and always will be an ordeal. Initiation is not for the unprepared, it is trial, triumph and tribulation rolled all into one.


Silliness – Copy Machine Handout

In most offices, the photocopier is out of order every now and then. One copy repairman had answered question after question for the employees. Finally one day, he just smiled and handed them this sheet.
The copier is out of order!
Yes, we have called the service man.
Yes, he will be in today.
No, we cannot fix it.
No, we do not know how long it will take.
No, we do not know what caused it.
No, we do not know who broke it.
Yes, we are keeping it.
No, we do not know what you are going to do now.
Thank You

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