Daily Stuff 8-26-20 Extra Political

This is a political statement! If you want to stay out of all of that, please skip it!

Written by a friend. I understand the frustration!

By David Bianco, used with permission….

3:05 AM
Sensing that I too was awake, Janet asks me, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“No”, I said curtly

Protracted pause while I considered my options at explaining why in the middle of the night, I was being curt with the woman I love dearly,.. while I considered what to say, whether I should…

Then it happened. The dam burst. The real question, “What do you want, David” entered my mind… and that was it… Like a very few times before in my life, I launched into a place where I was controlled by the primeval need to explain, with uncertain precision, what exactly was wrong, and how it needs to be corrected by those who were offending my sensibilities.

It all came tumbling out…

“What I want is to stop being misrepresented!

I am not a radical! A “Radical” is a somebody who wants thorough and complete political or social change. That is NOT what I want! If by wanting our purported racial social equality, that’s going to require COMPLETE social change, then perhaps. But in MY OPINION, we weren’t so far away from that that this should be considered “radical”. And I AM NOT willing to abide one political party in this country implying that we were that far away from it that said sentiment makes it reasonable to refer to me with the disdainful term “radical”

I am not a socialist. I have NO socialist interest WHAT SO EVER! I WANT the sham that is a Republican National Convention to stop harping on and on, on and on about “Socialist Democrats”. I am a Precinct Committee Person for the Joesphine County Democrats. I am fully aware of every aspect of this political party’s platform and the intent and desires of every member of my local party’s intent and desires. I have talked at length with many Democrats in my local area, and not a single one has ever, not even once, said anything that would even remotely meet the definition of “socialism”: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned and regulated by the community as a whole.

I want the RNC to stop referring to Democrats as Socialists. While we, and I think a vast majority of the population in this country want our citizens to have egalitarian and unilateral HEALTH CARE, this does not mean that we want ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIALISM ! That is fucking lying about our intent!!!

I want the Lying to stop! I want the mis-truths and misrepresentations to stop being delivered at literally 2-3 per minute by something that is being represented as the “REPUBLICAN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES”

I WANT the implying, or the plain outright lying that Democrats want to deny anybody their Constitutionally defined Second Amendment Right to bear arms.
What I WANT is the TRUMPIST party to recognize that there is a gun violence problem in this country and stop being puppets of the NRA and other gun rights organizations and find a way to work together to curtail this gun violence by putting in place proper CONSTITUTIONALLY APPROPRIATE legislation that brings an end to my grandchildren having to fear for their lives in schools, have live-shooter drills, etc. This is NOT A WAY TO HAVE TO BE A CHILD!!!! I own guns, many of my cohorts in the JOCO Dems own guns. We all want to keep our guns. I WANT THE LYING TO STOP!

I WANT the RNC to stop parading every family member of our President across the stage to keep invoking the same spiteful disinformation about the intent of the “other” party, while failing to actually specify any platform that they are actually promoting. I WANT the RNC to have a platform, not a party line that is a misrepresentation of the Democratic Party Platform!



I WANT REASONABLE TERM LIMITS ON ALL POLITICIANS, and I certainly will NEVER vote for a man who even remotely jokes about trying to get his followers to piss off the other side by suggesting that they chant ‘TWELVE MORE YEARS!’ That is a man who is angling on having the 22nd amendment to MY constitution repealed, and that is a VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION THAT I BELIEVE IN!

I WANT my Republican National Convention (now the Trump National Convention or TNC) to not parade people like Maximo Alvarez across the stage! Why? Because he was plainly being represented as a “Florida Businessman” He owns Sunshine Fuels, and has a net worth of 80 million. That’s MISREPRESENTATION. He’s a FUCKING MULTIMILLIONAIRE Florida golfing buddy of the President. Next, he was promoting fear! Fear that Castro’s COMMUNIST regime is where the DEMOCRATIC Party is heading. BULLSHIT! We want our CONSITUTIONALLY DEFINED DEMOCRACY with it’s 3 branches of government, with their checks and balances to be operating properly! NO DEMOCRAT I KNOW, and OUR CANDIDATES want communism, or any aspect of it. I WANT this kind of BULLSHIT to stop!

I WANT the TNC to stop saying DEMOCRATS want to DEFUND THE POLICE. I WANT my tax dollars to fund properly trained and racially UNBIASED police force, not a Police force that can shoot a 29 year old man 7 times in the back, in front of his children, while trying to return to his vehicle rendering him paralyzed from the waist down, only to be put on “Administrative leave” (PAID LEAVE) while their lack of using a proper deterrent method, say a TASER, is evaluated. I want that investigation to be referred to a court of law that then try’s the case against our RULE OF LAW and possibly puts those officers in prison for attempted manslaughter, if that’s what is appropriate.

I WANT the disgusting symbiosis between Trump and FOX News to stop!

I WANT my dear and respected Republican Friends, with whom I have many common conservative values, to reassure me that they see the travesty that is the current “regime”, that they do indeed see that the Justice Branch has been co-opted and is acting on behalf of the Executive Branch, and that they have ABSOLUTELY no intention to continue to enable this violation of the sanctity of our 3 branch system of government with its checks and balances, to continue.

I WANT people like the New Mexico Police officer who adopted the Heroin Addict’s baby to give credit NOT to President Trump for passing LEGISLATION that does something about the opioid epidemic in this country. That LEGISLATION was passed by a bi-partisan Legislative Branch of our government… It wasn’t Donald Trump that did it, other than the fact that he didn’t have his personal LEGISLATION DOORSTOP Mitch McConnell prevent it from even getting considered by the US Senate. Thank you for adopting that child, but stop giving credit where credit is NOT DUE!

I WANT there to be a requirement the the Senate Majority Leader MUST within a certain time limit put EVERY piece of LEGISLATION that is put before the body Senate through due process, not be able to table or simply NOT DO ANYTHING with legislation.

I WANT a checks and balances confirmation process for every possible nomination for any governmental institution head of organization. For those that exist already that have Senate confirmation, fine. For those that don’t, I want Congressional confirmation processes to be put in place. So that nominees are put through qualification verification, not simply placed in office because they were huge presidential campaign donors or for other malign purposes. I WANT my governmental institutions to be protected from whim and partisan exploitation

I WANT this President to be held accountable by every voter in this country for his mismanagement of the Pandemic, destroying the Pandemic Response organization that had been started by the previous administration, and the DEATH-TOLL that didn’t need to occur!

I WANT the TNC to stop suggesting that Democrats want to do away with any aspect of the Constitution, especially that of FREE SPEECH! I find their saying such is absolutely disgusting. I don’t know ANY Democrat that wants this! I appreciate rational discourse based on proper factual information.

I WANT every American not to simply “believe” everything that comes out of our President’s mouth because he’s “our President”. I want them to do their verification of the TRUTH, and then, if there’s reason to discuss perspectives I WANT TO HAVE REASONABLE CONVERSATIONAL DISCOURSE!!!!


I WANT my Postal System to be held AS accountable for being ‘Profitable’ as is our military. GOVERNMENT SERVICES AREN’T CORPORATE PROFIT CENTERS!

I WANT the predication and expectation that all of our VOTING MUST HAPPEN IN A SINGLE DAY to be set aside due to the pandemic. This Election should be extended to a full 4 day period to allow EVERY American to vote health safely without somebody impugning Mail-in voting as being fraught with fraud. Creating road blocks to a complete and fair election isn’t “solving the problem”, it is being an obstruction to solving the problem. Why is it I have to be the first person I’ve heard of suggesting that such a simple solution solves the health risk issue? WHY???

I WANT every bureaucrat associated with any aspect of UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE (if you don’t understand the word LOOK IT UP!) to step up and get every citizen of this country registered and able to vote. I want bureaucrats who impede/prevent this to be brought up on charges of election tampering.”

This is what I told my beautiful wife Janet… starting at 3:05 this morning.

I should not need to be awake because of these things. These things, I believe should be reasonable GIVENS in THIS COUNTRY.


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