Daily Stuff 6-18-21 Morning

Hi, folks!

Ow…. As we were leaving for the shop yesterday morning, I lost my balance and went over… into gravel. I just missed clocking my head on the pavement. I managed to roll enough that I didn’t jar my back, but to protect my head, my right hand and elbow got pretty battered. There’s a reason I use a walker… and now I know I need a handrail in that spot….

I seem to be ok except for my right side. Swollen wrist and hand, bruised elbow and shoulder. I’m going to head home a bit early and just not try to do much tonight. I’ve got a couple of books I was going to get into. Not going to put the newsletter out. Well, that’s the first I’ve missed since we moved…..

So, assuming that I’m in good enough shape to come in to the shop today, I’ll put the full newsletter out later. Tempus will have the shop open, whatever chances.

Love & Light,

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