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[Tide] The shop opens at 1pm. Fall hours are 1-6pm Thurs.-Mon. Featured photo by Ken Gagne. [workshop]

[posting at 2pm] Bright sunshine today, just like yesterday. 66F, wind at 0-7mph, AQI 58/50/86, UV3. Chance of rain 7% today and 6% tonight. Forecast – Right at the end of the 10-day forecast there’s a chance of showers, 1/3 inch if it happens. Today(61/47) sunny and already over that forecast temp! Tomorrow(65/49) mostly sunny. Sat(74/49) sunny. Sun(59/52) partly cloudy. Mon(62/50) mostly cloudy. Tue(62/50) partly cloudy. Wed/Thu(63/50) mostly sunny. Fri(59/50) partly cloudy until evening. Sat(55/49) possible showers.

Fires on the map
The coast is under the lightest layer of smoke, but the Valley (and a tongue extending to Coos Bay) is a couple of degrees smokier. There’s even some on the other side of the Cascades from Bend north.
Cedar Creek Fire – 122,706  – up
Slick Ear Fire – 243 acres – same
Crockets Knob Fire – 4,331 – same
West Campbell Fire – 135 acres – off the map
Sturgill Fire – 21,710 acres – same
Goat Mountain Two Fire – 584 acres – same
Double Creek Fire – 171,532 acres – same
Nebo – 12,609 acres – same
4 firespots.

Yesterday, once the newsletter was out (around 2pm) I set up frames for the next week and filled in some of the info. Next I did a computer version of one of the embroidery patterns that I was having trouble with. After that I worked on editing pictures and then started working on checking in books. We got a few out on the shelves, but between falling down rabbit holes and catching up on mail pretty quickly it was 4pm.

We had had a bunch of lookey-lous in and some small sales. Tempus took the bank deposit over and then ran back after some deposit slips. …and I had started working on this. I was *sleepy* for some reason. I got enough sleep, but…. dang…

So, tonight is class, if anyone comes. If they do I’ll be at the shop overnight and probably try to fill in newsletter frames. If not, I’ll be home working on the bread recipe.

Today we’ll be open at 1. I have more books to do and more embroidery patterns and want to do the next installment on the frames, if I haven’t already.

A photo from 10/12/16 by Ken Gagne of a pelican with his landing gear out.

Hawthorn, , In night, Samhain Crafts, Pesky Telemarketer,

Plant motif Hawthorn Huath Celtic Tree Month

Today’s Plant is Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, known as common hawthorn , may, mayblossom, maythorn, quickthorn, whitethorn, motherdie, and haw. It has edible buds, flowers and fruits, which are full of antioxidants . Particularly sacred to the month of May and to Beltane, it is used extensively as a hedge plant. –Fairy energy, May interfere with digitalis medications. – Masculine, Mars, Fire. – Increases fertility and/or celibacy. Carry on a fishing trip to ensure good catch. Brings happiness to the troubled or depressed. Protects house against lightning and storms, evil ghosts may not enter. In cradles to guard from evil spells. Most Witch’s gardens contained a hawt hedge. Sacred to the fairies, and is part of the tree triad of Britain. More on this species:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_hawthorn More on the genus Crataegus here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crataegus


Today is the birthday in 1797 of Ida Pfeiffer, world-traveler and author. More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ida_Pfeiffer She was one of the first of the “lady explorers” and published 7 books about her travels all over the world. She was quite a scandal in her day and didn’t actually begin her travels until her children were grown.

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Moon in Gemini

Waning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the Tide Change on 10/25 at 3:49am. Waning Gibbous Moon – Best time for draining the energy behind illness, habits or addictions. Magicks of this sort, started now, should be ended before the phase change to the New Moon. – Associated God/dess: Hera/Hero, Cybele, Zeus the Conqueror, Mars/Martius, Anansi, Prometheus. Phase ends at the Quarter on 10/17 at 1:56pm.

The waning gibbous Moon, up in the east in late evening, passes bright, fiery Mars on the 14th. Once again, the Moon and an outer planet demonstrate that they shine together on opposite sides of their opposition dates. The Moon was full last Sunday, while Mars will reach opposition December 1st.Once the waning gibbous Moon rises after about 9 p.m. tonight, look to its right or lower right for bright Mars. By 11 they’re nice and high, as shown above. They’re both between the horntip stars of Taurus (for evening in the Americas).
Dust storms have developed on Mars. This stacked-video image was taken on October 2nd by Henning Schmidt of Rostok, Germany, using a 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain scope. South is up. Light yellow dust clouds obscure some familiar surface features, especially in the high southern latitudes. The large dark area here is the Aurorae Sinus / Coprates / Mare Erythraeum region.Late tonight, the Moon and Mars hang together between the horns of Taurus the Bull. Mars is now magnitude –0.8 and spans 13″. Its disk is 90 percent lit. The Red Planet is approaching opposition later this year, growing larger and brighter with every passing week. By the end of the month, it will reach 94 percent lit and stretch 15″ across.
Focus in on the Moon with a telescope and look for the large crater Aristoteles, which sits in the north above the large, dark Sea of Serenity. Under this Sun angle, the terrain around Aristoteles appears rough and textured, the level of detail limited only by your local seeing conditions. Look especially at the crater’s western rim, where a small crater has scooped out a portion of its material. As a result, the shadow falling on the crater floor looks like it’s had a small bite taken out of it. Just west of Aristoteles is the straight line of Vallis Alpes, which runs through the Montes Alpes mountain range. Above (north of) this valley is the circular crater Protagoras, half-lit and half in shadow as the Sun sets over the lunar landscape.

Venus is lost in the glare of the Sun.

Runic half-month of Wunjo/Wyn – October 13-28 – Wyn represents joy, the rune being the shape of a weather vane. The month represents the creation of harmony within the given conditions of the present.

Sun in Libra

Saturn (10/23), Jupiter (11/23), Neptune 12/3, Chiron (12/23), Uranus (1/22/23) Retrograde
Goddess Month of Hathor runs from 10/3 – 10/30
Celtic Tree Month of Gort/Ivy  Sep 30 – Oct 27
Color – ?
Planting Harvest
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Celtic Tree Month of Gort/Ivy  Sep 30 – Oct 27 – Gort – (GORT), ivy – Ivy (Hedera helix L.) is also a vine, growing to 30 m (100 feet) long in beech woods and around human habitations, where it is widely planted as a ground cover. Ivy produces greenish flowers before Samhain on short, vertical shrubby branches. The leaves of these flowering branches lack the characteristic lobes of the leaves of the rest of the plant. Like holly, ivy is evergreen, its dark green leaves striking in the bare forests of midwinter. Ivy is widely cultivated in North America. It is a member of the Ginseng family (Araliaceae).

Gort – Ivy Ogam letter correspondences
Month: September
Color: Sky Blue
Class: Chieftain
Letter: G
Meaning: Take time to soul search or you will make a wrong decision.

to study this month Uilleand – Honeysuckle Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Yellow-white
Class: Peasant
Letter: P, PE, UI
Meaning: Proceed with caution.


Tides for Alsea Bay

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
~            /Low      Time     Feet   Sunset                                    Visible
F   14     High   4:29 AM     6.3   7:31 AM     Set 12:52 PM      84
~    14      Low   9:46 AM     3.2   6:34 PM    Rise  9:18 PM
~    14     High   3:33 PM     7.5
~    14      Low  10:44 PM     0.2


Affirmation/Thought for the Day –


Journal Prompt – What? – What do you like to do in your free time?



~   My early and invincible love of reading I would not exchange for all the riches of India.- E.Gibbon
~   The part of the mind that is dark to us in this culture, that is sleeping in us, that we name ‘unconscious’, is the knowledge that we are inseparable from all other beings in the Universe. – Susan Griffin
~   Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. – Oliver Wendell Holmes
~   Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light but of making the darkness conscious. – C.G. Jung

In night when colors all to black are cast,
Distinction lost, or gone down with the light;
The eye a watch to inward senses placed,
Not seeing, yet still having powers of sight. – Lord Brooke Fulke Greville (1554–1628)


Samhain Magick – Crafts

Friendly Spider

Materials include egg carton, black pom-poms, glue, black paint, scissors, 8 black pipe cleaners, buttons or wiggly eyes


1. Separate one cup from an egg carton.

2. Paint it black and set it aside to dry.

3. Once it is dry, make 8 small holes (4 on each side) at the base of the cup using the point of the scissors.

4. Insert a pipe cleaner into each of the holes for legs.

5. Glue the black pom-pom to the front of the cup for a head

6. Glue two buttons or wiggly eyes on the black pom-pom

CRAFT STICK SPIDERWEBS – This is a project from happyhourprojects.com – You can find the full post here:http://happyhourprojects.com/?s=craft+stick+spiderweb  This is only a few of the pictures/and truncated directions! Please visit her site for the full thing!

  • 4.5 inch Wood Craft Sticks
  • Silver Paint and Paintbrush
  • Aleene’s Craft Glue
  • White Yarn
  • Plastic Spiders (I raided my fake cobwebs for a few)
  • Paint Sticks
  • Cut several 8 foot pieces of yard
  • Tie one end around the center of the form, and wrap in each direction.
  • Wrap yarn around each spoke.
  • Work your way around, making sure to space the yarn slightly
  • When you fill the form out to the ends of your sticks, tie a knot. Cut off excess
  • Tie long strings on the ends to hang them, or trim the ends off to tuck them into corners!
  • Glue on a spider and you’re ready to roll…..

Trick or Treat Bag

Materials include an undecorated gift bag, permanent markers, glue, ribbon, construction paper, or any other item you wish to use to decorate the bag.

1. You can buy undecorated gift bags in most hobby and craft stores (or even at your local Wal-mart type store) for under $1.00. These bags come in a variety of sizes and colors, just pick whatever suits your fancy.

2. Have your child color a Halloween-themed picture (jack-o-lantern, witch, werewolf, bats, etc.) and then cut the picture out and glue it on the bag.

3. You could also cut something out of construction paper or draw directly onto the bag with permanent markers or glow-in-the-dark paints.

4. Don’t forget the Halloween stickers!

5. Tie some colorful ribbons on the handles and then just before they go out Trick-or-Treating, tie a couple of activated glow sticks to their bag’s ribbons to make them easier to see in the dark.

Anja’s note: If your kids have the problem with someone grabbing their treat bags, do not use paper (or if you live on the Oregon Coast, where most Halloweens are soaking wet….) Pillowcases work better, or you can do what I did and make sacks of a heavy fabric with a single loop to put over the child’s arm. These can be decorated with Sharpies or fabric paint or even glow-in-the-dark paint!


Silliness – Pesky Telemarketer

The phone rang as I was sitting down to my anticipated evening meal and, as I answered, I was greeted with, “Is this Wilhiam Wagenhoss?”

This didn’t sound anything like my name, so I asked, “Who is calling?”

The telemarketer said he was with The Rubberband-Powered Freezer Company or something like that and then I asked him if he knew Wilhiam personally and why was he was calling this number. I then said, off to the side, “Get really good pictures of the body and all the blood.”

I then turned back to the phone and advised the caller that he had entered a murder scene and must stay on the line because we had already traced this call and he would be receiving a summons to appear in the local courthouse to testify in this murder case.

I then questioned the caller at great length as to his name, address, phone number at home, at work, who he worked for, how he knew the dead guy and could he prove where he had been about one hour before he made this call. The telemarketer was getting very concerned and his answers were given in a shaky voice.

Then I proceeded to tell him that we had located his position at his work place and the police were entering the building to take him into custody. At that point, I heard the phone fall and the scurrying of his running away.

My wife asked me, as I returned to the table, why I had tears streaming down my face and so help me, I couldn’t tell her for about fifteen minutes.

My meal was cold, but oh-so-very enjoyable.

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