Amor, Kittens and an All-day Sucker

    In the process of all the writing over the last month, I’ve been calling up stories from memory. Papa didn’t remember me having told him about this (I think he was working at Stark St., already, although he says, not) and Tig was too young. I think the rest of you were at school, and I have *no* clue if Amor remembers this one, so I’m writing it up to share amongst the bunch of you.

sucker all-day

    I was in the kitchen working on dinner, I think, and Tigger was in his walker in the dining room. I’m talking about the blue house on 80th, somewhere in ’94 as best as I can remember.

    Amor had an all-day sucker from somewhere and he was alternately working on the sucker, coloring in a coloring book on the floor and complaining when Tigger ran over him, or the crayons.

moving cat a_kittyball2

     He must have gotten tired of being run over because he opened the door to the front hall, which is where one of the many litters of kittens had their box and decided to play with one.

The first I knew that there was a problem, was Amor starting to sound really upset and Tigger yelling, “Ma!” As I dried my hands and walked out there to see what the problem was the volume level started to rise.

moving cat a_kittyball1

    As best as I could figure it out later what had happened was that Amor picked up a kitten. Amor was sticky from the sucker and the kitten stuck to his hand so he brought the other one (the one with the sucker) over to pry it loose. The kitten objected mightily and in flailing around stuck itself most thoroughly to the sucker! Amor grabbed the sucker back and the kitten clawed him, trying to get loose and succeeded because Amor let go to holler. The kitten, with sucker firmly attached, landed in the rest of its litter-mates and all hell broke loose. Amor tried to grab the sucker out again and the Mom-cat, trying to sort out the problem somehow laid on top of kittens and sucker and all. OMG….

     It took giving all 6 of them a bath, a lot of band-aids and kisses and a new all-day sucker and some kitty-treats to calm all the hurt feelings!

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