Butter – fly


When the kids were small we bought peanut butter by the 5 pound tub and went through it in a week. The buckets from Costco had pictures of peanuts and honey jars and flying bees on the side.

For some reason the kids took to calling peanut butter, just “butter” and regular butter was “cow butter”. We never did figure out why! …and it certainly made for some odd responses from their friends at snack time!

By the time Amor came along that was set in stone.


One afternoon when he was just really starting to talk, he stood by the counter staring at the peanut butter tub chewing on a fingertip and looking puzzled. I asked, “Do you want a peanut butter sandwich, sweetie?”

He shook his head.

“What’s up, then?”

He took the finger out of his mouth and pointed to one of the bees, which was a *long* stretch for such a little tyke and said, “Butter….fly?”

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