Chesapeake Bay Memories

blue_crab Chesapeake Bay memories – Crabbing as a kid…. just a dip net, wearing a swimsuit, an oversized t-shirt and a hat, old, raggy, tenny-runners and towing either a bushel basket with a lid or our rowboat… wading through the Bay grass in shallow water and scooping up the crabs. I used to love the fried-in-butter softcrab sandwiches that were my reward from my grandmother for catching enough for supper. I’m drooling thinking about one…. 

081015 Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

“Who remembers the fun of crabbing with just a dipnet and a bushel basket, wading through Bay grass beds? Well, this summer, thanks to an explosion of Bay grasses, folks are getting to experience the fun of dipnet crabbing for the first time in ages! Today on Beautiful Swimmers, its all about masses of Bay grasses and the crabs that follow their comeback: ” – From Facebook on the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum page this day in 2015.

There’s a beautiful article about trot-lining for blue crab on the Chesapeake Bay here:

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