Victims – I won’t be one!

I saw the Roman Polanski rant, commented, saw the “What’s on your mind” box and then got to thinking…..

I’m thinking about victims…. our society sets us up to be victims, one way or another. It’s one way that we become powerless, so we can be controlled. We each need to take up our own power from within so that we will never victimize anyone nor ever be victims again!

Each of us is beautiful and powerful and divine enough to do this, if we can only believe it.

You can’t control what someone else does, it’s not even ethical to, but you can change your own personal reality. Even if you are injured or killed, that doesn’t mean you’re a victim!

Victimization is in the mind and leaves scars on the soul. The body isn’t immortal, but the spirit within can be injured enough to carry to another life.

Many of the “recovery” groups teach you (I doubt they mean to….and it’s “many” not all, by any means) to live forever as a victim and glory in being a victim. From what I’ve seen that simply expresses in more victims being created, whether the person in the recovery groups victimizes someone (happens way more than you hear about) or is again victimized (happens a way *lot*) or simply sits in being a victim and never achieves the wonderful person that they are in potential.

I was helped by my home coven to stand up and say, “Never again!” to my victimizer. Yes, I got my jaw broken and went through a lot of pain, but so what? Even if he had *killed* me, I would have known that incredible instant of power when I knew I was divine in my own right and *no* *one* could ever hurt me again. A quarter-century later I *know* that was the right thing to do.

I will carry that from this life to any others I might have.

Many people get lazy. “Oh, my parents were awful!”, “Society hurts us minorities”, “I’m not strong enough” and they wilt into everything-is-victimizing-them-and-they-don’t-have-to-do-anything-but-be-human-vegetables-because-they-have-an-excuse. Who is at fault in that equation?

I refused that route. Many others have.

I also refuse the inevitable fear that comes with being “Victim”!

I have also learned to refuse the hate, because then I tie myself to the role of victim, allow myself to be controlled by folks who don’t have my best interests at heart, but their own.

“Love the Sinner. Hate the Sin.” I was taught that as a child. I won’t be tied to their need for power and hand off my own.

I will *never* be a victim, again!

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