Grandma’s Album

Grandma’s Album – This is Grandma’s Album, where we have put her thoughts, photos, and recollections, plus some explanatory pieces.

See Memories of Grandma by those who knew her here: 

Links to 3 albums of photos will be added here…. (when I get that far….)

…and I’m starting to add stories about Grandma, too, although they might get pulled to their own page.

  1. A Day At the Fair – Recollection of a visit to the 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse in Maryland.
  2. Pasla Ovechky – Grandma’s favorite song
  3. Take It Easy! Our Chesapeake Cottage – I shall build myself a tidy little cottage.
  4. Chesapeake Harvest – I’d say we were rich!
  5. Two Boats – Nin-Ci-Gal and Atalanta
  6. The Twelfth of September – Defenders’ Day
  7. Go Home – Our faithful companion
  8. Four Brothers – Humor prevailed
  9. Jump Rope Rhyme – A favorite childhood rhyme
  10. Mother’s Brother – Naval officer and guardian angel
  11. Mother’s Dědeček – Fun-loving, rascally grandfather
  12. Du, Du – A German folksong
  13. Cucumber Soup – Mrs. Krechovic’s Slovak recipe
  14. Baba’s Cherry Lemonade – A family recipe
  15. Summer Visiting – Chesapeake Bay summer cottages
  16. Uncle Jerry’s Wallet – Thank goodness for a sense of humor!
  17. Czech School – Saturday classes in language and history
  18. Baltimore’s Great Fire, 1904 – The Souvenir
  19. The Beach at Sundown – A poem (We can’t find the image….still looking)
  20. Zeleny Hajove (Green Woodlands) – A Czech folk song
  21. School Days – Incomplete at Grandma’s death….
  22. Mom and the Insect Play – One of Anja’s favorite stories to tell.


Grandma, as she preferred to be known to everyone, was 88 when she crossed over on the night of May 1, 2008. She spent 35 years teaching English in the Baltimore City Public Schools and at Johns Hopkins University, where she has an M.A. She did a lot of the packing and sorting as well as checking my grammar from back in her “corner” in the shop.

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