Pasla Ovechky

From Grandma’s Album… Pasla Ovechky – “This was my mother’s favorite song to sing to my children when they were little. She would rock them in a big green chair in the kitchen of the shore house and sing to them as they got sleepy.” – Grandma Helen

Sheep in a Czech meadow

Pasla Ovechky

Pasla ovecky v zeleni hajove,   Grazing sheep in the green meadow
Pasla ovecky v cernim lese.      Grazing sheep in the black woods
Ja za nem cupy, cupy, cup,       I go after them, tippitty-tap
Oni zas dupy, dupy, dup,          They go away thupitty-thup
Houfem ovicky seberte se.        Move it, sheep!

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