Uncle Jerry’s Wallet

From Grandma’s Album… Uncle Jerry’s Wallet or Thank Goodness for a Sense of Humor!


Uncle Jerry’s Wallet

After one visit to Aunt Louise and Uncle Jerry’s shore, we boarded our 36-foot raised deck cabin cruiser, the yacht, Helemor, which had been thoroughly inspected by all of the expert-mariner uncles for seaworthiness and approved. We waved our goodbyes and took position for casting off….

But she was STUCK! I do mean thoroughly aground. The tide had gone out and because of the moon phase it was a very low tide. We had a PROBLEM!

We tried, again and again, gunning the engine, rocking the boat (the kids were enthusiastic about helping with this part) and shoving hard. Nothing was working. Amor even pumped the bilge! Several of the uncles were conferring and finally went ashore, having decided to go borrow a speedboat from a neighbor, hoping to tow her off from astern.

Uncle Jerry then decided to give it one more good try. Without the rest of the uncles on board Helemor was already floating a bit higher. Unbeknownst to him, Amor was at the helm, ready to give it another round of full throttle in reverse. Both cut loose at the same time and Helemor shot out into the middle of the river.

But horror of horrors! Where was Uncle Jerry? There was no sign of him except for an expanding circle on the water. He had shot headfirst into the river! Everyone froze momentarily.

With a tremendous eruption of water, Uncle Jerry emerged. His hands were high in the air, billfold in one hand, cigarettes in the other, and he was laughing uproariously at his unexpected ducking.

No one who was there that day will ever forget that moment as we all roared with laughter and dragged him up to the house with much joshing and horseplay for a change of clothes!

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