Zeleny Hajove (Green Woodlands)

From Grandma’s Album… Zeleny Hajove (Green Woodlands) One of her favorite songs

Zeleny Hajove (Green Woodlands)

A Czech folk song.

Zeleny hajove.                   Oh, green woodlands,
Bejvaly ste me moje,          You were once a great comfort to me.
Bejvaly ste meho srdce      You comforted my heart.
Propteseni.                         For consolation.

Ale ted delsi cas,               But now lately on the horizon,
Neslysim ptacky hlas,        I do not hear a bird call.
Na obloze se uk azel          On the horizon appears
Smutny cas.                       A sadder time.

Ten venecek zeleny,           That wreath, so verdant green,
Zrosmaric pleteny,             Woven with rosemary.
Ten my dala moje mila       My love gave to me
Propoteseni.                       For consolation.


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