Babicka and Sun Magic

Late June – early July

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I don’t know how real it is, but Babicka always insisted on sun-bleaching pillows in mid-summer. She said it killed “allergics” and brought in summer’s good luck.

What she was referring to was that during the time of Jan Kupalo (June 19 to Perun’s Day on July 7) is the time of collecting “sun” from outdoors to store all winter. She would even take jars of water outside to stand in the sun and then put them up in the canning cupboard, claiming that it kept things warm enough to not freeze, even if you put things out in the woodshed. She also insisted on making sun tea, that it was better for you than boiling it on the stove and said that foods “grown in the sun” were better for you, as well.

We always did a lot of laundry this time of year and all the ticks and covers from pillows and featherbeds got washed and bleached and hung to dry.

This was always the time of year when the cherries were fully ripe and I spent years (sometimes all in one week!) climbing the trees and picking them. She would make cherry lemonade for us, her special recipe, and the cherry pies were awesome….

There’s a song out there with a line, “Taste a little of the summer, Grandma put it all in a jar.” That was my Babicka….

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