The end of the Model T


My grandfolks had a model T. It died and couldn’t be fixed and they got a Model A….and the model T sat….and sat….and sat…. It cut off the view of the garden from the kitchen window. …and my grandmother asked and asked for years to do something about it. ….so 1939… yeah, that long… my grandfather was in the hospital and my grandmother was pretty upset already, and stuck at the house (she didn’t drive)…. she got out a shovel and started digging to one side of the car, and by the time my grandfather was home, the Model T was on its side in the hole and didn’t stick up above ground level. She said, “I gif it a good kick like it need!” So, the hole eventually got filled in and by the time I came along in the late 50’s it was a great place to play. Just a lump of dirt that no one yelled about if it got disturbed. By the time I was in college in the late 70’s, the lump was flat.

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