Arthur & Raven’s Wedding 8-24-17

On August 24, 2017, our oldest son, Arthur, was married to his love, Raven. This is an account of our trip up, the activities surrounding the wedding and our trip home, plus a couple of stops on the way. There’s some jumping back and forth in time, although the narrative is in chronological order, since I quoted the newsletter and some pix were done later or earlier.

Pix from before

Wednesday, August 23

This day was pretty awful. We got up in plenty of time, but this took longer and that took longer and we weren’t properly packed so we had to go to the shop and *that* took longer…. <sigh> I was pretty frantic by the time we got going at 4:30…and then we had to go to the PO, stop at the apartment for some things that we forgot and then pick up some food for the trip…. you get the picture. Pilgrim stopped by just as we were about to pull out of the shop parking and handed me a little vase of flowers!

I think we were finally on rt 20 headed

The vase in the car

east before 6pm… I think… That’s what the photo above says about when I took it at Olive St. (rt 20) and Highway 101. I ended up carsick, even worse. <sigh> That meant that I wasn’t all that talkative early on in the trip. I was finally starting to get somewhat past it as we hit Corvallis, at least enough to realize that the pink “clouds” over the Cascades was smoke from the fires! Wow….

Clouds were the amazing thing pretty much the whole trip. When we were at home while I was waiting for Tempus I watched polka-dotted stripes of cloud that were oriented north/south sliding northeast, with a

Flowers when we got to our room

determined southward march of small puffy grey bits that looked like leftover fog, heading directly south below them with mackerel sky, way up high. I have no idea where the small bits were coming from, either. There seemed to be clumps over the Coast Range, but it petered out before we got to the Yaquina Bay.

I was amazed/appalled by the smoke in the Valley. We certainly weren’t near the worst of it, but I see why one of my friends had a respirator on when she was watching the eclipse on Monday (she works in Grants Pass) if it was that bad up here. The clouds

Tempus in the hotel

in the Valley were oriented north/south in stripes as well, but these were pretty solid. As the sun lowered everything went a pink/gold color that seemed lurid, just wrong. It didn’t make the trees fluoresce the way they normally do at that time of the day.

We got gas where 20 hits I-5 and then headed north. It was a spectacular sunset, but I had a sore throat, which gradually resolved itself the farther north we went. We chatted about all kinds of things from politics to food to war heroes and statues. We were late enough to miss most of the Portland traffic, but wow did we hit it in Tacoma! They’re doing some kind of roadwork and it was down to one lane. At 11:30pm!!! We only stopped twice after gas, once for a bathroom and once to text someone.

Our bed

Ambient light pollution really changed the look of the sky after dark. It was pretty dark by the time we crossed into Washington, with only left-over sunset in the west, clear of smoke. I’m used to either nice dark skies or lighter cloud, but the clouds were brighter than the sky. Around Tumwater there was just glow over town, but in Tacoma, the clouds were reflecting the light right back. After the traffic nightmare we got to the hotel just a little after midnight. Googlemaps “5:15 hours” was definitely not the kind of time we made. 6:30 at best….

Our room

… We’re in a lovely room in the Silver Cloud Hotel, but the parking garage and elevator are a claustrophobe’s nightmare…. I didn’t quite *completely* freak out, but we’d been here for about 20 minutes before my heart-rate finally slowed down! I think I’m going to go take a long soak, even if it’s past 1 in the morning.



Moar hotel pix

Morning 8/24 …and I did. We got up around noon. Tempus is getting a bath, now, and I still need to do my hair. We’re going to have an early dinner with the kiddos and Raven’s family later and then the wedding this evening. I’m excited!

Here in Seattle it’s 65F and what I can see of the sky is a pretty blue, although the computer weather says it’s mostly cloudy. At home it’s 60F with wind gusts getting into the teens, mostly clear and the shop is open. We just got a text from Ruth….

…She got the shop open on time and had a good couple of days from the sound of it. Lots of people were in, shopping, and she got a couple of phone calls from my candle lady. Ruth was pretty surprised by the crowd coming in once the taco place opened, too.

Afternoon 8/24 – I got the newsletter out and then worked on getting my headdress ready. Arthur had specified “wacky clothes” when we asked what he wanted us to wear, so Tempus and I decided on our medieval clothing. Tempus brought a big wooden sword, since a “shotgun” wouldn’t be appropriate. 🙂 I sewed (and cussed) for a couple of hours, but you can see the result below, so I guess it was worth it. Well, yes it was, because Arthur’s wedding was worth it!

Kimberly’s expression! This is the chewing gum wall. What significance it has I don’t know…but…..ew…..

Eventually Raven & Arthur, Kimberly & Billy (Raven’s folks) and we were ready to go have some supper. Although we were hoping the Ricky and DD would make it in time, they didn’t. The kids decided on a nearby sushi place and Tempus manfully didn’t say a word. He’s the “I don’t want it to have too many legs or not enough!” guy. Fish, even marginally cooked is *not* his thing, but he had some tuna rice rolls, topped with jalapenos …and fish roe. I kept giggling every time I looked at him….

I ordered a 5-piece sashimi and the darned thing had *10* pieces of fish. They were little 1″ cubes, either. They were 1x2x2 or larger! . There was a lovely light cucumber pickle, some seaweed, and marvelous daikon pickle and some leaf garnish with it and I chowed as much as I could, then took the rest back to the room. Now, I *love* fish, but only barely cooked is not quite my thing, either. 🙂 So I laughed at myself, too.

We had a great time chatting and getting to know Raven’s side of the family and eventually went to change and get ready for the big wing-ding! I got my stuff together, not wanting to dare the Seattle streets with a walker and a houpellande… I’m not quite that brave. Tempus was, though, and he only merited a surprised glance or two… I should have known. That’s quite a bohemian district!

Before the ceremony

The ceremony

After – Tempus and I headed back to our room, fairly soon, since cigarette smoke leftovers in a room rarely make my lungs happy. Ricky and DD went out to get some supper, then came back to the venue for awhile. Everyone had fun! I felt like a fuddy-duddy. 🙂 Well, I ended up cooking my fish in some chicken broth and had a great midnight snack and we just took it easy.

Morning 8/25

Blue skies and sunnier even than yesterday!

I want to get this out and then I’ll do a better write-up later. We’re running a little late for the family breakfast this morning and then we’re going to do the long drive home with several stops on the way.

Suffice it to say that yesterday was awesome! Marvelous! Wonderful! …and beyond that I’m going to run out of superlatives. I wept happy tears all over myself at the look on Arthur’s face when he was saying his vows. I’ll try to post some pix. It looks like there are a lot up.

So, the short form is we had our family breakfast, then Tempus and I packed up and got on the road. Traffic in Seattle is horrible. Traffic in Portland isn’t nearly as bad, but nasty enough for a coastie who doesn’t seen many traffic jams. We got our stuff picked up at those two stops and hacked down the mint patch at the 2nd, to the thanks of the owner, then rolled on home. We got in around 11:15, but Tempus took stuff down to the shop and got back about an hour later.

So we had our family breakfast. It was Arthur and Raven, Ricky and DD, Kimberly and Billy, and Tempus and me. We ate and talked and got pix (none of mine turned out) but had a great time decompressing from the wedding and us parental units telling tales on the kiddos. 🙂

Tempus and I went back to the room and packed and then headed out. He took the stuff down to the car, so I didn’t have to brave the garage again, and I realized after we had locked up and turned in the keys that I had left the flowers upstairs! The lovely fellow at the desk, ran back up and got them for me, bless him!

Arthur, Raven, Kimberly and Billy had some fun on Friday. Arthur told us at breakfast that Raven was more than a little tipsy when they headed home and in the wedding dress he had to “paste her against the wall” to get their door open, and then pick her up to carry her in! 🙂 No family breakfast pix, yet. Still hoping….

Hitting the road

After we all parted after breakfast Tempus and I went back to our room and finished packing. I went over the room. He went over the room. I went over the room again and we figured we had everything. He made a couple of trips, then handed me the keys to turn in and I no sooner had than I realized I had forgotten the little vase of flowers. Luckily the sweet guy at the front desk ran up and got them for me.

Tempus pulled up out front (this was so I didn’t have to brave that horrid garage again….) and away we went. Yes, traffic was bad. It took 40 minutes to go 6 miles. It was stop and go all through Tacoma and after that we had almost hit running speed when we hit the traffic going through Olympia and went back to crawling. It actually took longer from Seattle through Olympia than it did to go from there to the edges of Portland!

We made a couple of pit stops, once at a rest area and once for some food because we both had a hankering for a burger and then we just kept on going…..slowing *way* down once we were well into Portland and there through going out 26, but after that traffic pretty much was reasonable. 

Back in Oregon

We stopped once to pick up some furs and oak galls and some other bits from the friend near Allan Blvd, and then went to another friend’s place in Tigard where there was a mint patch that needed taming.



The mint – We stopped next at Rafaella’s to attack her mint patch. She wanted it gone and we tried to oblige. Stupid me didn’t think rake and shovel, or would would have had it all grubbed up! She also had a set of crochet hooks for us. We finished at around 7:30.

The last leg

We had to get back onto I-5, but compared to Seattle traffic, that little bit was nothing and the traffic was petering out by the time we were through Wilsonville.

The sun was lowering and the crescent Moon was above the colors of the sunset. I watched as things darkened and suddenly there was Jupiter! We were talking about something rather intensely and realized about 200 feet too late that we had missed our exit onto 34 heading into Corvallis. It’s about 10 miles from there to the next exit, so it was plenty dark by the time we were back on the right track.

We pulled over immediately into the A&W and got some cheese curds as a snack for the last leg. We watched the Moon and Jupiter all the way up and over the Coast Range and then they hid behind the trees as we were passing Toledo and we didn’t see them again.

We took a few extra minutes to get some things for the next couple of days at Freddie’s and then got to the apartment at about 1/4 past 11. Tempus dropped me off, then went to the shop to put a few things away, then came home and we very quickly went to sleep.1

That was a long day! A fantastic wedding! ….and tiring. 🙂

So, this is what I have at the moment. You might check back in a few days to see whether there are more pix and then in a month or so, since the pro was going to take a bit to get them put together.

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