Grandbaby’s Third Year

Sioned’s Third Year – She’s getting to be such a big girl with a *big* personality!

Birthday pix

3/5/21 – Sioned likes her GG’s welsh cakes. Grandpa thinks she’s doing some kind of meditation. 🙂 

3/10 Just chillin’ at home

Walkies with Mama

Grandpa said that last photo made her look like a fairy, so Baba got out the green screen program

Sioned fairy

Walkies on 3/20

Thompson’s Eddy walk 3-2721

Dressup day


Walkies 4/4 – Little Mountain, Mount Vernon

Cranberry Lake, Anacortes

4/18 – Attempts at puppy-riding. Apparently the dog was confused, but went right along with it.


4/24 – Rainy day

4/29/21 – Visit from Raven’s parents

5/1-4/21 – Moar Grandparent visit


5/8 – Hike with Ma.

Timbers Game Day! 5/10/21

Hike with both parents

Arthur says, “Perfectly good bed. Put her in it. Check 5 minutes later. This…”

052921 Sioned


5/19 – Horseshoe bend (nooksack river), nooksack falls, and mt baker highway near bagley lakes

5/31 – North fork Sauk river

6/5 – Perry Creek (short)Very rainy, late start. Ended up sopping wet.

6/19 – Sultan River Canyon

6/20 – Lake Roesiger

Sharpe Park – 6/27

Later that day (it was *hot*!)

7/1 – Would not sleep until Da got home, then in minutes….

070121 Sioned


Robe Canyon

Da says, “Did a little scouting for a muzzleloader elk hunt. Gonna go back without the baby in tow, so I can get up to a spot that looked nice. Tatoosh Ridge trail 161A. We didn’t finish the trail, stopping about .4 miles from the split. Vicious climb, though. Elevation increased about 2000ft over 2.6 miles. Lots of switchbacks, most of the elevation was in the second half, and the trail is very narrow.”



8-7-21 Diobsud Creek 

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8/21 – 8-21-21 Baker Lake (south trailhead) (Raven) It’s abnormally cold for mid-august, 60 degrees at noon when I leave.

Sound dampens like nothing else. I can barely hear streams until I’m a hundred feet away. And I can barely hear people until they’re almost on me.
But somehow, Sioned’s voice seems to carry.
I think it’s all the vegetation, the moss absorbing everything, the clouds being low.
I hold her close. She’s my fairy.
I can tell when we go through a wildfire burn. The black shards of the fire still inside cedar crusts. The rest of the char long since gone, long since grown over.
You’d never know there were so many types of green. Blue green of spruce . Yellow-brown green of mosses. The bright pure green shock of maples, above thick twists of moss on the trunks.
Sioned digs wherever the soil is soft. Sifts it between her fingers for rocks. She talks to every stream. It’s a compulsion to kiss her at every time I can.

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8/27 – Bedded down next to the big bed. If you look carefully, starting toward the top right of the pic, there is a large caterpillar, Miss Cleo, that wraps down and around and makes the most of the bed. I found Miss Cleo when a young lady who had outgrown her put her up for sale when she was moving on to college. Arthur had a Miss Cleo, too!

082721 Sioned

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Lottie Point and Lighthouse Point 8-28-21

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8/29 – Fancy TA:CO 2021 is great so far.

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9-4-21 Lily Lake and Oyster Dome

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9/6 – 9-6-21 Lighthouse Park (Mukilteo)

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9-11-21 – Heliotrope Ridge (Raven’s writing) I let Twitter decide where I hiked today. It was worth it. My logic in part was that the streams would be easier to cross now. That wasn’t quite true.Sioned made so many people smile. I heard someone say she was a burst of cute. Another man told me she was a splash of joy on the trail. But most who saw her were just delighted. A group of East Asian folks who I met at the last stream crossing (which I didn’t risk) applauded me as they saw me cross Kulshan Creek with Sioned in my arms. I’d found my feet and managed to only get my left boot a little wet and cross in a minute. They were impressed. And of course, through the clouds and before the rain, a glacier! Sioned was happy to play in a living tree’s roots. The nurse log must have rotted away, but it’s so neat being inside! I also got to see salmon go upstream for the first time ever. DNR had a tent earlier, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t stop. But it was amazing to see. A wonderful day, truly.

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9-14 A garden just like Baba’s.

091421 Sioned

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9/18 – By Kimberly & Billy Campbell – “An unexpected bit of sunshine on Camano Island today.”

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10/3 – Bagley Lakes

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10/8 – The little red coat turned out to be perfect!

100821 Sioned Coat

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10/9 – Goat Lake/ Elliott creek

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10/16 – Olympic Peninsula /Olympic National Park day trip (Hurricane Hill and Heart o’ the Forest)