Ricky and DD’s wedding 7-16-16

I decided to drop all of this onto one page…. It’s only been 3 years, right? 🙂

From the Daily Stuff 7-16-16 Hijri Calendar

Partly Sunny Weather MotifIt’s cooler in the valley this morning than here, 53 rather than 58, but it’s clear there and here it’s overcast. It’s supposed to be pretty much the same today as yesterday, on the coast, but it’s going to get at least to the upper 70’s where Tempus and I are headed.

wedding boxYesterday started with a real blow. The alternator on the car decided to give up during Tempus’ Thursday night paper route, so we spent the early part of the day trying to find a part, a shop to work on it, a rental car or something. Nobody could get to it until next week, no rental cars available… oiyoiyoi…..

wedding dovesFinally around 3:30, Leslie (from the Frog) drove Tempus to Newport to pick up the part. Amy and Ruth were in and I got Ruth set up on how to get in and run the shop during the day. Tempus got back with the part and started working. By dark he realized that he wasn’t going to get it done in time, so we decided to take Amy up on her offer of a ride. He got supper and fell asleep and I worked on some writing.

wedding fanHe was up again around 11:30 and we got some more things sorted out. Jeanne came to get us and we got showers, picked up a few things and then came to the shop and got back to work, making sure that Ruth could move around the shop today.

wedding bellToday is the wedding. This newsletter is going out very early, since we’re leaving at 4am! There are morning things with the family and the ceremony is at 1pm with the reception following. We’re going to meet up with Hatch on the way home.

wedding ringsThe shop is open today. Ruth and Stella volunteered to keep it open for us so we could go to see the kids get married, bless them! They won’t be taking plastic, just cash, because that was too much to worry with. Ruth has said that she’ll do readings, though.

From the Daily Stuff 7-17-16 Anastasia

We had such a great time, yesterday! I’m short of time today, so I’m going to get this out quickly and tell you about it tomorrow, but thanks to Amy giving us a ride there and back our kids are married and it went off, as Ricky said, “With the right kind of hitch!”

Today is a very busy day, too. We not only have to unpack things, but an old friend is coming to spend a couple of hours during a beach trip with her family and the House Capuchin’s Project Day is the afternoon, too. So, I’m going to go get to that!

Daily Stuff 7-18-16 Lu Pan

071616 Wedding07

071616 Kimberly Riley gardenI promised you a bit about the wedding in today’s newsletter, but I spent all day yesterday running around like a headless chicken! I *did* get the pictures edited, so I’ll put a few in here and then spend some of today writing things up. The photo above is Amor, Arthur, me, Tempus, then Ricky standing on one side of DD’s dad with DD on the far side of him.

>>>>>>>>>>> Ricky and DD >>>>>>>>>>>>

071616 Wedding02<<<<< Tempus, Sash and Amor <<<<<

Yesterday was long. We were tired. I got to see Arlys, a long-time friend, for a couple of hours, which just flew by far too quickly. I 071616 Amor&Pookadid several readings during the day and edited a lot of pictures between. House Capuchin didn’t do much yesterday.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Amor & Pooka >>>>>>>>>>>

Today Tempus has to finish getting the alternator back into our car, so we don’t have to depend on Jeanne’s. Bless her, she’s been driving us or letting us take the car for several days, now! 071616 Wedding01

<<<<< Sash, Colin (groomsman) and Ricky at breakfast <<<<

…and one of the funniest things to me…. Folks were catching Pokemon at the reception and got pix of them with Ricky and DD!

071616 Beth Gordon They caught it!

From the Daily Stuff 7-19-16 Mary Rose

071616 Donna Rodgers Hrehor‎ exit<<< Tempus and me, with Arthur’s orange hair showing above my head, Sash with a camera to the left and Amor between us. We were laughing over the Imperial March.  <<<

Yesterday went. 070716 Flower3Not much went on except the alternator is in the car and it’s working, so Jeanne has her car back! I didn’t do anything useful or at least it felt like it. I was dealing with a hurt foot. I’m not certain what I did, but I sliced it open on the outside edge some darned how. I limped all day yesterday and really didn’t want to move around much. It’s better today.

More wedding pix. The kids are gamer and sci-fi nerds, so it really showed at the reception. Even at the end of the wedding ceremony, they recessed to the Star Wars Imperial March!

Today, obviously, we slept in. I’m a the shop, now. No we’re not open today, but it’s a lot easier to use this computer for newsletters. Tempus has to run the old alternator in to Newport. I have a bunch of writing to do, updates mostly.

One last batch of pix

Honeymoon pic (I only seem to have the one!)

Some pictures from earlier

Engagement pictures from 6/17

Bridal Shower on 6/26

Bridal Shower on 7/2

Some of the pictures that didn’t make it to the newsletter…. 

We had breakfast with Ricky and his groomsmen once we were in Tigard. These were some of the flowers and bees we saw while waiting and there’s one pic of the boys.

Outside the church before the ceremony

In the church before the ceremony


The Wedding – It was a lovely ceremony and ended with not the usual “cackling hen” recessional, but the Imperial March from Star Wars!

After the ceremony at the church

The Reception “Stuff”

…and people

…and traditions

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