wheel of the yearCurrent upcoming Sabbat is Lughnasadh

Wednesday, July 31st at Ancient Light, 145 NW Arrow St. (Highway 101, Pacific Coast Highway) Waldport, OR. All are
welcome. You do not have to know anything about Wicca to attend. Doors open 7pm, ritual starts 8 pm. Open to the public.

Lughnasadh is the feast of the First Harvest, the harvest of the grain.

Ritual is at Ancient Light. If you would like to bring something to share for the feast afterwards, please do. Finger foods work best, although we do have plates and utensils.

Children are welcome at this Mystery. Dress witchy or in street clothes as you prefer.

Questions – contact Anja 541-563-7154

Next Open Circle is for Lughnasadh on July 31.

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To find Ancient Light take your best route to Waldport.

  • On Highway 101 from the north, cross through the stoplight. The next street is Willow. Turn left onto Willow and left *immediately* into the shop parking lot.
  • On Highway 101 from the south, come down the seawall into town and watch for Willow street. It’s the last street before the stoplight. Turn right onto Willow and left *immediately* into the shop parking lot. If you miss Willow, go around the block to the right (right onto 34, right onto Verbina street , right onto Willow and then right into the parking lot)
  • From Highway 34, turn left at the stoplight onto 101, left onto Willow (one block south) and left *immediately* into the parking lot.

The Wheel of the Year – The Eight Solar Festivals as celebrated by Rose of the Sea (currently the Sabbats are held on the closest Wednesday to the Traditional date) Names in Bold are the Greater Sabbats, the older ones that originally had no set date, but some from the agricultural year. The Lesser Sabbats are newer (Mabon being “invented” in the 1900’s!) and derive from other celebrations that are based on astronomical events.

The Year begins at the end of Samhain Ritual…

    • The time between is equivalent to the last month of pregnancy, waiting, tending, putting away.
  • Yule – December 21st or so – The birth of the Sun/Son, gifts, family, comfort.
    • The time between is the cold time of the year: cuddle close, eat well, stay warm.
  • Imbolc – February 1st – “In the belly”, the lambing festival. Winter’s not done, but losing its grip. Milk, honey, oatbread – The Great Goddess
    • The time between is getting ready for spring – fresh foods are running out, you have tools to mend, longing for spring
  • Ostara – March 20th or so – Spring! New growth, eggs, bunnies, birds, sweets and fresh greens. The Goddess and God are children, so this is the feast of the Children, as well.
    • The time between is for plowing and planting.
  • Beltane – April 30th – Mayday. Love, lust, fertility, growth, prosperity. The Goddess and God are randy teenagers. Also the time on the Wheel, when the Veil is thin and we can communicate with the Fae.
    • The time between is for tending your crops, weeding, resting before the rush of the harvest. Mead. Honeymoons
  • Litha – June 21st or so – The Heiros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage of the Goddess and God, the time of commitment, also of sacrifice as the God goes into the Grain, so to honor the firefighters, military and others who put themselves into danger for the rest of us. …and the bees.
    • The time between is the beginning of harvest, haying, soft fruits
  • Lughnassad/Lughnasadh/Lammas – August 1st – The first harvest, Grain Harvest, the beginning of the crazy time for farmers. Long days and too little sleep. Also, the funeral games of Lugh in honor of his Mother, Tailtiu. The Great God.
    • The time between is the rush of harvest.
  • Mabon – September 23rd or so – Harvest, The Witches’ Thanksgiving, the Feast of the Elderly
    • The time between is the harvest of the “keepers”, root crops, apples, nuts, winter squash
  • Samhain – Oct. 31 – The Last Harvest, the meat harvest, the Feast of the Dead. The God takes up his crown in the Summerlands.

…and the Wheel Turns.

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Last Updated 6/20/19

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