wheel of the yearCurrent upcoming Sabbat is Yule

Friday, December 21st at Ancient Light, 145 NW Arrow St. (Highway 101, Pacific Coast Highway) Waldport, OR. All are
welcome. You do not have to know anything about Wicca to attend. Doors open 7pm, ritual starts 8 pm. Open to the public.

This is the first Sabbat of the New Year, celebrating the return of the light, the warmth of friends and family and all good gifts.

Ritual is at Ancient Light. If you would like to bring something to share for the feast afterwards, please do. Finger foods work best, although we do have plates and utensils.

Children are welcome at this Mystery. Dress witchy or in street clothes as you prefer.

Questions – contact Anja 541-563-7154

Next Open Circle is for Imbolc on 2/1/19

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To find Ancient Light take your best route to Waldport.

  • On Highway 101 from the north, cross through the stoplight. The next street is Willow. Turn left onto Willow and left *immediately* into the shop parking lot.
  • On Highway 101 from the south, come down the seawall into town and watch for Willow street. It’s the last street before the stoplight. Turn right onto Willow and left *immediately* into the shop parking lot. If you miss Willow, go around the block to the right (right onto 34, right onto Verbina street , right onto Willow and then right into the parking lot)
  • From Highway 34, turn left at the stoplight onto 101, left onto Willow (one block south) and left *immediately* into the parking lot.

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