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Daily Stuff 12-10-19 Extra

Hi, folks! I’m am down with a virus, not enough energy to put the newsletters together. Sorry! Hopefully this will clear in another day or two. Love & Light, Anja

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Daily Stuff 11-14-19 extra

Hi, folks! Yes, the newsletter is late, and it’s going to be later before we sort things out. Between me being sick yesterday (and yes, I still am) and having and old supplier turn up out of the blue and … Continue reading

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Daily Stuff 8-4-19 extra

Hi, folks! I talked about our “visitor” to Herbs Workshop yesterday. Here’s the portrait! Dude was all the way at the back of the carpet in the incense aisle, 3 feet from the archway. In the 5 minutes of comment, … Continue reading

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Daily Stuff extra 7-29-19

Hi, folks! Plans go awry at times. Everything is fine, but I had to stay over in Eugene last night and only got home a little while ago. I’m really wiped out from Sunday, still, and dropping off at my … Continue reading

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Daily Stuff 3-26-19 extra

Hi, folks! I started running a temperature yesterday afternoon, actually called off class because of it. I’m even shakier today. I don’t know whether I’ll manage to get the newsletter out later or not. Love & Light, Anja

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Daily Stuff 3-3-19 extra

Hi, folks! Everyone’s doing fine. Raven and Sioned are still in the hospital. I’m headed that way to keep ’em company while everyone else goes to the house to get things ready! Love & Light, Anja

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Daily Stuff 9-10-18 extra

Hi, folks! Yes, the newsletters are horribly late! I am still writing up the weekend! Saturday’s, Sunday’s and today’s will all be available by this evening, I hope, and I’ll be up to speed again tomorrow…at least for a Tuesday … Continue reading

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