Classes and Workshops

Everything is on hold until the COVID#’s come down. I really miss you all!

Check here for special classes and workshops during School Break Weeks!

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Ongoing free classes/workshops at Ancient Light:

Saturday, 11am – Herbs Workshop (topics vary)
~      3pm- Sewing Workshop, bring a project, question or a topic to work on

Wicca 101 classes

Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering 2020 will be held October 9-11. There is a Facebook group as well as a page on this blog. All welcome!

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WICCA 101 – Get the BASICS

Come learn the basics of Wicca and get your questions answered. This is a 8-week class is meant to help people learn the basics of Wicca, whether for real life practice or just for the knowledge of what it is. Teens, parents and family units are very welcome.

Class size: Minimum of three people.
Fee: $45 per student, couple, household or family unit for the full series of 8 classes
($15 for an electronic copy….bring a flash drive)
Materials: Handouts and materials are included.
What to Bring: Bring a notebook and writing materials

Event Details: This is a 12-14 week class in basic Wicca. We will cover:

Anja, our main teacher Class 1
What a witch is and is not, Magick, witchcraft and History
Class 2
Magic and Ethics, safety precautions and what magic is, the basic “laws” and the Ardains and what they’re about.
Class 3
Definitions of terms and archetypes, Cosmology, Theology and the God, and gender-queer deities
Class 4
Thealogy and the Goddess, the Creation Myths
Class 5
Living Pagan/Living Wiccan
Class 6
The Wheel of the Year – Sabbats and Esbats
Class 7
Meditation, daily practice and correspondences
Class 8
What this practice means, tools & altars

This class also leads into a Wicca 102 class for further study and practice. This second part of the course gets much more into the practical, actually making/finding/consecrating tools, casting the circle and so on. …and there are more courses in the series.

Last Update was on 1/2/21

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