Clearance and Sales

sun icon motifOnce in a while I have things that are going to be on a special price because they’re older and the new stuff is more expensive! …once in a while…. and very occasionally we run seasonal specials.

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An incense tile and a box of incense makes a great inexpensive gift

Retired Pattern Special! Right at the moment, we have some incense burner tiles, from Shoyeido. These are all retired patterns, but the plates have been kept wrapped and are unfaded, so they’re a good deal, since the new ones are running $8 and these are specially priced at $6 each, any 6 for $30. These are all subject to availability!

Another Set at $7.50. Not quite as good a deal, but we always will sell you 6 of any item for the price of 5…and in this case, it doesn’t matter which pattern! So any 6 of these for $39.50.

…and as always, ask us for a goodie with your purchase!

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Page Created 6/6/14 (C)M. Bartlett
Last Update 8/8/17

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