Energy List

sections magic circleThese are pleas for help from all over. Keep these folks in your thoughts and send good energy to their purposes when you can! If *you* need help, e-mail or message me privately and we’ll get you onto this list.

7/21/17 – A friend’s husband suddenly ended up in the hospital with kidney and blood pressure issues and they can’t find a cause. He’s home now, but they’re still trying to figure out what caused it. 

5/27/17 – For a friend dealing with depression.

5/24/17 – A friend is going in for bariatric surgery tomorrow and will need healing to get through to the desired result without too much disruption of life. Update 5/26 – Home and doing well. 5/27 – Eating! 7/21 and dropping weight at a healthy rate. 

5/2/17 – Will you please add my sister to the Energy List. She has internal scleroderma, liver disease, heart disease and many other health issues…all related to the scleroderma. She can use all the healing energy she can get. 

4/30/17 – Would you please put my friend, her son-in-law and daughter in law, her grandson, and all surrounding them on the energy list? Her husband was killed last night. The last exchange that I knew about between him and his son was a fight. They will need lots of healing now. Update 5/16 – I would like to update the needs of my friend on the energy list. He has shifted and is much more at peace. Could we shift the request to his wife and son and surrounding family and friends for the next period of time as we come together for ceremony? I am feeling huge healing around this! A Hawai’ian elder will be doing a ceremony with ceremonial kupu, sent out with his ashes to the ocean. It is hugely powerful on so many levels — I feel it already. I am sure the support from the energy list has been helpful. along with the prayers of family and friends.. . Just a bit more for a period of time now as everyone shifts into this new energetic arrangement…

1/23/17 – A mother broke her *other* hip, now. Swift healing is requested. Update 5/24 – Surgery was successful, being badly needed. Now she needs healing and energy help for her physical therapy. 

1/16/17 – A friend of the Circle is asking for healing energy. Possible liver issues.

8/26/16 – A former student asks help for a family member. Update 4/11/17 – Ongoing help needed. 

10/10/15 – A man who had several surgeries and treatments for cancer and such. There’s a shadow that they don’t know what it is. Help is asked both for the good outcome and to help with the stress of not knowing. Update 10/28 – “The final ct report is NOT good. Instead of one nodule that probably was the third cancer I have three that if they are cancer are metastasized either testicular (low odds since was very self contained and my labs are clean) or thymic carcinoma. The nodules are likely in the left lung but could be in the plura/outer lining of the lung like my third one.” 11/30/15 “Great news! Test came back with the one spot gone and the other two shrinking not growing.” Update 3/20/17 – Doing fine, although the spots are still there. 

Updated 7/21/17

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