Energy List

sections magic circleThese are pleas for help from all over. Keep these folks in your thoughts and send good energy to their purposes when you can! If *you* need help, e-mail or message me privately and we’ll get you onto this list.

8/9/18 – For a man who lost pretty much everything within the last two weeks. He’s got a promise of a new job, but he’s thumbing his way down the coast. For his safety and health and a new start. 

8/9/18 – For a lady whose daughter died a couple of years ago who is afraid she was murdered, but the circumstances mean that no investigation was properly done. She needs help with anxiety and obsessive thoughts and also with getting an abuse situation resolved. 

6/21/18  – For a good friend – Cancer update day 52: Staging = 3c (very bad/aggressive) The surgery got all the melanoma off my back but the sentinel lymph node had a 5mm mass in it. The ct scans can’t catch microscopic cells but saw a 1cm mass on my right lung. The surgical oncology group is taking my case to multigroup melanoma meeting next week for review to develop a treatment plan, then i meet with them again and medical oncology as well (and maybe radiology oncology as well, all the big brains are on my team!) Update 8/9 – Treatment is going well and able to work. 

5/24/18 – From a lady who was on this list for breast cancer awhile back. “Results of Monday’s scans are not what we had hoped for. The 3.3cm liver tumor has grown to 3.5cm. And it has acquired buddies. There are additional small spots. Also the number of spots on bones has increased. We will be switching to a different treatment.” Update 6/21 – Tolerating new treatment. 

5/22/18 – My mother is weaker by the day. Her mind is only partially with us and she may be “travelling in time”. I feel the Western Gate opening hourly. Please stay with me…I am asking for your strength and the Goddess’ wisdom. If it seems the right thing, please ask the Guardians to open the Western Gate for her and make the way smooth. She is a Christian, I know she would be praying to a loving God to take her Home before her mind is gone. I can only wish her fair winds and following seas sailing Home. If you think of it, a candle for my autistic brother would be helpful. His world is ending, and a new one opening for him, all he need do is say yes. The hardest thing for him to do. Thank you & BB! She so loved Yachats. I think she’s going to ask for some ashes to be left there. She especially loved that little historic church. If you think of it a prayer left there would not go amiss, or a toast at the Drift. Update 8/9 – Getting very close to Crossing. 

5/14/18 – A friend who has been treated several times for cancer, but has been clear for awhile, just got an “unclear” lung check-up. Looking for better news in July. 8/9/18 – She’s on a regimen that is shrinking what they found in July. 

4/5/18 – Gynecomastia, but they also found 2 lumps. Tests and mammogram to rule out Breast Cancer. “My mom, grandma, sister and Aunt all went through this and I feel them all around me.” Update 5/1. All clear…. 

2/3/18 – So many people in pain, especially over the anxieties surrounding the political situation! Let’s pray for peace for all. 

7/21/17 – A friend’s husband suddenly ended up in the hospital with kidney and blood pressure issues and they can’t find a cause. He’s home now, but they’re still trying to figure out what caused it. Update 2/4 – …and they never did, but he’s doing fine. 

5/27/17 – For a friend dealing with depression. 

Updated 8/9/18

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