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sections magic circleThese are pleas for help from all over. Keep these folks in your thoughts and send good energy to their purposes when you can! If *you* need help, e-mail or message me privately and we’ll get you onto this list.

There have been a lot of people lately who need total anonymity. Please send good energy to the “needs of the people on the Rose of the Sea Energy List.”

6/15/22 – Car accident on the way home from Memorial Weekend. He’s still in a coma, major injuries including brain bleed, but stable. They were able to move him to a larger hospital closer to home, and we’re hoping for a complete recovery from this.

11/15/21 – “My ceiling is about to burst open. I had someone patch it but with the bad storms in Oregon on the coast I noticed tonight my ceiling is bowing. I called the insurance company but I don’t know if they are going to cover it. I’m soo worried. After both of my parents passing in the last 6 years I have no one to turn to to help so I’m doing a money magic spell and asking the hive to send energy. This last week also I was told I needed to be out of work 2-6 weeks because of a serious infection I have going on in my body. When it rains it pours. This is going to be fixed. The insurance company will cover this. I will come up with the deductible. I call upon my soul sisters and brothers to help me and to send your energies. Amen aho and so it shall be!

8/9/18 – For a lady whose daughter died a couple of years ago who is afraid she was murdered, but the circumstances mean that no investigation was properly done. She needs help with anxiety and obsessive thoughts and also with getting an abuse situation resolved. update 6/15/22 – There’s been no word from her other than a few rants when she came into the shop. Nothing changed. Energy is requested to break the logjam. 

Updated 6/15/21

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  8. Clint Hakes says:

    Hello Anja, it’s been a long while, this is Clint, I was a student of yours a few years ago from angell job corp center. Straight to the point. I was focusing on the shop today and you crossed my thoughts and I got a cold chill… I have learned to follow my instincts and feelings and was curious if you were doing ok? I will try and call the store in the near future. Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way. Miss you all.

    • You probably caught me just as I found out that my best friend has cancer… It’s at a highly fightable stage, but life is going to be interesting for a bit. …and otherwise we’re doing ok. Yes, I remember you. It’s good to hear from you. How are you doing?

  9. Hakes Clint says:

    I am doing well. Working in spokane Washington. It’s been a very enlightening few years for me as I have furthered my studies on runes and the druids path, I am still learning and will forever be. Now that I am sitting here writing you back I recall some very fun project we did with you at your shop. Like the making of candles and the summer solstice circle. Good times. I am glad to hear that you are well. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts.

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  17. Geri Hoekzema says:

    Good morning, all. I’m a reader/follower who is submitting “send good energy” requests on a number of sites today. My school district begins a big testing project on Monday, using a program new to most of us proctors, and I’m asking for calm, clear and upbeat energy for myself, fellow proctors, all staff and especially students being tested. Thank you! Love and light to all.

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