Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering

Make your plans, now for October 12-13, 2019!

We’ve had to scale back a bit, this year. We don’t have the usual number of classrooms available, even the number that we thought we had at the beginning of August, so we’re running and restricted set of classes, just one track.

Also this will be Saturday and Sunday, instead of 3 days, just two. We’re still going to have a great time! See you then!

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First held in 2005, this event occurs annually in Waldport, Oregon. Based at Ancient Light (145 N Highway 101, in the block south of the stoplight) we spread out through the city and environs, making use of natural areas, parks, other businesses and public spaces for the activities in this event.

The original “vision” for Pan-Pagan

The initial idea for the event was to have a larger gathering that wasn’t as commercial, more class and activity-based, for pagans… any pagans… all pagans…

We got a bunch of people together and had some classes and some fun… and then a couple of people moved, one died… so I did this again the next year, with just one person to help, and the following year we actually ran three tracks of classes…. And then we had a year when we didn’t do the event at all and then in 2011 ran 4 tracks of classes and enjoyed ourselves! (85 people) and 2012 (34-45 people) and then in an unseasonable rain and wind storm and associated power outages and travel difficulties had 46 people at the 2013 event. 2014 got smaller again despite advertising, but the lack of staff seems to be our limiting factor.

In between the first and second Gatherings I sat down with people and asked them what we were doing… We came up with a motto: “Enjoy, Learn and Grow… together!”

The Vision was people taking classes, playing on the beach, making sand candles, sitting and talking and eating and just being.

The Idea: A larger gathering that wasn’t as commercial, more class and activity-based, for pagans… any pagans… all pagans…

Vision: Pagans taking classes, playing on the beach, making sand candles, sitting and talking and eating and just being.
Goals: To make the event larger this year, 80-120 people in 4-5 tracks of activities, rituals and classes
Objectives: Get Teachers/Leaders, venues, topics, plan potluck, set up places to stay
Outcomes: People follow the motto.
Legacy: Fund of knowledge, fellowship.

A Short History of OCPPG, Present back into the Past

OCPPG 2018 got cancelled because we lost 4 teachers at the last minute and were down to one class space, too.

OCPPG 2017 had 27 people and ran just two tracks, although some classes overlapped. We had a 3-day event with a soup and bread supper on Friday, Chinese dinner out Saturday night, a small raffle, 3 rituals and a *lot* of fun! The event went into the black thanks to donations and some teachers kicking back some of what they didn’t need to cover expenses. We really didn’t have enough advertising this year, but for 1 staff person and 3 helpers this turned out well! Hoping for bigger and better in 2018!

OCPPG Event Logo 2016 smOCPPG 2016 was quite small. An attack of real life on every one of the usual staff people and teachers nibbled the event down to two workshops and a lovely supper provided by Loryea! The event went into the black by $2, though.

logo_2015_cork_cork_coasterOCPPG 2015 was small but fun! 26 people. Event was in the black by $38. Raffle brought in $40. This was the first year that the Handbook only existed online. It cut the costs of the event amazingly, since we were only printing schedules, sign-up sheets and 2 full sets of info that were posted on the counter. We’ll probably do this again.

OCPPG Logo 2014OCPPG2014 had 31-35 attendees, possibly up to 40. Raffle brought in $61. The event went into the black by $22.


Handbook is here. Word Full Info for handbook2014 PDF Full Info for handbook2014

logo 2013 lg OCPPGThe 2013 Handbook – Online version Handbook Final (word) Online version Handbook Final (PDF) – The event went into the black by $129! This is our seed money for next year, and also pays gas for teachers to come out to specials in between. Carl Neal was at the shop doing an Incense Intensive on October 5, for example. Despite the “interesting” weather, power outages and all, we had at least 46 people (although the count is “iffy”.) We’re making some changes for next year, mostly in that we’re adding staff from outside of the Rose of the Sea!

OCPPG Logo largeThe 2012 Handbook – OCPPG2012Handbook – The raffle brought in $28 and the event went into the black! It looks like the final tally of people was 44. Thanks to all who participated!

The 2011 Handbook – Hanmoon button Pentacledbook – We had 85 people, as far as best guess goes, many/most taking only a class or two. The event went into the red by about $50. Ancient Light covered that. The event venue wishes payment next time.

moon button Pentacle2010 – Didn’t happen.

moon button Pentacle2009 – 3 day, 3 track, 52 people – This one was the first “budgeted” event. Ancient Light purchased $222 in supplies. Donations covered teacher gas. The potluck overflowed Anja’s house.

moon button Pentacle2008 – 2 tracks, 31 people – Ancient Light used two sets of ink cartridges and 4 reams of paper.

moon button Pentacle2007 – (October) 1 day event 6 classes total – 15 attendees

moon button Pentacle2006 (October) – 2 day event, total 31 attendees

moon button Pentacle2005 (August) – A one day, 4 class event, 22 people total attended

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2013 page – https://ancientlightshop.wordpress.com/ocppg/oregon-coast-pan-pagan-gathering-2013/

2014 page – https://ancientlightshop.wordpress.com/ocppg/oregon-coast-pan-pagan-gathering-2014/

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Page Created and published 10/2/13, (C)M. Bartlett (C) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

Updated 8/16/19

1 Response to Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering

  1. Leslie Morganstern says:

    This is what I got for staff meetings, see what you think:
    All meetinds are at Ancient Lights at 1:00

    March 1

    March 29 (I cant be at this on)

    April 26

    May 24

    June 29

    July 27

    Aug 31 (Last one before event to get the last of the details out of the way)

    Event is Oct 10-1

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