OCPPg 2013 Students and Attendees

This is the information from 2013. Details change for each year! …but a lot stays the same. Figure that this info will update during the summer repeatedly and then in September right before the event, at least once per week!

Please be aware that the event can use folks to help whether you have 5 minutes, hours or days of time ot $$’s to help defray costs.

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This gathering is intended for fun, interaction and learning, in that order! A lot of us have fun sharing what we know and we *all* enjoy talking about it.

The e-mail for the event is: ancientlight@peak.org Use this for specific questions or a printable copy of the handbook and/or other info or you can comment on these pages.

Use these pages on WordPress for the most up-to-date information  or ask the join the Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering group on Facebook.

Dress for the weather! It can get damp and chilly, or hot and sunny. Anja will have weather forecasts on the blog for several days before. You might want to think about extras for specific activities. Being on the beach at night can get *awfully* cold if it’s windy, and you’ll want a thick blanket if you’re going to do the meditation on the beach, rain gear if the Fairy trek gets damp, etc.

We will be taking cars back and forth between Ancient Light and other locations between classes becasue parking is limited at many. Donations for gas costs would be much appreciated and a can will be labeled as such and kept on the counter at Ancient Light.

Please bring your own mug for liquids, a chair (if you have one that can be toted) and your own bedding if you’re staying over with someone!

Some classes have minimums, so sign up in person on the bulletin board starting on 10/1. It’ll be first-come, first-served.

The book area at Ancient Light is being reserved for informal chat by the altar. Make use of it! It’s a good place to meet new folks. Some rituals will take place there, and you can request quiet, but not actual privacy. The candles on the altar are supposed to keep burning during the event, although they will be put out at night and renewed each morning.

There is *no* overall fee for the event! Most classes/activities have a fee or ask for a donation, so read carefully, so’s not to be embarrassed. If a class says, “donation requested” but gives no amount, put in $1 per in the teacher’s donation can or some into the donation can for the overall event. This takes care of expenses like gas for teachers & shuttles, paper supplies for the feast and printing for classes. Some of the costs have been covered through sales of ads in this handbook. Please patronize these Advertisers!

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Recording/Taping/Photos at the event

Unfortunately, the climate in our country is such that there are many pagans who must stay in the broom closet for one reason or another. “Outing” someone can cause great harm and grief.

There will be some video and tape recording and pictures going on at the event. I asked Carl Neal from Magick Moment to write up a little blurb about this.

“Magick Moment & The Pent O’Clock News are very sensitive to the fact that some Pagans are still forced to remain in “the broom closet” and cannot be seen attending Pagan events. We feel very sad that in America people still have to hide their religion, but we do know how important that is. As a result, we are quite careful about the people we record. We will never surprise people with a camera or record without permission. We are very obvious when we set up and will never be offended if someone asks us to leave them out of a shot.

If you would like to appear on Magick Moment or the Pent O’Clock News, we will either ask you to sign a release form or to be recorded saying that you agree. We are experimenting with ways to make it even easier for people to be recorded or to avoid being recorded. We also take care to blur the images of people who are seen in recordings but who did not sign a release – even if we think they won’t care. Only Pagans who give us permission will be shown on either of our series. When in doubt we blur you out!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask any of us – we are happy to help.”

This is going into the handbook so’s not to surprise anyone! We have a *lot* of folks who cannot attend the event who would love to see some of the panels and classes, plus there are a couple of teachers who want recordings of their efforts. BTW, the easiest way to not appear in anything like this is to sit *behind* the camera!

…and I’m asking those of you who bring your own cameras to respect this same set of criteria. At least get permission! Anja, Tempus and Ancient Light are giving blanket permission to anyone to take pix, but watch who is in the background, please!

…and if you’re the one with the issue. We’re going to have buttons for you. Ask!

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On Tobacco use and Smoking – Several people on the staff and who are attending are very, very sensitive to tobacco smoke. There are also some folks, (in some cases the same people), who have breathing issues, who are attending or teaching. For the sake of these folks, in particular, we’re going to designate some smoking areas with butt cans that will be ready by the door to take out and back with you. …and please pay attention to wind direction and take a moment to air out after you have your smoke!

At Ancient Light the smoking area is around the north side of the block. There is a nice awning there to ward off things from above.
Laura’s Studio has a smoking area out the back door. She’ll show you where. Hopefully, there will be signs.
A Jeanne’s the smoking area is at the end of the driveway by the street.
At Anja’s, please go down the street toward the cul-de-sac. Butt cans live by the garage door.
At State Parks, please observe the park regulations. I believe those are to smoke only in the parking lots.

Also, if the smokers could please take care of the dumping of the butt cans at the end of the event?

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General info about spaces that will be used for the event

These are all private property. Please take care of these spaces (leaving them clean and tidy) so that we’ll be invited back!

1 – Ancient Light – Book area – This is where the event altar will be set up. Midnight Questions and the Drum Jam will be held in this area. There is a basket of tea lights on the altar. Please light a new one when the old one burns out to renew the intent. This space is to be used for informal chat for anyone/everyone. There are pillows and seats. Please make use of them!

2 – Ancient Light – Classroom – Several workshops and classes will be held here. The shop bathroom is behind this area and the shop library is here. If you pull out a book for use, please put it back. If you wish to take the book out of the building, please sign it out on the clipboard and then sign it back in. Hot beverages are located in the back of the classroom. Please be aware of classes/workshops in session.

3 – Ancient Light – Readings desk – Anyone who wishes to do a semi-private reading for someone may use this area. Please take turns. Kleenex, a clock and a first aid kit may be found in the desk.

4 – Laura’s Studio by the Bay – Kitchen – This space will be used for several workshops and the feast. Hot beverages are located on the corner counter. Please be aware of workshops/classes in session. Also be aware that quite a bit of cooking will be going on here before the potluck. If you go to use the stove/oven, check with the feast organizer.

5 – Laura’s Studio by the Bay – Main Studio – Larger classes and the panel discussions will take place here. The far end of the studio may be pressed into use in case of rain.

6 – Laura’s Studio by the Bay – Yard – Several classes will be held outside, here, including the Permaculture Workshop. The far end of the studio may be pressed into use in case of rain for these classes.

7 – In Dreams – Meditation Garden The garden is open from 9-6 all three days of the event. Please make use of it! There are sufficient spaces around the garden for individuals and small groups to spill all over.

8 – In Dreams – Yard – The Asatru Faining will be held here and possibly some classes, depending on the weather.

9 – In Dreams – Sun Room – Some small classes will be held here, probably spilling into the meditation garden if weather allows.

10 – A number of things are happening at Anja’s, mostly trips that are starting there and people are staying over, but this is a safe parking area to carpool from!

Parking Considerations

Parking is limited at the event venues. Please plan ahead and work out carpooling! You can see why, below!

If a number of people are staying in one space and would like to leave their cars there (The KOA, Alsi Resort or McKinley’s, for example) call Ancient Light (541)563-7154 and we’ll arrange a pick-up.

There are 5 spaces, tops, in front of Ancient Light on Friday, although on Saturday and Sunday we can spill over 5 more. There is plenty of parking in what used to be the grocery store parking lot across the street, a bunch of spaces on the north of the block and around to the east side of the block. If you’re going to be at the shop all day, please don’t leave your car in one of the close-in spaces. If you’re mobility limited, come in and let us know and we’ll shift it for you!

At Laura’s Studio by the Bay there are similar considerations. ½ a dozen cars can sit in the driveway, but the ones at the top end won’t get out for hours. There are also several spaces around to the east of the property. We’ll put up a parking sign there. Obviously car-pooling is a must!

At In Dreams, several cars can fit in the driveway, the rest will have to park on the street, where there is no shoulder and a drop-off…. Use the shuttles?

At Anja’s there is plenty of on-street parking in a very quiet street. Please leave the driveway free for our personal vehicles.

In Waldport, please do not park in front of other (open) businesses to leave your vehicles all day! They will get really mad at us. Also, please don’t leave your vehicles in the Keady Wayside, behind the Bridge Interpretive Center or the Port Docks for more than a few hours. The best places are the ex-grocery-store lot, and along Starr Street, or the spaces around Ancient Light’s block.

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