Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering 2015

logo_2015_cork_cork_coasterOregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering 2015

This weekend!!! We’re looking forward to the Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering for 2015!

The dates this year are Saturday, October 10- Sunday October 11, with a couple of things on Friday, as well.

page bar divider 2These are the sub-pages for this year.

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page bar divider 2So that folks know what happened: we lost both of the alternate venues for classes very late in the planning process and there was almost no input this year from anyone up until very recently. A few people (Bless you, Anne Niven) have been waiting patiently until I could get myself together enough to get things set up. So we’ve scaled back, but we’ll still be here!

There will be two tracks of classes on Saturday and Sunday, held at Ancient Light and some of the outdoor venues and a few bonus things.

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