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032115 Votives2Friday afternoon 2-6pm – Candle workshop, making votives – Anja – Ancient Light, classroom – 7 people max – $3 – We use a ton of candles in the Craft. Have you ever gotten cranky over the prices that are being charged for them? Or the amount of chemical fragrance that makes you sneeze or sick to your stomach? We’ll be making and molding our own votives, some of beeswax and some of paraffin and talking about not only safety, but how to color or scent candles safely, along with candlemaking basics. $3 covers your materials cost and a handout.

Friday evening – 7pm – Opening Ritual followed by hang-out time

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Saturday Morning 9-11 – Larry’s personal pilgrimage experience

Saturday Morning 11-1 – Quartz Crystal Formations – Debbie – No limit – This workshop will focus on the huge variety of quartz formations, along with their healing and metaphysical properties. It will give participants a hands-on experience with numerous stones that display many unique features, giving participants a deeper wisdom about quartz – in turn, enhancing their overall experience with their own stones.

Ona 2Saturday Afternoon 2-6:00 PM– Labyrinths – Linda and Larry – no limit – Suggested donation $1 – Join Larry and Linda Addison ( the Waldport couple who draw labyrinths in the sand on our local beaches) to Explore Labyrinths. We begin with an overview of on where Labyrinths originated, what they symbolize, and how they are interpreted today. During the overview Larry and Linda will share their personal experiences with Labyrinths. This will be followed by a demonstration on how you can draw your own Labyrinth.
Weather and tides permitting, we will then go Gov. Patterson Oregon State Park and together we will draw a Cretan labyrinth on the beach. All who come can participate in the drawing of the labyrinth. Once it is finished it is available to be walked and enjoyed. Larry and Linda will be available to answer questions and share their experiences.

Saturday Afternoon 2-4pm – Seminar – A Physicist’s Take on Wicca and Magick – Tempus –Donation – Is Reality an illusion, or is Illusion the reality? What are we, really? How does what we are allow us to influence reality around us, i.e. how can magic work??

Saturday Afternoon 4-6pm – Paganism and the Goddess movement in the Media: the Life & Times of SageWoman magazine. Anne Newkirk Niven – no limit – no cost – “At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we’re devoted to celebrating your journey. With every issue, you’ll connect with Goddess-loving women from around the world, rejoicing in our gifts, sharing our wisdom, reaching out to our sisters. In our pages, you’ll be supported, uplifted, and challenged to envision the Goddess in all women, especially, in yourself. We invite you to subscribe today and join our circle…” sagewoman.com PaganSquare.com. www.sagewoman.com, www.witchesandpagans.com https://www.facebook.com/WitchesandPagans?fref=ts

Saturday evening, 9pm until whenever – Panel Discussion – Midnight Questions – Anja – Ancient Light, book/altar area- By donation – This is a crowd-directed discussion. We’ll put a can on the altar for questions that you’d like to hear folks kick around or to discuss yourself. It’s intended for a free-form bit for those folks who tend to stay up, anyway! We’ll bring a little wine to share.

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Sunday Morning, 9am – Rain, Fog, Storm, & Wind Magicks – Anja – Any number – Donation requested – Weather magicks take advantage of natural phenomena to propel the will into the world.

Sunday morning 11 a.m-1pm – Visit to the Outskirts of Heaven – Violet – This seminar will be an opportunity for people to hear in detail
about my Visit to the Outskirts of Heaven with my mother as well as hear
about the different ways that my husband Sinclair has reached me since
he crossed over in April, 2015. My purpose for sharing this is to
illuminate some of the many ways our loved ones attempt to reach us to
assure us that they are well and happy. My desire is for folks to
understand that death is not the end of loving relationships and that,
while we don’t have our loved ones in the flesh, they are still with us
and are looking out for us. Experience sharing is encouraged and there
will be ample time for it. Copies of the 2015 Pathways to Transformation
Event Program containing the article, “Visit to the Outskirts of Heaven”
will be given out. Attendees should bring notebooks and pens as a
suggested Reading List will be discussed and they may want to take notes
and network. This class is open to as many as 30 and is free to attend.

Sunday Afternoon 2-3pm – 1-30 people – Ground and centering – Marius – Suggested donation $1 – This class is about the basics of grounding and centering. it’s designed to give the students something to begin working with and aid the formation of grounding techniques.

Sunday Afternoon 2-6pm – Magickal embroidery – Anja – 1-8 people – Class cost is $2 for the handout and a small kit of materials. Come see some examples of this ancient form of knotwork and learn how they are done! We will cover: What makes embroidery magickal? How to attain and keep the concentration necessary to set intent. What techniques work best? Colors, stitches, fabrics….which are good for which purpose? What books are helpful? This is *not* a class in basic embroidery, but we will learn a simple stitch and practice setting of intent, sufficient to consecrate an item. Please bring sharp-pointed scissors or snips if you have them. (Anja *does* teach classes in regular embroidery. Ask for details)

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Larry’s Pilgrimage

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