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I’ve eaten at a lot of these places, but not all. Still, I’m not making recommendations, ‘coz of weird paranoid legal guck…

Hot & Cold Beverages along with bottled water and some cans/bottle of pop and juice at Ancient Light. Please chuck something into the donation can to defray costs! There is a specialty coffee place less than a block south of the shop and another at the south edge of the city. (find on the map at the shop)

Ancient Light has a microwave and tiny fridge.

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China Restaurant – across the street – 130 N Arrow St. Waldport, OR 97394 (menu on bulletin board) This is the site for the Saturday evening get-together (see below)

Chubby’s – 1/2 block south (food cart, pick-up only) – (541) 563-BUNS (2867) http://www.chubbysfoodcart.com/

Espresso 101 – Drive-through, walk-up – Coffee and pastries – (541) 563-3939 –  http://www.Espresso-101.com/

Vicki’s Big Wheel – 1 block north (old-style “fast food”)

Subway – across the street from Vicki’s (check your local papers for coupons!)

Grand Central Pizza – two blocks south – 245 SW Hwy 101 (541) 563-3232 – Pizza, Italian, Salad Bar

Fresca – 310 SW Hwy 101 (541) 563-7811 – Just beyond Grand Central on the other side of the street – Ethnic

Hilltop Bistro (top of the seawall) – https://www.facebook.com/hilltopcafebistro or http://www.restaurant.com/hilltop-cafe-bistro-waldport-pid=243173

Ray’s Groceries – has a hot and cold deli and a sitting spot there, as well as doughnuts, pastries and coffee

Carol’s Cafe – 440 W Commercial st (541) 563-4545 (across from Ray’s Grocery)

Salty Dawg Bar & Grill – 360 E Port St, Waldport OR 97394, 541-563-2555  (port docks area)

Azul Mexican Restaurant – 1165 N Mill st (541) 563-3773 (port docks area)

Lazy Dayz Cafe – 563 6030 – 1240 Mill st (port docks area)

Crestview Golf Club LLC, 1680 SW Crestline Dr, Waldport OR 97394, 541-563-3020, 888-538-4463

Jamie’s Dockside Diner (Facebook page) 7164 E Alsea Hwy / Located at Mile Marker 7 (541) 528-3880

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Ray’s (within a mile east on 34) has hot & cold delis as well as full line of groceries.

Bayshore Mart is across the Bridge (2 miles north) on Highway 101 at Bayshore Drive.

There’s a liquor store (alcohol/beer/wine/pop) in the same building as Grand Central Pizza.

Lakeside Market,  convenience store. 2448 E Alsea Hwy (541) 563-2566 (3 miles east of town on 34)

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Saturday evening China Restaurant Special – We’ve talked Ray into doing this for us again! Pick up your supper ticket on Saturday at Ancient Light. They’re $7.50 . We’ll be going over in groups of 12, which is how many the tables at the front accommodate. Sign-ups on the bulletin board.

Anything *not* on our special menu is extra. Please be sure you leave a tip! Soup and steamed rice included.

  • Garden Chicken (or beef or pork)
  • Broccoli Beef  (or chicken or pork)
  • Sesame Chicken
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork
  • Almond Fried Chicken

Hot Stuff

  • Kung Pao Chicken (or beef or pork)
  • Mongolian Beef (or beef or pork)
  • Szechuan Pork (or chicken or beef)
  • General Tso’s Chicken (or beef or pork)


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