OCPPG 2015 Teacher Bios and Info

logo_2015_earring (1)Teachers – Please let me know by e-mail or Facebook message what you will need to be reimbursed for, if you don’t have a class fee. We’ve promised gasoline money to a couple of people, for instance.

Class information and bios are needed soonest! If I haven’t nagged you it’s because you haven’t seen the nag note. 🙂

A packet with class info should be at the counter on the day of your classes. You’ll want to snag your sign-up sheet from the bulletin board. Please fill it in and return it with the form from the packet.

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Biographies of Presenters! 

Anne Newkirk Niven is the editor&publisher of SageWoman and Witches&Pagans magazines, and publisher of PaganSquare.com. www.sagewoman.com, www.witchesandpagans.com https://www.facebook.com/WitchesandPagans?fref=ts

Debbie White is relatively new to the pagan community, yet very experienced with crystals.  Recently, she became a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and certified crystal healer.  Her knowledge and ability to connect with crystals has enhanced her experiences as she immerses herself in the metaphysical qualities of these stones.  Like most retired educators, Debbie enjoys sharing her increasing knowledge with others, particularly her love of crystals.

Violet Young has been interested in the afterlife since she was a child. Her mother had had many psychic experiences throughout her life and discussed them with Violet often. She took Violet to seances when she was a young adult and she and Violet had many discussions about the afterlife. Violet also grew up reading FATE Magazine with true stories of unusual experiences. About 22 years ago Violet started using her psychic abilities to make Healing Stone Jewelry using the metaphysical properties of gems and stones; that led her to creating a divination system, Sacred Stone Readings. While Violet was assisting her mother Ruth on her journey “home”, Ruth took her on an amazing Visit to the Outskirts of Heaven where she had the rare opportunity to feel and glimpse where her Mom was heading. Violet‘s husband of 22 years crossed over this past April and since then she has had quite a collection of wonderfully affirming experiences with him as well.

Anja is Elder of the Rose of the Sea Teaching Circle. Born to a long line of teachers and educators, she is a Sea Witch by calling, Slavic Shaman Fam Trad, Anderson Feri initiate and 3rd degree Wicca. She and Tempus are the owners of Ancient Light. Her blog the Daily Stuff comes out each day with shop info plus the kitchen sink.

When Larry and Linda retired to Waldport, they had a dream to take long, quiet, spiritual walks along our beautiful beaches. Then some medical issues arose that greatly limited their ability to do that. Walking a Labyrinth at the hospital gave them an opportunity to experience a spiritual walk that resulted in healing peace.
When they went to the beach, there was no Labyrinth to walk. So they learned how to draw a Labyrinth in the sand. These Labyrinths gave them the opportunity to take long spiritual walks on the beach while staying within a short walk to the parking lot.
Originally the Labyrinths they drew were for themselves. Then others discovered them, walked them, and joined in drawing them. Even though they are drawn in the sand, they will often be visible for more than a week. After Larry and Linda have left the beach, others discover them and maintain them. They often remain until higher tides return to claim them.
The Labyrinth being drawn at Ocean Unity on May 30,31 was designed by Larry for small spaces, yet be comfortable for people to walk. The Labyrinth is a Gemini style labyrinth meaning you walk in one entrance and exit from a different one. Once you have been to the heart of the Labyrinth, or in the presence of your Truth, you are a changed person and follow a new life path.

Marius is High Priest Rose of the Sea. He is also a second degree dedicant. Marius has a path in Wicca that has been influenced by the Cultus deorum.

My name is Tempus. I am an eclectic Wiccan and a pursuer of old truths in new bottles. My main interest is in trying to find a philosophic framework that enables me to integrate the old metaphysical truths with the new understandings of the Universe afforded us by modern science. I’m the other half of Ancient Light, run Magycke Mower Small Engine Repair and have a degree in physics which I’m using mostly on lawnmowers and wine at the moment….. Briggs and Stratton did put out a line of engines named Quantum at one point, so I have to say that I’m a Quantum Mechanic…

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