OCPPG Advertisers 2015

logo_2015_earring (1)All advertisers will be featured on this page in ad cost order.

Please patronize our advertisers, since they pay for the event, making it free for you!

…and if you want to place an ad, the rates are at the bottom of the page.

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Sponsors – $100

Rose of the Sea 2013 ad

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1/2 page – $40

Mab's Ad


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 Business cards $10

page bar divider 2Clergy – $5

busi card Anja 2014A





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Line Ads – $1

page bar dividerFor those who wish to advertise! 

Ad costs – Yes, there is a price change, below!

Sponsor $100 (Rose of the Sea, Ancient Light and ??? are sponsors.  We can do two more!)

Full Page $60 – 6 1/2 inches by 9

1/2 page, vertical, $40 – 3 inches by 9

1/2 page, horizontal, $40 – 6 1/2 inches by 4

1/4 page $20 – 3 inches by 4

Business card $10 – 3 inches by 2

Clergy $5 – 3 inches by 2

Line $1 (yes, you can do multiple lines….) – Text only!!!! 60 letters, counting spaces

Please supply camera-ready art in PDF, Word or JPEG form for all but the line ad. Line ad is text-only. If you can’t, please contact Anja to discuss other options ancientlight@peak.org

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Page created 11/10/14, Published 3/14/15

Last Update 7/2/15

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