OCPPG 2016

Rose of the Sea Logo 2013Event Logo2016 smOCPPG 2016 was very small, but it happened. Planning is starting for next year. Tentative date is October 13-15, 2017

page bar divider 3October 8, 2016!

This year will be small, but it’s still happening! Just 3 activities and then we can hang out at the shop until midnight.

Herbs and the Herbwife
~   Teacher: Anja
~  Time 11am-1pm
~  Cost – Free
~  Location – Ancient Light
~  Description – A bit of history, a bit of practicum, some definitions and sources.

Handfastings, Performing and Preparing

~   Teacher: Anja
~  Time 2pm-6pm
~  Cost – Free
~  Location – Ancient Light
~  Description – So your best buds asked you to do their handfasting? Or are you getting inquiries? This workshop focuses on what you need for preparing a couple for this big step, how to find rituals (or to create one) and how (and why) to make it legal.

Herb Supper

~   Created by Lureya
~  Time – 6pm to whenever we quit
~  Cost – Free
~  Location – Lureya’s home (stop at the shop for directions or to carpool)
~  Description – There will be about a dozen dishes, all vegetarian, all herb-focused! Lureya’s been cooking all week. Please let us know that you’re coming so that we can make sure you’re fed. Lureya has promised to accommodate allergies and food preferences.

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